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Posted in: In 2nd day of anti-Trump protests, civil rights a top concern See in context

These protesters are not unlike the riot-inciting race-baiters that hyped up the violence in Missouri and later in Texas. There are also regular peaceful protesters, and I respect their right to protest. But, the violence and extreme profanity does more damage to their cause.

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Posted in: Trump presidency may cause anxiety among Asian allies See in context

Times are a-changing!

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Posted in: Clinton, Obama pledge to unite behind Trump presidency See in context

The rioters clearly are ignorant of what democracy means. The electoral college system is one of the best checks and balances against the tyranny of the simple majority.

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Posted in: Clinton, Trump look to overcome weaknesses on debate stage See in context

Trump should just let Hillary talk as much as possible. After just a few seconds, her voice grates on any thinking person's nerves, especially without hearing protection. Why is she ALWAYS SHOUTING? Is it a symptom of her brain trauma? (Austin Powers: " ... I'm having difficulty controlling THE VOLUME OF MY VOICE.")

Watch her eyes shifting independently.

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Posted in: Suspect in deadly Washington state mall shooting in custody See in context

This dirtbag's hometown is Adana, Turkey. "The major ethnic groups in Adana are the Turks, Arabs and Kurds."

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Posted in: Battling pneumonia, Clinton falls ill at 9/11 memorial, cancels California trip See in context

Nah, it's just an allergy attack. Trump was in the crowd. It must be that. Just a frog in her throat. She just needs a glass of water, for the frog. Nevermind mind that she "lost her footing" (and her shoe) while the human wall blocked the view. Nothing to see. Move along.

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Posted in: Obama: Americans will reject Trump's 'wacky' ideas See in context

We'll find out what the will of the electorate is in November. The Pontificator-in-chief speaks as his days wane.

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Posted in: Hanks, Eckhart take flight as real-life heroes in 'Sully' See in context

The story didn't end when the plane made the water landing.

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Posted in: Stolen car, being chased by police, hits and kills 74-year-old cyclist; driver arrested See in context

Where was a "high speed" chase mentioned? The thief/killer was being pursued, but he decided to speed off.

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Posted in: Clinton, Trump: He's a national security danger; no she is See in context

As SoS, Clinton got her hands bloodied by her actions in relation to Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Egypt, Syria, and Libya (probably others as well). Trump has ruffled the feathers of some who choose to be offended. Which is more dangerous again?!?

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Posted in: U.S., China formally join Paris climate accord See in context

Isn't it interesting to anyone else that the draft communique that was leaked before anyone even arrived seems as if everything was actually predetermined?

"As the WSJ also reported earlier, "President Obama and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping stood with U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to announce the U.S. and China’s formal adoption of the international climate change agreement reached in Paris in December 2015. They also detailed a road map to achieving emissions reductions in commercial aircraft and for phasing out hydrofluorocarbons." Which is completely meaningless, as none of the provisions of the Paris Treaty are enforceable, and Beijing has zero intentions of actually following through with the toothless treaty.

In any case, thanks to Bloomberg, according to the leaked draft G-20 communique, global leaders "should make full use of a range of policy options, including fiscal as well as monetary measures, to revive economic growth that still falls short of desired levels."

In other words, even more global debt, even more liquidity injections by central banks, even higher asset prices, even more social discontent, nationalistic passions and populism.

Among the other G-20 (pre)decisions in the communique draft seen by Bloomberg:

Financial market volatility poses downside risks to growth: draft communique Fiscal strategies equally important as monetary ones: draft communique Excess volatility, disorderly moves in foreign exchange markets hurt stability: draft G-20 recognizes excess steel capacity as global issue: draft Subsidies can contribute to global excess capacity: draft UK vote to leave EU adds to global economic uncertainty: draft *Terrorism a serious challenge to international security: draft And so on, and so forth, as yet another meeting of the world's "best and brightest" leaders leads to absolutely no new ideas how to fix a problem that was caused by debt than just creating even more debt, meaning that the debt level is about to truly take off. We know how it all ends; the only thing we are curious about is if the Chinese will force an already humiliated Obama to fly commercial in his final return to the US... coach class."

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Posted in: Clinton says controversies behind her; Trump begs to differ See in context

Scandals behind her? Yes indeed. And paying for her campaign, too.

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Posted in: Gov't pension fund reports Y5.23 tril loss in April-June See in context

The Ponzi Scheme exposed. Face it, it's a sham/scam and you'll get zero from it.

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Posted in: Gold demand jumps amid global turmoil: industry body See in context

JeffLee, the problem with the paper currencies of today is that they are backed by nothing more than promises. Unfortunately, we all have to use the existing currencies for our exchanges these days, and those currencies are constantly being debased, robbing you of the worth of your savings.

"The use of gold as proto-money has been traced back to the fourth millennium BCE when the Egyptians used gold bars of a set weight as a medium of exchange, as had been done earlier in Mesopotamia with silver bars."

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Posted in: De Niro, Moore to star in TV crime series See in context

Sounds good!

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Posted in: Is it safe to let customers know workers' real names? See in context

Certain eikaiwa have security procedures to protect the privacy of clients, yet distributes complete lists of all their instructors full names to every student. Apparently, benesse cares about customers but not employees.

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Posted in: After verbal missteps, Trump blames others See in context

"They will when she starts acting as insanely as Donald. Until then, not particularly."

Her health is actually in question.

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Posted in: Gold demand jumps amid global turmoil: industry body See in context

I'd also prefer to be paid in gold than paper.

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Posted in: Man arrested after returning to convenience store to apologize for robbing it See in context

Armed Robbery isn't a misdemeanor. It does seem that his conscience isn't completely obliterated, though. Good on him for having the courage to turn himself in.

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Posted in: Abe picks revisionist Inada as defense minister in cabinet reshuffle See in context

" She also regularly visits Yasukuni Shrine for war dead, which China and South Korea see as a symbol of Japan’s past militarism."

So, naturally, Abe would select her. The apple not falling far from the tree.

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Posted in: Abe, eyeing lengthy rule, to opt for stability in cabinet reshuffle See in context

Ah yes, eyeing a lengthy rule...

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Posted in: British stars complain about Trump's use of their music See in context

So then, musicians have the right to restrict the airplay of the music to only those who agree with their political inclinations? Or WRNC can't air music by_____, but WDNC can? What a farce!

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Posted in: Images in Trump tweet on neo-Nazi website See in context

At this point, what difference does it make? It's time to move on.

Or, so someone said.

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Posted in: Sanwa Supply develops industry's first smartphone cooler See in context

Cool! Um.... er.

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Posted in: Woman, 2 children found dead on Chiba coast in apparent murder-suicide See in context

Unbelievably tragic. Two innocent lives taken, another horribly traumatized. Can't give sympathy to a mother who would do this unspeakable act.

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Posted in: Clothing brands must help ensure Asia's garment workers get a living wage See in context

There's also the Kamakura Shirt Company. Made in Japan!

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Posted in: Japan's consumer prices down for second straight month in April See in context

Sangetsu, spot on!

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Posted in: Trump rallies veterans at annual Rolling Thunder gathering See in context

Trump-hater-extraordinaire dominating the thread. Go Trump!

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Posted in: Susan Sarandon slams Woody Allen at Cannes Film Festival See in context

Woody Allen : twisted sicko

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Posted in: Susan Sarandon slams Woody Allen at Cannes Film Festival See in context

The perv married the daughter he didn't adopt along with his now ex-wife. Sicko!

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