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Posted in: Is Nobel Peace Prize losing some of its prestige? See in context

Bradley Manning was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, I wish they'd have had the guts to give it to him. It's great to be controversial for people who represent peace/humanities/human rights, until you stop awarding it to countries who's governments might hate you but can't hurt you.

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Posted in: AKB48 may represent Japanese culture, but underage girls in sexy clothing … to me it’s basically legal child porn. See in context

Good to hear some Japanese voices speaking out against this. Even if some of the AKB girls are over 20, the adult age here, or even 18, the adult age in most other developed countries, the fact that their image is "cute/sexy high school girls" and they portray themselves as being young, it's just disgusting. Not saying what they're doing should be illegal, but people who get off on this stuff seriously have issues, and it's all too accepted in Japan. '

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Posted in: 140 same-sex couples wed in Washington state for first time See in context

Yay! The US is slowly but surely progressing to the 21st century. :) Hopefully within the next decade it'll all be completely legal, everywhere in the country.

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Posted in: There is no way that animals can be rescued if we keep waiting for the government to respond. It is strange that pets have no protection unless private citizens take some sort of risk. See in context

It's so sad to think there are still pets there. I wonder if it's even possible to rescue animals, if they are still alive, after a year and a half of abandonment. Animal welfare should be a value that Japan has.

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Posted in: Top 10 tips for a healthier Christmas See in context

Recent research suggests that we consume around 12,600 calories in our Christmas dinner – more than the entire recommended daily intake for a grown man.

Is this number accurate? If the average person does (or should) eat 2,000 calories a DAY... 12,600 is an insane amount of calories that I think even the average overweight person could not eat. Am I reading this wrong? What kind of Christmas dinner is this? Like, twelve Big Macs from McDonald's per person?

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Posted in: Company manager arrested for trying to kiss job applicant during interview See in context

I have very little doubt that the woman is telling the truth, because this crap happens to women every day in Japan. Men, on the whole, treat women like absolute crap, like their purpose is an office ornament, a baby maker, or a tool for their sexual amusement. Women in the work places are rarely taken seriously, and there are enough perverts here where I am more than willing to believe nearly any claim a woman makes. This is a country where a woman being sexually harassed at work is NOT a minority situation.

Scumbag. Hope he gets put behind bars for sexual assault.

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Posted in: Pooches have their cake and eat it for Christmas See in context

“But if it’s just the humans eating cake, the dogs put on a really sad face. They want to have some themselves and get upset if you don’t give them cake too.”

Oh my aching heart. Dogs get sad if you tell them to stop eating their own poop, let's be real.

To make his creation canine-friendly, Nagatani leaves out chocolate and alcohol. He makes the sponge from spelt, a type of wheat that he says causes fewer allergies than regular flour.

No type of wheat is good for dogs. Dogs are carnivores, they function on meat diets. Yes, they can digest some non-meats (as opposed to cats) but meat is what they should be eating. This cake sounds irresponsible for a dog's health despite Nagatani's insistence, and not to mention teaching the dog bad habits (people food is for dogs, too).

If you want to spoil your dog, feed him some meat (no spices/sauces, totally plain), taking him for a walk and play Frisbee. Spend that 6000 yen to take off a day from work to spend time with your dog, or donate it to an animal shelter and help lots of dogs. Much more Christmas spirit than getting your dog diabetes.

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Posted in: Man abducted from taxi in Tokyo See in context

Wow, what's going on here? That's frightening. Hoping for the best..

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Posted in: Princess Aiko marks 11th birthday See in context

Didn't you read? She DOESN'T have to be accompanied to school anymore.

And geez, 10 years old is still a kid, 11 years old is still a kid, heck, teenagers struggle the most with self-confidence and social anxiety. She's growing up in an atmosphere that demands perfection from her, leave her be.

Happy birthday, sweetheart. Hope YOU get the throne some day, it should be yours!

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Posted in: 'Warm Share' initiative rewards eco-friendly residents See in context

That's an awesome idea. As someone who prefers temperatures cooler rather than warmer, I always wondered why the "saving electricity" initiative suspiciously only happens in the summer, but in the winter everyone cranks it up. Our apartment doesn't even have a heater, so we use portable heaters, but even that I try to use only when I'm really cold and a sweater doesn't help.

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Posted in: Rescued by monks See in context

I agree, this is a cute story and I've also got an interest in Zen Buddhism.

However, as said above, I'm not sure I'd be comfortable trusting anyone who came up to me to talk about their religion and take me to a secluded place. It sucks that we live in such a world, but cults or other people who might want to take advantage of you use this tactic, and, well, stranger danger, right?

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Posted in: New Tokyo crossdressing bar appeals to first-time drag queens See in context

REAL MEN do NOT cross-dress!

Real men can do whatever they want and still be real men. Same for real women. You don't get to arbitrarily decide what constitutes a "real" specimen of any gender due to cultural norms or your perception of how certain genders ought to act.

PS - it's 2012. :)

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Posted in: New Tokyo crossdressing bar appeals to first-time drag queens See in context

Sounds fun! Ni-chome is so great, I love the atmosphere of it. No one is afraid to be who they are, and despite it being a "night district" I always feel much safer there than in Shibuya or Roppongi or other clubbing areas. Since I'm a girl, I don't think it'd be very "exciting" for me to wear "men's clothes" since women can wear pretty much anything that mean wear, but I guess I can see how it'd be interesting for a guy to try women's clothes. Live and let live, I say!

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Posted in: Without women joining the workforce, the government's tax revenue won't pick up because the population will continue to shrink. See in context

Men in comments who think women belong barefoot in the kitchen nursing babies: check...

Guess what, it's totally possible to have both parents working and still raise children. It happens all the time, believe it or not, and if you're so worried about it, why don't you stay at home? The necessity for a woman to be with a newborn lasts mere weeks.

Reasons why we need women in the work force? To harness the creative talents of 50% of the population, to promote equality in the workplace, to teach men that women are actually equal that will subsequently lead them to respecting them as human beings and not "baby-makers" or victims to sexually harass and grope on the train, to teach girls to strive for any professional goal they dare to dream of and that they don't have to be satisfied in a domestic role if that's not what they want to do, to more accurately represent humanity in positions of power.

It's not really that hard, dudes. Sexism is the problem, and men ought to take a good look at themselves to see if they are promoting it. Women, strive for the stars, Japan and the rest of the world needs your voices.

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Posted in: Which English-language school would you recommend to your Japanese friends wishing to learn English? See in context

Find a school that is exclusive in teaching you ONLY in the target language. NO Japanese. Additionally, one that corrects your sentences and drills grammar and natural conversation both. I've heard Berlitz is good about that, but I think all the major eikaiwas are probably overpriced. Private tutors you can get for maybe 3000 yen an hour - very reasonable - but you don't know if they have any training or qualification, or if their just gonna do "free conversation" and not actually teach anything. Whatever you do, it won't be magic, you HAVE to study. If you don't study, you won't learn. And you need to talk, you can't learn just by sitting there passively.

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Posted in: Sex counselor seeks explanations for waning co-ed promiscuity See in context

nowadays, when a Man does try to get physical, if it's not wanted, then it could lead to a case of sexual harrassment. One wrong move or misconstrued, and it could ruin the guy's life.

Ummm are you joking? It's great when men makes the moves but he should just be careful not to RAPE HIS GIRLFRIEND... I'm pretty sure this is not very hard for the average guy to do. Don't rape, don't push your partner to do something they don't want to do, if they say no, stop. If it's not "wanted" then DON'T DO IT.

Anyway, to this real article, blaming herbivore guys is one thing but there's nothing stopping girls from taking assertive roles in a relationship, either. Don't rely on gender norms, don't feel like you can't take the lead because you're a woman. If a guy, or girl, is shy, their partner being assertive can help teach them to be assertive, too.

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Posted in: Japan's secret economic weapon: women See in context

And the whole "60% of what men earn" is a statistical falsehood. All things being equal, same years of education, same KIND of education, same years of experience, women DON'T earn less than men.

That is NOT true at all. Women DO earn less than men, for the SAME work. In most countries, America included, women have every disadvantage. In Japan, it's worse tenfold. Women are constantly degraded, harassed, and not taken seriously in the workplace, and yes, many MANY women do work and want to work their way up the corporate ladder. Yet, they get their butts pinched and made to serve tea. It is so convenient for men to deny sexism by saying "it's what the women want."

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Posted in: Pure white crow spotted in Shimane See in context


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Posted in: Jackie Chan: Upcoming film will be last big action movie See in context

How many times has he said this? lol

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Posted in: Worldwide anti-dolphin, whale hunt rallies planned for Tokyo, 8 other cities See in context

This title is really awkward. It sounds like these people have a vendetta against dolphins and whales, haha.

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Posted in: Online game addiction becoming serious problem in Japan See in context

I had a free day yesterday and meant to do something productive but ended up playing video games all day. lol ... bad place to admit that?

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Posted in: Why do moviegoers in English-speaking countries tend to avoid foreign movies with subtitles, while in Japan, for example, it’s just the opposite? See in context

If this question is being snide to America, well, the answer is obvious. Most American movie theaters don't show any foreign films, considering Hollywood makes enough to fill all the screens, foreign made movies aren't very competitive, even if they are from the UK. Therefore, first off, movies that NEED subtitles are few and far between. Most people aren't used to having to read subtitles, and though I doubt most people care a great deal, Americans are used to not having to read during a movie.

On the other hand, in countries like Japan, everything is going to be foreign language, so it's more assumed. And I'm not sure, where's the data that says Japanese people prefer subtitles over dubbing? I'd question the authenticity of that, all of my local movie theaters have showings both dubbed and subbed.

If I watch a foreign film, I'd probably prefer subtitles but I'm not against dubbing if it's done well. To some extent, subtitles are annoying because you've got to focus on them instead of the actual picture, and the lines carry less drama because you read them before the sentence is finished yet.

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Posted in: Man gets 7 years for killing two kids with car See in context

This is an unintentional accident. Yes, it was grievous and horrible, yes, two children were killed, but they were not murdered. This guy was stupid for going through a red light but that's not a judge of his character.

Prisons ought to be for malicious, dangerous criminals. This guy is practically a kid himself, not a murderer, just had bad judgment that had the worst consequences. His crime was speeding, going on the sidewalk and running the light, that's all, I knew many idiots in college who did worse behind the wheel but never hit anyone.

If you ask me? License suspended for life, a couple months to scare him, then a couple decades of community service. Yes, I'm serious.

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Posted in: People magazine says Channing Tatum is sexiest man See in context


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Posted in: Thought presidential campaign was over? Now it's time for 2016 See in context

Hillary! Hillary! Hillary! Seriously hope she's up to it, I think she's by far the strongest candidate the Democrats have after Obama.

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Posted in: No time for cleaning? These hot guys will take care of it for you See in context

Nice, they provided contact info! They can clean my house, shirts off at the door, boys...

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Posted in: Survey asks: What makes Japanese citizens feel distinctly Japanese? See in context

Some of these really do relate to culture, but some of these are stupid, and I've heard Japanese people always assume they are "unique" about things, such as -

-Drinking tap water: Hey, Japan, like every developed country has clean tap water. Ironically I'm uncomfortable drinking Japanese tap because of radiation scare, but in my home in America I'd never drink any other kind of water.

-Four season: this one is just bizarre. Why does Japan think they are the only country that experiences four seasons? As a Minnesotan, I'd say Tokyo doesn't experience winter at all, haha.

-Being polite: I do think Japan has great customer service, but it's way offensive to assume you are more polite than everyone else.

-Being passive/shy/keeping feels to yourself: Again, nothing to do with being Japanese. This is a personality trait. Maybe Japanese culture encourages this, but personality is personality.

-Not complaining about standing in lines: Whaaaat?

etc etc.

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Posted in: Police warn parents after 5 cats, dog poisoned in Chiba park See in context

Cruelty to animals. This is gross, hope this sicko gets caught and put behind bars, menace to the public..

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Posted in: Why Japanese people are comfortable with nakedness See in context

The oversexualization of women in Japan is not an argument for "Japan being comfortable with nakedness." Porn depicting rape and fan service shots don't make a more laid back society, but one with train gropers. Girls who wear short skirts do it because society tells them it's cute and sexy, and even lame to keep your skirt long, no reason deeper than that.

Japanese people are comfortable with nudity in one situation, in modern day Japan - onsen. Do you ever see anyone walking down the street naked because it's more natural and Shinto?

I'm all for nakedness and whatever. But citing rape manga as a source... wow.

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