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Posted in: Female manager of gentlemen's 'snack club' stabbed to death See in context

Wait. Snack club means stripper club right???

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Posted in: Woman arrested for stabbing passer-by on Tokyo sidewalk See in context

Let's just say It was a mental disorder. Put her In the looney bin and say bibi...k?

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Posted in: Why the increasing number of alcoholic women in their 20s? See in context

I wonder what kind of dog it was.....

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Posted in: China executes man for raping 14 schoolgirls See in context

I say he shoulda gone to jail and been butraped... in a cell.. its karma. I belive one hundred percent

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Posted in: Love without words See in context

I don't have kids... nor am I even close but I can tell what you mean.

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Posted in: 2-month-old baby boy dies after car crash in Tochigi See in context

Mabye its a child seat recall or somthing Mabey meikos a drinker like meiko the vocaloid Mabey its not her fault at all and its all the truck drivers fault We can accuse somone without the right information. Something her is definitly off...

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Posted in: Trainee cop arrested for taking up-skirt photos at station See in context

Is it b ad that I find this halariossssss lol ROFLOL LMFAS LOL

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Posted in: Man arrested for throwing 5 bicycles onto train tracks in Tokyo See in context

Some prankester. They could have done it the right way... but no... they just leave bikes infron Of a train track... smart boys (sarcasm)

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Posted in: Video of the week: Tokyo Metro See in context

For a jyn san year old girl I tend to comment late... good for u nihon

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Posted in: Chubu Electric starts building 18-meter seawall to protect Hamaoka nuclear plant See in context

i really feel happy for nihon to be back up on its feet. i felt really bad on the day of the earthquake/natrul disasters/ living hell because it was my gramas and fathers birthday! i felt like i was going to die, i really wanted to join the jet program but after what i saw on tv i thoug " would i be able to even be able to go to nihon, even if there was a nihon. at least now im able to see nihon having a better future! im glad for the people that faced this horrible situation finnally go home and feel safe once more~! well, thats it for me... i have homework.... high sckools hard :(

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