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That's a wonderful shot. Captures her joy really well.

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I had a quick wander around Higashiyama this afternoon. At least half of the tourists were school kids on orgainsed school trips. They came from all over Japan (I answered my fair share of interview questions). I wonder if it might be an idea to discourage schools from organising trips over peak periods? Or perhaps encourage them to explore less popular but equally important areas. It is a more viable solution than discouraging tourists and would help to ease the congestion.

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Posted in: Jimmy Page looks back at 50 years of Led Zeppelin See in context

One of the greatest bands of all time and a massive influence on the development of rock. If you have not heard much of their music check out the live album How the West Was Won. It was recorded in 1972 when they were at their peak - it is absolutely sublime.

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