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First we need to stop minimizing what is happening by calling it "bullying". That makes it sound like it's harmless and the kids are just being picked on. This is staight out "Assult' with intention to cause harm. Then maybe the authorities can open their eyes and see that these are real crimes. The police and schools need to take a more proactive and assertive position. I'm glad to see the victims are finally starting to speak up.

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Over the years I've seen this mother on a few shows crying and holding her sons photo. I cry with her but I cannot fully appreciate her pain since I have never lost a child. I hope they are able to get the location of her son and she can finally bury him.

Maria, from what was revealed on the shows I've seen, these two (don't even know what to call them they are so disgusting) had buried their victims in the moors and taken photos of themselves at burial sites to memorialize what they have done. One little victems torture was audio recorded so they could replay it and re-live what they did. They felt their crimes were theirs and theirs alone. I would asume that is why they will not reveal the locations of their "special" places. All the victems that were recovered were located by the photos the police found. This boy was their first so no photo was ever taken.

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I can understand the woman being scared and lying about it. I don't agree with it but I can understand. What I don't understand is why the father was not close enough to his child to prevent her from being in the street or to witness the accident.

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I personally don't care what this teacher was thinking, feeling, what her reasons were for or that it were "just photos". Imagine being an 11 yr old girl who's privacy and trust was violated. Imagine the humiliation of knowing that these photos were seen by who know how many others, including the police sitting across from you and your parents that are conducting interviews. If you were ever an 11 yr old girl who is entering puberty, you would know that it is a time of confusion and great insecurities without also having your trust violated.

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If the boy himself is claiming to have informed the school officials that the burns were self inflicted then we can't really say the school ignored the bullying. I wonder though if they ever called the parents in before expelling him to discuss the boys mental health if he is causing himself injury? No matter what the boy reported, the ball was dropped. Obviousley there was something going on in this boys life that needed to be looked into and the school found it easier to sweep it under the rug instead of helping him. I am happy to see the parents filing charges against the bullies. If the Japanese are truly the "sheeps" that folks have claimed them to be in many other threads, may they also follow this example and start filing more complaints and charges against the bullies in their own schools.

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Posted in: 12 killed, 59 wounded at shooting during 'Dark Knight Rises' premiere at Denver cinema See in context

Wow. They just played the police radio communication at the beginning of this incident. Pure chaos and police cars serving as amblances and transporting victims as quickly as possible instead of waiting. Proud of the men and women who have saved many lives, put their training into use while keeping their wits about them. Bravo.

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Posted in: 12 killed, 59 wounded at shooting during 'Dark Knight Rises' premiere at Denver cinema See in context

I have not read all the posts but I see that there is a lot of wrong information already out there. I will go back and read everything but I am posting now because I am here in Aurora, CO and live just 5 miles from the theater where this happened. The three month old baby mentioned earlier has been treated and released. We have 12 dead and 59 injured. It appears the the gunaman, a white american Phd student (mentioning because of earlier speculations about the gunaman) , is in custody and refusing to talk and his apartment appears to be booby trapped with explosives. Specialists are working to gain access now. We have 250 first responders at both scenes. When the gunmans family was contacted, the mother told the authorities that they had the right guy, so obviously this individual was very disturbed.

This took place at the midnight premier of the movie, he had a ticket, he watched a portion of the film before releasing gas, then started shooting at the ceiling before taking aim at people. He then walked out the rear door with his hands up and waited to be arrested. This is all that has been reported thus far, right here where it happened. I was there just 12 hours earlier with my daughter so it does hit really close to home.

I grew up in Japan and Oakland, CA. I felt safe while in Japan as a child, saw violence in Oakland. We moved to Aurora for a safe place for our children. And it is safe here. This is a beautiful city and a great place to live. This incident will not change that.


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illsayit - Sure I can explain myself. My daughter refused the breast. With all the help we received at the hospital, my daughter just didn't want it. It happens to the best of us. Since breast milk was my goal, I pumped. Also, I sincerely was not trying to bait you but that I found that statement amusing. And you're right, no need to disclose your personal business here. And I have read all your posts. As I stated earlier, I respect firm stand stand on your beliefs. But come on, you did make a lot of assumptions and if you read your first post, you felt that a 5 month old should not have been left in the care of the father. You sound judgemental with your comment on formula feeding. For that you have many people calling Bull on it. And no, I don't really care that people are frustrated with your posts. I just wanted to give you some clarity since your posts are becoming more and more defensive and agressive. I guess you too are frustrated and care more than you admit. Though I don't agree with you, I support your right to your opinions. But if you choose to judge others then prepare to be judged.

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illsayitJul. 19, 2012 - 07:49PM JST Do I need to repeat myself-I am a mother-of at least 5 children of my own,

You are obviously a person who stands firm on what she believes in and I respect that. However, it is hard to take seriously what you are saying when you don't know how many children you have. "At least" five children? If they are so attached to your hip then where did you lose count?

Anyway, I am not trying to attack you but I do believe that you are doing yourself a disservice with the belief that only a mother can properly parent a child. I did not formula feed, I did stay home with my child. But since I was physically unable to breast feed I pumped and my husband did most of the bottle feeding, as it seemed I was always tethered to the pump. Fantastic dad he is, I think he was better at it than me.

I think that the frustration people here are feeling regarding your posts is your thoughts that a father is not capable of parenting, caring for or lovng a child as well as a mother. It's not fair nor is it right to judge the men as incapable. Just like mothers, some fathers are better at it than others. Give credit where credit is due.

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I don't agree that postpartum depression justifies this womans action but unless you have suffered it then you won't understand what a dark and scary place it really is. I have never been depressed in my life except for the first 4 months of my daughters life. The changes in the bodies chemistry and the hormone fluxuation can take some people on a doozy of a ride. The degrees of this depression differ from person to person. The proximate cause may very well have been depression but the actions are still her own. She should get psychological help as well as jail time for the crime she commited. Murder is still murder, but jail with no therapy will never eradicate this behavior/thinking and we will continue to read about it in the news. That said, most mothers will seek help if it's available and encouraged. What kind of outcome can you expect if there is nowhere to go? No one to help?

And no, I am not giving this woman an excuse for what she did, nor am I blaming the childs father. There is a real problem here, not just in Japan. But until people take the time to understand it then it will never change.

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Due to the frequency of this type of reports in the news, it's getting harder and harder to have any empathy for the parents of such accidents. A few coins spent on dowels to place in window tracks and you can save your kids lives. I wish they would learn from other peoples past mistakes.

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YuriOtani, I really don't understand where your thought process is. The US is not making an example out of her. American parents doing this to each other also have arrest watrents issued and are charged when captured. The child was an American citizen when she was abducted and brought to Japan. A warrent was issued in the US. The mother re-entered the US and got caught. It's not like we sent the Cia after her. She acted wrong and these are the consequences. As for her being deported....SHE, by her own choice, commited a crime. All her crimes were commited in the US, therefore, you might think that Japan is the one trying to govern American laws by shielding her in the first place.

I also do not understant this "American men who want revenge on their wives hiding in Japan" statement of yours. I bet that those men couldn't give a rats butt about those wives who have taken their children. They just want to their kids back. Who the hell decided that fathers don't have any rights? Don't know a whole lot abut Japanese dads but my American dad has been my strongest supporter my whole life. That same American dad is also the biggest supporter to my Japanese mom. Through bad times and good, my sister and I never feared that we would lose either or that we would have to choose. That was the commitement they both made on the days of our births. That's the commitment all parents should be making to their children.

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Posted in: Man arrested over death of 4-month-old son in Miyazaki See in context

Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. The problem I see are that the parents we read about are extremely selfish. Every excuse is about "what the child did to ME!" Boo freakin hoo....a 4 month old was crying. It's not like the kid had any other way to communicate. It would be great if the infant could get up and say "Hey dad, I have gas/need a diaper change/am hungry, etc" But they can't, instead they cry, it's what they do. But is only thinking about his own self and wanting his stupid sleep. Not sleeping now, are you idiot?

Sorry y'all, this just ticks me off to no end.

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MeanRingo, I agree with you that rehabilitation is needed in prison. Prisoners should also be released to a halfway house where they receive counseling and work programs to adjust back into society. I also believe in the death penalty as long as certain criterias are met and there is absolutely no doubt as to who commited the crime.

This guys claims of wanting to be sentenced to death bothers me though. He is either as desperate as he claims, and should receive help, or is brilliant and using this excuse as to actually avoid the death penalty. The claim alone is enought to consider that he is not of sound mind and therefore not fully responsible for his actions. I am not familiar enough with the Japanese courts to say if this would work in his favor.

Anyway, this is not exactly what I believe but it is something that keeps crossing my mind.

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Posted in: Stabbing suspect should have killed himself, Osaka governor says See in context

MeanRingo, Gurukun is right. This jerk lacked the courage to take his own life, with his own hands. He chose to commit a crime evil enough to warrent a death sentance. Suicide by cop, if you will. If there was no death sentance then he would have had to find another way to end his life. And probably not include killing innocent people.

Matsui should not have publically commented as he did. He is a in a position of power and should be more proactive rather than reactive. His comments only encourages anger and does nothing to help in finding a solution to avoid such actions in the future.

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Posted in: Car hits 1-year-old girl while backing out of hospital parking area See in context

The problem is LACK of common sense. Parents need to be aware of the dangers that surround their children as the children themselves can't foresee the dangers themselves. I'm an over protective mom. I did not allow my daughter to walk through a parking lot or cross a street until she was near 3 yrs of age and carried her until we reached a sidewalk. I placed dowels in window tracks so that it could not open more than 3 inches so she could not fall through the window. Even now I still check the car seat for her (when I know she is not with me) before walking away from the car so that I never make a mistake of leaving her in a parked car. And so on and so on. I don't remember being taught this but common sense dictates that since my child is the most precious gift in my life and whatever extra steps that needs to be taken to ensure her safety is NEVER a burden.

I have not lived in Japan since I was a child so I don't really know how the average driver are or how the parents care for their children there. But from the countless reports read here and comments made it stands to reason that some PSA's to educate the people of Japan on child safety might lessen the reports that are becoming the norm in the news lately.

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I remember when my daughter was about 3 months old and we were delayed at a doctors appointment much longer than expected. On our drive home she started to cry because she was hungry. We were only 5 minutes from home but it was a long and agonizing 5 minutes. I think I cried as much as she did as all I could think about was my baby's needs. I can't imagine how a parent (mother or father) can ignore the pains of a hungry child to the extent of causing death by starvation. I do my very best not to be reactive when reading the news and try to see both sides of an issue before forming an opnion. However, this is just unforgivable.

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This is not an accident. These boys intentions was to casue bodily harm. Though there was no intent of murder, the promimate cause of this boys death was the actions of the other boys. I understand the manslaughter charge but there is no way this could be called and "accident". There are consequences to our choices and actions. These four boys made their choice to beat up the one and need to be held accountable.

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Shoulda, woulda, coulda.....a tragic accident is what this is. I also used a cute little monkey harness for my daughter but would not have bothered just to take out the trash. Did I take her out with me? Of course. Something could have just as easily happened to her alone in the house for 1 to 2 minutes that I was gone. It's possible the child darted right out in front of the vehicle just as it was approaching and the driver would then have not been able to see or avoid her. It happens. I'm an accident adjuster and have investigated enough of these types of accidents to last a lifetime. And that is what it is, an accident. I'm sure that both parties are blaming themselves for the incident, I hope that one day they are able to forgive themselves.

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