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Posted in: Japan protests over banner of Korean assassin at Asian Games See in context

GUYS let's just stop arguing over this it's clearly Korea's fault on this matter. We should not have provoked Japan further. That does NOT, however, rationalize calling the nation's martyr a terrorist. We have different perspectives and sometimes nationalism gets extreme. I do hope though, that Shinzo Abe would formally apologize to both China and Korea. Yes, past prime ministers have made attempts of official apologies but they have glassed over the subject and often presented actions that further provoked Korea and China such as the visiting of the Yaskuni. I also believe that with a formal apology, things will get easier for not only Japan but also Korea and China. We would feel as if something immensely oppressive has been lifted off. Wouldn't it be more rational to hold each other as allies in such an era? Our historical conflicts must end so that we can build something with cooperation.

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