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Posted in: Spider's nest See in context

First I thought someone’s hand is inside Stone's top, then I realized its the work....

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Posted in: Queens' man See in context

is --> he

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PM looks like is was forced to stand for this picture..

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I dont know why i always read "Tokyo Midtown" as "Tokyo Meltdown"

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Posted in: Drunken man survives fall from platform onto subway tracks in Nagoya See in context

man in his 20s at 8 a.m and drunk

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Posted in: Japan says it is ready to help stabilize Europe See in context

we have handful of problems.. lets stabilize that first

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Posted in: Police capt in organized crime unit warned for accepting fridge from gangster See in context

Why its in 2010 news?

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Posted in: New ticket gate that checks for explosives tested at Akihabara station See in context

what about the backpack??

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Posted in: This way or that way? See in context

nice capture

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Posted in: Hunter shoots himself to death in Okayama See in context

how JT concluded that it was an accident?

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Posted in: Hundreds line up for an hour at Osaka McDonald's for Quarter Pounder debut See in context

What a heck!!!

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Posted in: Bear shot in central Karuizawa See in context

Why do they always have to kill the bears here?

They want to do a study on "how they live". J is doing the same study on whales..

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Posted in: Gang leader arrested for letting driver who caused fatal car accident in Saitama drink and drive See in context

or are they trying to find some reason to arrest the Gang leader???

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Posted in: ATMs speak out against bank transfer fraud See in context

so what to do with the 58000 J-Cops?

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Posted in: Surrogate baby allowed to leave India for Japan See in context

"trapped by India’s notorious bureaucracy" ........... "According to Indian law, the couple must legally adopt the baby after birth and take it home.But then the system broke down.The Yamadas divorced shortly before the birth and Yuki Yamada said she did not want the baby"

the reason for not giving the visa is know here and its a law in India. Then why the idotic comment on Indian Bureaucracy.

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Posted in: Woman jailed after 'killing' virtual husband See in context

This country is out of this world!!

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Posted in: Woman arrested for abandoning newborn baby in Internet cafe toilet in Yokohama See in context

How she could give birth without any help?

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