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Posted in: Dentsu received labor bureau warning 4 months before employee’s suicide See in context

It is prevalent in most companies in Japan, but in the advertising companies it is and has always been taken up a few levels , In the 90's I knew people that worked consistently a minimum of 16 hours a day and they may have called it zangyo but they didn't receive any extra pay either, sad to say the Managers didn't need to use too much persuasion to get the new staff to work these ridiculous hours.

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Posted in: Trump charges U.S. election results being rigged at many polling places See in context

and the ones who don't watch are keeping there biased in tact.

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Posted in: Trump charges U.S. election results being rigged at many polling places See in context

What a choice to have to make , based purely on the fact that you hate one of the candidates more than the other.

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Posted in: Trump charges U.S. election results being rigged at many polling places See in context

hahaha, being neither a Democrat nor a Republican , a Clinton fan nor a Trump fan I am amazed at some of these comments, You only need to look at Trump on TV , listen to both him and Pence lie about his statements to know that he has a huge Ego and wants to be President more for himself than the people of America, Saying that however , how some can watch the same news and think that Hilary is less of a liar then Trump amazes me completely and she definitely wants to be President for herself and no-one else. I now look forward to the big thumbs down from everyone, its just a shame that out of the population of America your Republican and Democratic parties could not find a decent candidate to put up between them. Your allies are terrified and your enemies are laughing.

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Posted in: Woman held over pepper spray incident at Takadanobaba Station claims she was victim of groper See in context

She claims to work in the entertainment industry as in on TV , she also claims to be an actress, She is obviously not well. She is suing her previous agent for money for a previous ad she did for the TV. She also claimed to be about 10 years younger than what she was , although that might be one of the more normal things she has done.

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Posted in: 71-year-old tobacco shop owner slashed in robbery attempt See in context

yep David Blue, you lost me there as well..whether it is a knife or gun he is cowardly loser attacking a 70 year old woman.

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Posted in: 'Haafu' to represent Japan at Miss Universe 2015 See in context

simply put, because a majority of Japanese simply cannot understand nor accept that "being Japanese" is something inherently learned by one's surroundings (Japanese language, culture etc.)

Sumo Bob , I am afraid I am also guilty of that lack of understanding that you say the Japanese don't have, I am not Japanese and although I lived in Japan for a long time, speak the language , worked there and fell in love with the country , I am not Japanese and never expect to be, although my children were born there and speak Japanese and lived half their lives there, Simply because they are my children I don't think of them as being Japanese , I think of them as being my children and therefore not Japanese , but if I am asked by Japanese I say they are " Half" and if asked by Westerners I say they are Eurasian or that their Mother is Japanese. My good Japanese friends often joke that I am more Japanese than them, but I take it for what it is worth nothing more than good humour and acknowledgement that I have taken the time to learn about Japan.

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Posted in: 'Haafu' to represent Japan at Miss Universe 2015 See in context

As a proud father of three Haafu kids, I have had that same argument for more than 20 years with a good friend of mine who wants his children to be called double, my children all still carry their Japanese passports , but actually have 3 nationalities, I am not suggesting we call them thirds as they are half Japanese and half Scottish , I am very happy for the young lady who is representing Japan and I doubt very much that the average Japanese person has any problem with it, after all Haafu Japanese people have been gracing the Japanese magazines , Tv programmes and billboards of Japan for a long time now, My children find it difficult to walk the streets of Tokyo or Osaka without being offered some kind of modelling job or another , So in this case they must be more than grateful that the 1/2 they received from their mother had a much greater influence on their looks than the half they received from me, I know I am..

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Posted in: Japan Tobacco to cut 1,600 jobs as cigarette sales fall See in context

I can't wait until we are all just told what to do, what to eat , what to wear ,where to work , its going to make life so much less confusing, i mean who needs choice , I hope my kids are the ones that are chosen for the good jobs , with the nice houses though.

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Posted in: Family files lawsuit against JR West after overworked employee commits suicide See in context

You can get life insurance in Japan that pays out for suicide , if he had that , then his family would be compensated financially and their reason for suing would be to aportion the blame. Yes the company have a duty of care to their employees , but if you are a family man you have a duty of care to your family as well.

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Posted in: Would you support legalizing marijuana use? If so, why? If not, why not? See in context

Legalize it for sure, but it would have to be highly ( pardon the pun ) regulated and for those who continually say it isn't harmful, there are direct links between heavy use of Hydro to Schizophrenia , Not with all users , but then not all heavy drinkers become alcoholics, not all marijuana smokers end up doing hard drugs and wrecking their lives , It needs to be regulated for the same reason we have regulations in and on anything , to keep the bad apples from abusing it. Both the users and the suppliers.

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Posted in: Cat set on fire in Tokyo park See in context

People found guilty of animal cruelty in Queensland face a possible $110,000 fine or two years' jail

Having laws against animal cruelty is only part of it, the courts must also sentence, this year a couple of teenage boys killed a couple of alpacas that were pets at a local school in Australia, they were caught arrested and charged and let off yet again by the pathetic court system we have come to disdain.

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Posted in: Osaka man turns himself in over death of baby daughter See in context

This problem isn't particular only to Japan, it happens in countries all over the world, this poor child had the misfortune to be born to that father.

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Posted in: 4 nightclub operators arrested for allowing dancing See in context

The law is not that old, and has been enforced from time to time over the years, usually when a club has too many other problems, fights , underage , drugs and noise complaints. Bar Isn't its? were around in the 90s and they were named that way to confuse the issue , they also checked IDs at the doors to keep out under 20 year olds even though the law allows 18+ into bars, But they need to be 20 to drink. If you get a licence to dance you must close at mid-night , the same law is applicable to Pachinko and soaplands ( even though soaps are supposed to be illegal ) and was introduced to stop promiscuity amongst the young, After reading the other article about the youn g no longer having sex, maybe they need to allow dancing after Mid night .

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Posted in: Man walks 1,400 kilometers home after getting mugged See in context

Can you even walk from Kyushu to Honshu? I mean is there a foot bridge?

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Posted in: Survey shows dating experience of average Japanese school kids See in context

On the contrary 300 people surveyed is enough to form a conclusion, the problem is its an online survey which means that people who are interested in taking the survey probably wanted to talk about their experiences , which will be why all the people surveyed had an experience, I wouldn't have thought you would have needed a survey to know there were a wide range of young lovers in Japan.

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Posted in: Japanese student named Brisbane ambassador See in context

I would rather look at her than the dude in the suit

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Posted in: Rudd calls for 'kindler, gentler' politics after being sworn in as Australian PM See in context

There are a couple of feathers Julia can put in her cap, One obviously being the first female prime minister of Australia, the other was making Rudd look good, when truth be told she may go down as being one of the worst prime ministers Australia has ever had, and Rudd's failed policies had taken opinion polls of him to record lows until she took over. The labour party have dissolved into something akin to a rabble, even now, with Guillard and her cronies sitting in the back bench giving Rudd death stares. They lie blatantly to the Australian people and the Australian working class, their union boss supporters get caught time and time again cheating their members of their money and they talk about honour and a gentler , kinder politics.

Rudd has been allowed to regain power until the election and once he loses dismally , the faceless power brokers will instill another labour minister whom they believe will actually be able to lead. All the while the working class who put their faith in them will have their taxes raised under the cloak of some well needed levy.

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Posted in: Prosecutors not to indict ex-soccer star Oku over threat to kill his wife See in context

Unless they have changed the laws, it was never illegal in Japan to threaten to kill someone, It strangely enough was not considered intimidation.

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Posted in: Boston bomb suspect charged; religious motive seen See in context

YuriOtaniApr. 23, 2013 - 12:36PM JST

weapon of mass destruction oh please! They are in effect very small IED's

We differ greatly on definition, as no doubt do the relatives and friends of the deceased and injured, 3 dead and 200 injured is Mass destruction as far as I am concerned. I am happy that I am not American as i would hate for my tax dollars to be used to defend this animal, then feed , clothe and take care of him for life. Enough of the bleeding hearts , I do not want to kill any infidels that have a different religion as me, and ask the same in return.

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Posted in: Australia to tackle Japan on whaling at U.N. world court See in context

It is a domestic political issue as far as Australia is concerned and nothing more, the current labour party are in a minority government and therefore controlled by the Greens. Australia itself whaled commercially until the 70's and gave up for the simple reason that a synthetic alternative was found to the oil they needed, yes that's right they didn't whale for food. Although I don't want to eat whale, I don't think that Japan or any of the other Countries that still whale should be stopped if it is sustainable whaling.

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Posted in: Have Japan’s anti-smoking laws gone too far? See in context

I guess if you go to an Izakaya and bar and they allow smoking you can always not go there again and go to ones that don't allow smoking. Tolerance works both ways.

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Posted in: No. 2 man in biggest yakuza gang jailed for extortion See in context

Interesting, because merely suggesting to someone that you are Yakuza ( using that actual word ) is illegal, and yet the article states that the gangs are not illegal, quite possibly because not all of their activites are illegal, and someone as high up as no2 in the Yamaguchi gumi organization would no doubt have a lot of legal businesses., and as he is in the largest Yakuza family in Japan, it denies belief that he was actively involved in a hands on case of extortion.

Another interesting point is that the Yakuza are well known for their involvement with construction companies.

The article is only as factual as the information they are supplied with.

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Posted in: American to serve 5-10 years for murder of Irish student See in context

A bar serves a foreigner drinks ( who looks much older than his 19 years ) no reason to suspect he is a minor. The taxi driver allegedly allows a passenger to get molested, He is a taxi driver driving to a Shinjuku hotel at night, fairly good odds that quite a bit of groping has gone on in the back of his taxi with intoxicated women as the recipients. I assume it was Hinds and his friend that were staying at the Hotel and not the girls, and so the Hotel loaned them wheelchairs to help take their intoxicated dates to their rooms. 5-10 years for taking the young ladies life seems fairly lenient to me.

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Posted in: Masked wrestler city councilman forbidden to wear mask during sessions See in context

albaleoMar. 17, 2013 - 06:32PM JST

very good

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Posted in: 72 Osaka teachers confess to hitting students in questionnaire See in context

Maybe if we went back to the old draconian ways where teachers dished out corporal punishment, parents disciplined their children and policemen could give you a slap around the back of the head we would have generations that believed that they had to work and earn their worth, not just given everything for free.

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Posted in: Ethnic Korean children in Japan lose out after Pyongyang's nuclear test See in context

The problem itself is deep rooted , I was in Japan in the 80's and met a lot of young Japanese, well so I thought ( I remember a couple of friends that I had known for years ) eventually telling me their dark secret , they were of Korean descent , obviously it never bothered me, but some of our Japanese friends who had known them longer never knew and in their defence were never given the chance to show that it would not bother them either , they also didn't travel overseas as they didn't want their Japanese friends to see their passports,

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Posted in: Mother of Romanian murder suspect apologizes See in context

Seriously did they both stab her? , the article makes you believe that they bought only one knife, and then it says they both stabbed her, so one of them stabbed her and then passed the knife to the other to stab her, If that really is the case, its almost like the robbery was secondary and that the actual murder was what they really wanted to do. And they can say she was random all they like, they chose a young woman on her own, someone they believed to be weaker than themselves, that is not random.

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Posted in: ‘Women only’ train cars: Is it a crime for men to ride in them? See in context

tmarieFeb. 28, 2013 - 09:33AM JST

Get rid of these silly cars and teach the locals to behave. It does nothing to help women here. Just continues to make them look weak and helpless.

Yes great idea, and while you are at it lets encourage women all around the world to walk alone at night scantily dressed down dark alleys, we can just tell those bad men that they should behave...

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Posted in: Two U.S. sailors admit raping Okinawan woman See in context

LoghornFeb. 26, 2013 - 11:57PM JST

Idiots. Just...idiots.

Why the hell does the U.S. Military keeps recruiting people like them?

That is simple because the Jails in the USA are full.

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