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...nobody's japan but mine....I like that line!

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As an "outsider" who is also an "insider" I suggest anyone to check this I think you can get some idea as to what life it like an expat, it hits right on.

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I go to the movies to relax, too, so as an expat, dubbing is a sad retreat....I don't blame the Japanese for wanting the movie in their native tongue....but I have to say the fact that they cannot handle it in subtitles and a bit of English says volumes about the sad state of English Education here.. Karen (

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Trains are a big part of life here in Japan...what fun! Here is a little more on that topic at:

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Well, this might be one good way to learn kanji! Take a look at this related article: entitled: The Curse of the Kanji!

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As an American mother with a wonderful "double" daughter I recently dealt with this issue a bit....some of you may find it interesting to read about it here: The particular one I am refering to is entitled: How to Bake a Bilingual Cake

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