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Although this article is a decade old, I'll still be writing my opinion on this topic. In advance, I apologize for my rude language.  

When I read this article I was hella pissed. Everyone has a right to express his/her opinion, but who gave the author the right to write "talentless"?

 The author hasn't listened to the vast range of Japanese songs. Seriously have you listened- Unravel(Toru Kitajima), Guren no Yumiya(Linked Horizon), Again(Yui), Katharsis(Toru Kitajima), Play Goodbye(amazarashi), Digging Holes(amazarashi), Rain(SID), etc? Ever tried to learn the meaning of the lyrics, the hard work they put in it? 

I would like to say that the most popular English singer's song suck. Take a look at Justin Beiber's songs. We all know he has thousands of fans but I think his songs suck. 6ix9ine- GOOBA, Baby - Justin Bieber, Friday - Rebecca Black, The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) - Ylvis, Stupid Hoe - Nicki Minaj, etc are the dumbest song I've ever heard in my life. So do I get the right to say that I western pop sucks? 

Before saying that "J-pop sucks", listen to*- *HYDE, Ling Tosite Sigure, amazarashi, Yoshiki, SID, Yui, Aimer, Queen Bee, Okomato's, etc., read the English translation of their songs' lyrics, come back and edit this article. 

I again apologize for my rude language. I am a weeb in process.

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