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Posted in: Former nuclear safety chief questioned over Fukushima negligence See in context

No one has directly died from radiation because that information is kept secret from the public. If anyone did die from radiation, the government will not admit to it in any way. Give it another year or two, and you will start to see a whole lot of people getting sick from radiation exposure.

There may not be any immediate results from radiation exposure, but what about the long term results!!!

These people that are in charge of TEPCO, should all be put into jail for a very long time, and have their pensions taken away from them!!!

What they did to everyone in Japan and all over the world was a direct terrorist attack that was caused by their sefish characters and stupidity!!!

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Posted in: Police to investigate former AKB48 singer's 'child porn' picture See in context

It is because these kinds of things that Japan is starting to look like a very terrible place to raise a family. No matter how you put it, it is child porn and she should be made to go to jail for at least a year.

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Posted in: Nuclear fears contaminate sales for Tohoku farmers See in context

basroil, you are very wrong in many of your statements. If you were to educate yourself, you would find that there are a whole lot of children who are living in Fukushima that are getting sick due to radiation exposure on a daily basis. The reason that you probably did not hear about this news is because you have not read much news about it outside from the news that's in Japan.

Also, since you are probably not living in Fukushima, you don't really know what is going on there outside from what you read in the newspapers that's in Japan.

If you actually think its safe to live in Fukushima and eat Fukushima food, why don't you go to Fukushima and live there with your family and eat the food that is grown there.

There are so many people who talk about how safe Fukushima is, but are not willing to live in Fukushima for long periods of time and eat the food that's grown there,.

Before you talk about how safe it is in Fukushima, do some research!!!

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Posted in: Nuclear fears contaminate sales for Tohoku farmers See in context

I'm sorry, but there is no guarantees in life. The only thing that is a guarantee in life is that you will some day die. The radiation in Fukushima is all over the place in Tohoku. Everyone that says that they are are continually doing tests, may continually do it on a daily basis, but as long as the Fukushima reactors are leaking, there is no way to get rid of the contamination that is spreading world wide. They may clean one day, but it will soon return again the next day. And that is because the radiation leakage that is going on daily from the Fukushima reactors is not under control at all.

All what the Japanese government along with TEPCO says about safety is all a lie. I have checked the news everyday about what is going on in Fukushima at many various news websites and found that there is a huge, I say, huge cover up on what is really going on in Japan.

Information in Japan is limited. And that is because the Japanese government does not want you to know what is really going on.

In Fukushima City, the radiation level is much higher than what they are stating in the news in Japan. If you were to take a reliable Geiger counter and test the radiation level that's on the ground, you will see that the levels are much more higher that what TEPCO and the Japanese government is reporting.

And it's not only in Fukushima that has such high levels of radiation, there are also high levels of radiation in other prefectures too. In Tokyo, Chiba, Gunma, Aomori and many other places, there are levels of radiation that is just as high as Fukushima City.

And if you think low dosages of radiation may be safe, you are completely wrong in every way!

Ask yourselves, do you get an X-ray every second of the day?

Well, that is practically what is going on now here in Japan with all of the radiation leakage all over the place.

This statement is not off topic and is totally to the point. This information needs to be made known to everyone. For everyone who wants to know more about what is really going on in Japan, stop reading the news that's only in Japan and venture out to the many English news websites that's on the Internet. You will be shocked to see what's not being reported in Japan.

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Posted in: Softbank offers employees Y1 mil incentive to master English See in context

It's about time a Japanese company take some initiative to move in a direction that will only bring improvements and not failure. Although they are or will be studying for a test of English scores, it is a whole lot better than going to a dysfunctional home town eikaiwa that has very low results in producing good English speakers. Best luck to everyone that takes advantage of this promotion.

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Posted in: Hashimoto apologizes to parents of student who killed himself See in context

Apology... Apology... Apology... All of the apologies in the world will not bring back the life of this child. Japan is famous for making a whole lot of apologies and not fixing the problem at hand. When will these people start. To wake up and do things that will better the lives of the people that are around them.

This teacher that dis this to this child probably did it many times before to other students too. He should be severely reprimanded and made to pay severely for his unprofessional actions. And as of the principal of the school that this child was attending, he should be made to step down immediately because it sure looks to me that he can't do his job correctly in a professional manner.

Comments like mine should be thought about sincerely and be used as an educational tool to teach people how to act correctly.

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Posted in: 8 U.S. sailors sue Japanese gov't, TEPCO for lying about radiation See in context

I sure hope that these sailors win!!! TEPCO the evil empire of nuclear power in Japan needs to be royally sued for all what they did to not only these sailors, but to everyone both in Japan and in the entire world. TEPCO has not only contaminated Japan with radiation, but also the whole environment. From the ocean to the land, it is has all been radiated by the actions of Tepco and the Japanese government.

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Posted in: Yen slides in Asia after Abe takes office See in context

If the dead can be raised from the grave on a daily basis, Abe will be very successful. But as of it looks like it, that will never happen. I give him a few months time before he starts to complain about stomach sickness and announces his intention to resign due to stress.

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Posted in: Dollar hits new 20-month high, passing 85 yen See in context

As Prime Minster Abe stays in office, I`m sure the Yen will eventually become 150 Yen to 1 dollar. In my opinion, Prime Minister Abe will not do much in the area of really fixing Japan. He will probably do more talking than anything else before he thinks about resigning again.

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Posted in: Noriko Sakai completes first stage of comeback following drug scandal See in context

It is kind of sad, but the truth is that she is all washed up. Her husband has really ruined her image and to get that sparkling clean image back will be extremely difficult. It will be virtually impossible for her to become popular again. I hope she can find it in herself to pursue another direction for her life that will make her to become a happier and joyful person in the coming years.

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Posted in: Fukushima kids fatter as radiation fears cut exercise See in context

This article is not very accurate at all. The true reason that kids in Japan are getting fatter is not only because of Fukushima. It`s because many parents of children in Japan today seem to not have much time and responsibility to take care of their children on a daily bases.

If on one believes me, just look around and you will see that there are so many young parents that lack the ability to be responsible parents. Many of the parents of these children are too caught up in their own things, more than anything else. That are always on their mobile phones and or gossiping about each other, rather than looking after their own kids.

They all spoil their kids with computer games and do nothing at all when it comes to disciplining a child. Many of them expect other people to teach their children how to behave when it is them that should teach their children about the realities of life.

It is so sad that in today`s society in Japan, there are more children that are more mature then theor own parents.

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Posted in: Ready to take over See in context

Another dysfunctional cabinet in office!!

Will they actually make any change that will benefit the people in Japan???

Well, we will just have to wait and see.

as for me, Im not betting anything on this cabinet. Im sure Abe will soon resign due to stress and illness..

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Posted in: Abe promises to pursue fresh policies See in context

Talk... Talk... Talk... That is all that Abe is good for!!! He says that his conservative party will pursue fresh policies to tackle the nation’s chronic economic woes and bolster its sagging influence on the international stage.

How will he do that??? By starting up all of the reactors in Japan and contaminating all of the people that live in Japan with radiation???

Everyone here, I bet in a few months time, Abe will resign due to illness and stress. If you don`t believe me, you just watch and see.

This comment is no off topic, derogatory or anything else. It is to the point.

Seems like everyone that leaves a comment on leaves comments that is not strait forward and to the point.

I guess speaking the truth about something is not a good thing in Japan. Seems like the people in Japan, both Japanese and Gaijin loves to hear lies and not the truth.

It`s so sad that not many people in Japan likes to face the truth about things and work towards improving situations. They all rather gossip and tell lies about each other.

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Posted in: Newborn girl found in bag near highway in Saitama See in context

It is very sad that these kinds of things are still going on all over Japan. When will Japan take this kinds of situation serious and start to educate their pupils on the importance of life. As it seems, or as it looks like, many Japanese people seem to think that life is nothing but a game. Many of them seem to have no consideration on how fragile and how important life is. I pray that the person that did this will be found and be reprimanded seriously for her actions.

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Posted in: Abe to review Fukushima crisis before deciding on restarting reactors See in context

While Japan is very worried about North Korea, they are making plans to restart the nuclear reactors in Japan and create a situation where Japan can both contaminate everyone with radiation and blow themselves up at the same time.

The Japanese people have created the Hiroshima atomic bomb museum to remind themselves about what nuclear power can do, while at the same time build nuclear reactors all over Japan, surrounding everyone thats in Japan with radiation.

This comment that I wrote here is not off topic vulgar and or offensive at all. This comment is strait to the point.

If anyone here disagrees with me, then ask yourselves why is it that the Japanese politicians don`t listen to the ordinary citizens of Japan???

It`s because they have no concern for anyone but only themselves.

It`s so sad that there are a lot of people suffering in Japan while these politicians are getting rich by the bonus checks they are receiving for doing the things that they are doing.

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Posted in: 'Gangnam Style' hits one billion views on YouTube See in context

The Japanese people just don`t get it!!!

The reason that Psy and the many Korean artists and dramas are a hit today is because they all have something in their entertainment that the Japanese does not. While the Japanese people are stuck on their old ways of making TV shows, movies and entertaining their audience, the Koreans are moving forward and taking the public by storm. When will the Japanese people stop bickering and complaining about their neighbors and start to do something that will make their entertainment and or TV show interesting again. As of it is now, the things that are on TV in Japan are just pure nonsense and so stupid in every way!!!

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Posted in: Starbucks Japan reduces amount of brew in some offerings See in context

Just another way to rip off the public. Make an excuse for not filling up the coffee to the rim and charge more money. I will never again go to Starbucks in Japan!!!

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Posted in: Man jailed for a year over 10 yen theft at temple See in context

To be jailed for 1 yen!!! Is this a joke or what!!!' This is a total waste of tax payers money and an over powering police that seems to not have any common sense at all.

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Posted in: Japanese diplomat agrees to plea deal over wife abuse in U.S. See in context

He should have gotten the whole 20 years. there is no excuse for what he had done. I don't care if he is a diplomat or not, he should not be doing anything of the sort to anyone. In my eye's, he is a criminal!!!!

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Posted in: Abe says he won't consider coalition with DPJ See in context

If you ask me, Abe will probably resign after one month in office du to stress.

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Posted in: Girl hit by train may have committed suicide due to bullying, say police See in context

I just don`t get it!! These kinds of things continue to take place all over Japan, and the Japanese people seems like they can never get a handle on this to make things better for not only the kids in Japan, but also for everyone that is living in Japan.

You would think with all of the suicidal people in Japan, the Japanese government would try their very best to make things better for everyone in Japan.

But do they do that!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

They rather concentrate on the Nuclear reactors in Japan and on how to make everyones lives very complicated and stressful.

Japan and the Japanese people needs to wake up and realize that what they are doing to their kids, and how much pressure they are putting onto themselves are slowly destroying both their country, and the lives of the people that are in Japan.

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Posted in: Artistic expression See in context

I don`t see any artistic expression in this picture. All that I see is a group of fun people getting together to have fun in a park.

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Posted in: Abe softens tone but keeps pressure on BOJ See in context

Abe is a total joke! He will probably become the next Prime Minister of Japan, and after 1 to 2 months, he will probably step down to stress.

He may be a lot better than Noda the terrorist, but will not do much to make things better for everyone in Japan.

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Posted in: Princess Aiko marks 11th birthday See in context

Happy birthday to you princess. I'm sorry that you have to be a prisoner in your own home.

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Posted in: Nuclear Regulatory Authority recommends iodine to stem radiation exposure See in context

TEPCO should get together with the Japanese beaurocrats and government officials and take these iodine capsules themselves!!!!

If you ask me, I think Japan should just shut down all of the reactors and stop playing games with people's lives.

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Posted in: Humanoid robot to keep Japanese astronaut company on space station See in context

Give it to the Japanese, the country will turn into a nation of robots. Soon the movie irobot will become a reality for Japan where the robots will control the whole country.

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Posted in: Noda, Abe take to the streets to woo voters See in context

I guess the two idiots are going to debate on how they can put the country of Japan into a more serious downfall, and what they are planning to do to contaminate more citizens and destroy what is left.

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Posted in: No. of reported school bullying cases tops 140,000 in April-Sept period See in context

The reason that the number of cases involving bullying is constantly going up is because the schools that are in a japan will not take any responcibility for any bullying that may be taking place in ther schools.

The second reason is because the parents of themselves bullies are not responcible enough to teach their kids right from wrong. Parents in Japan in this day and age are more of a child then their own kids.

This is a fact that has been proven time and time again which is being overlooked all of the time.

Japan must get a grip on what is really going on here and start to implement the right measures to correct this problem as soon as possible. If not, Japan will continue to nose dive into a hole that is deeper than the one that they are already in.

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Posted in: Tokyo chooses bike helmet-design for new national stadium See in context

This goes to show everyone that the Japanese people no longer have good imagination skills when trying to create something new. To come up with an idea to make a national stadium look like a bike helmet. Come on now!!!! Can't the Japanese come up with a better design!!! I guess not!!!!!

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Posted in: Japan, N Korea open talks on abductions See in context

The dumb talking to the dumb. Hahahahahahahaha.... These meeting will not really go anywhere because both North Korea and Japan have not real seance about what needs to be done. All that these two countries care about is themselves. The north is about control and Japan is about getting their people back that was taken from Japan illegally because Japan did not have the common seance to bar North Koreans from coming to Japan.

Still today, rather than closing the North Korean schools that are Japan that teach their students about North Korea more than about Jpan, they play politics and act like they are doing something when in actuality, they are not doing much at all.

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