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Obama’s visit comes on the sidelines of a meeting of the Group of Seven nations in Japan, which on Thursday said it was “concerned” about rising tensions in the South China Sea.

Beijing said that the bloc of major economies—which excludes China—should stay out of its disputes with several Southeast Asian neighbors.

This article isn't about China trying to make it about them. They are actually pointing to Abe that he should be more like Obama, as well as telling USA to stay out of Southeast Asia disputes.

Bringing up the atrocities of Chinese Government is pointless, since there is no government in existence that hasn't done something bad to its citizens. That's how regimes start and fall, that's what makes history.

Wether or not that particular government starts to invade other countries and how it does it, is important. For example: US government has started so many conflicts, killed so many innocent people, sent thousands of its own citizens to die in the Middle East, it also keeps killing innocent people abroad with drones, and throwing mostly black people into its prisons at home, etc. etc. George Bush should have been ostracized as a war criminal by now.

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I don't know, it's not impossible. Once I was really tired and payed for a piece of bread with a 1000¥ and he cashier (probably also tired) gave me change from 10000¥. I took it, absent mindedly put it into my bag and walked out. It took me good 10 minutes to realize that something was wrong and take it back to the bakery (eating that bread really helped to speed the thinking process and normalize blood sugar, silly right?). How about those times when you pay and then forget to take the goods?

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@M3M3M3 I believe Russian theories about M17 could plausible but also think Putin is a horrible crazy dictator who got to run for "president" for the 3rd term on a technicality. He uses these "technicalities" too much to cover up his ass. Rather than trying to "save" everybody outside of Russia, he should have retired to riding horses and posing topless a very long time ago. The theories are plausible at this point in time, while the investigation continues and there is no definitive conclusion. Simply because more facts can be uncovered at a later time. So accusing anybody is a waste of time and it can do more harm than good, especially since the general Russian population is taking it all very personally, making pro Putin propaganda work better. Plus, it is hard to find a motive for Russians to shoot down a civillians aircraft apart from a mistake and plain stupidity (cannot rule it out unfortunately). To disclose, I hold a Russian passport, studied in Japan for 7 years and now continue my studies in Germany. Abe trying to water down the sanctions is understandable, especially since there was no peace treaty signed after the end of WW2 between Japan and Russia.

Ironically, the only real opposition to Putin and his party United Russia is the communist party, and most the young generation is too scared to vote for them, or too depressed to go vote at all. IMHO after Soviet Union collapsed they should have sacked all of the people who worked for the government and beurocracy. That's why we are having these problems of nostalgic "past of greatness" now.

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They should impose sanctions on US for starting wars and using drones. Right I forgot! they are allowed to do it.

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It's funny I always found it easier to speak Japanese myself, however slow than wait till I get an even slower reply in Katakana English, so instead of giving free English lessons (not my mother tongue in any case) I ended up learning Japanese faster. However, most Japanese will laugh at your mistakes openly and then refuse to tell you what exactly you said wrong. It bothered me in the beginning but after awhile I learned that if I tell them that I need to know to speak better! they would finally reply.

Also when once asked by my Japanese classmates (I was the only foreigner in a 300 people class) why I date other gaijin and not Japanese, I replied that Japanese are also gaijin in my viewpoint, which it seems they never thought about :) They are all sorts of people in any country, different generations, people from different areas, you just have to find your own.

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