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browny1 Make no mistake, the BBC, (or as we Scots like to call it, the EBC), is the propaganda arm of the Wastemonster government and disseminates BS to mislead the masses in just the same way as state broadcasters around the globe. In fact, I would go so far as to say that the EBC are far worse because people have a misguided belief that they are impartial and unbiased. The Brits are beginning to see behind the curtain to the wee shoits pulling the levers and calling the shots, (especially in Scotland where the anti Scots propaganda has just become ridiculous).

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These hideous ships are simply mobile environmental disasters producing thousands of tons of CO2, and thousands of tons of effluent, polluted bilge water and other mess for our already strained oceans.

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Of course you can stop crazy, you just have to have the will to fit the extra security devices. My car has a keyless entry and ignition system. All that is required is for the pilot to be handed an electronic key prior to boarding the aircraft. The plane will not start unless the key is present in the cockpit. Simples.

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Why don't helicopters have parachutes fitted? I mean a parachute for the entire vehicle. I have seen them for Cessna-type aircraft but helicopters are even more dangerous than light aircraft, (which also seem to crash with tragic regularity). It looks like a good opportunity for an inventor to come up with something to reduce these tragedies.

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