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Posted in: Crown princess turns 57 See in context

Happy Birthday you look marvelous!

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Posted in: 1st round of treated water release off Fukushima plant completed See in context

According to the photo included in this news article there is no ship or vessel in the water, which is good for the health and safety of the fisherman, whose telling the wildlife in the water to get FAR AWAY?

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Posted in: Kishida speaks about Fukushima water release with G20 leaders See in context

Talks should have been prior to the release and will continue on into the future. Actions should have been to concrete the entire process.

There was a reason he approved payment of 120B yen to the industry most affected by the release of deadly TRITIUM tainted water.

Of course he will not go swim in the waters near Fukushima. And he will not ingest tainted fish. And he will not outlive the harm that has been done.

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Posted in: Residents file suit to halt wastewater release from Fukushima plant See in context

These 150 Residents and whomever else steps up to protect their livelihood and their future generation livelihood and health should be commended not ridiculed. I hope they win their case.

Yes, pay the money to concrete the disaster tanks. It will save the Ocean and it’s life forms and valuable water streams and more importantly human life.

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Posted in: Fukushima treated water release spawns misinformation See in context

It’s just destructive to think our ocean and it inhabitants should have a tainted water supply because of the man made disaster. Who polices the decision makers? Why are monetary provisions paid to business owners when everyone’s water supply is infected. This is not sufficient.

Transparancy of the release of the water and all the data which pertains to it is necessary. Efforts should be maintained to protect future generations health and food supplies.

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Posted in: Baseball player Yamakawa suspended indefinitely over alleged rape case See in context

Get real! In this day and age you all must know there had to be incriminating proof, some video feed or some kind of footage, some witness, or even DNA proof that could not be disputed. No means no. Rape is rape, not casual sex.

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Posted in: Japan announces ¥20.7 bil relief fund for seafood exporters hit by China's ban See in context

20.7 B Yen distributed toward commerce that will be affected from the loss of tainting the industry’s food supply? This is just payoffs to look the other way. Does that make sense to future generations? We should be doing everything possible to not infiltrate this tritium water into the Pacific. It was a mistake to already have released some of the tainted water into the Pacific in August 2023 and to continue to do so each and everyday until 2050.

Irresponsible actions today will be affecting future food supplies of tomorrow. Your health and our health and nature every where will be tainted. More importantly than passing off the release as safe try considering the impact on peoples lives. How much funding will you owe the rest of the world once you ruin the Pacific ocean?

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Posted in: Highly mutated COVID variant found in more countries See in context

I agree with Steven McCarthy! His comment states, “this isn’t just some hyperbole!” All the testing and development of COVID 19 inoculations are based off of intel data secured from the early onset deaths and data secured from COVID 19. To say a variant such as BA.2.86 is being ‘monitored’ is merit less. Exactly HOW are you testing and monitoring for it specifically. The testing that exists in COVID-19 testings were and are for COVID 19 infections.

Are you in possession of some NEW batch of vaccinations or testing kits specifically targeted & designed to prevent BA.2.86 from spreading? Specifically designed to treat BA.2.86 positive symptomatic patients? Utilizing medications and testing kits that were formulated to stop the spread of COVID 19 is just adding fuel to the fire. Quite frankly, it merely validates a highly successful very effective western “Big-PHARMA marketing campaign” but unfortunately not a very proficient or effective health care directive for suffering patients. When this BA.2.86 variants evolves into an even more deadlier variant, than the former COVID 19 virus, someone will step up to verify that treating a diagnosis of BA.2.86 affliction with the COVID treatment and medications is just not effective. Stave off BA.2.86 from turning into yet the next deadly variant. How so? Continue to scrub wash your hands, wear masks, stop spreads by separating the infected population from the healthy. Throughly clean surfaces constantly. If you are sick stay home and don’t pollute the environment with your coughs and germs.

Soon, healthcare will begin to understand. Utilize this is an analogy: You cannot use a Tetnus vaccine or Tetnus test to detect or stop COVID-19. So why are we to believe a COVID test or a COVID vaccination or any medications developed for COVID will be effective to treat a patient who has contracted BA.2.86? It’s almost as if Science is being ignored and “Big PHARMA” is cashing in on the ineffective methods solely to pay for their rushed developed drug treatments that have lucratively increased their bottom lines. Stay safe, stay healthy, buy Moderna & Pfizer stock.

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