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Posted in: Does Okinawa need to host any U.S. military bases? See in context

"Marion Wm SteeleAug. 01, 2011 - 07:40AM JST

For 66 years I have been telling those Japanese wannabes that we won the war and we were going to put our army of occupation on the four main islands of Japan proper, but Hirohito gave McArthur the entire island of Okinawa if McArtur would not put the military occupational troop onJapan proper and indeed put them on Okinawa. I have the papers that spelled all this out and it signed by Hirohito. Frankly, Japan is not the most popular country in the far East and when we go home, you ain't seen nothing yet...."

Enough if enough. East Asia for East Asia. It's time East Asia got herself together and formed proper alliances with each other just like EU, NATO.

It's the only way Japan can rid herself of these American parasites who slap us in the face everytime we bring up Okinawa!

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Posted in: Does Okinawa need to host any U.S. military bases? See in context

Japan can defend herself.

Japan does not want US troops on her land.

It is better for Japan to form allies with her neighbours.

ENough with allowing the Americans to divide East Asia. It's what they do best!

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Posted in: U.S. military base plans in Okinawa face new hurdle See in context

Japan does not need American soldiers on our land.

Our ancestors are watching us with shame.

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Posted in: Gemba: China should play fair under world rules See in context

Meh, the US will play fair only if it serves her interests.

Same with China.

Whoever thinks "playing fair" works, is a complete moron.

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Posted in: Nobel winner Oe urges Japan to abandon nuclear power See in context

People bash and protest everything. Especially the nosy Americans.

Nuclear power is here to stay, it won't be going anywhere despite what "they tell you".

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Posted in: Global protests held against Japan's dolphin hunt See in context

I support Japan's right to hunt for whales and dolphins in international waters and within their own waters. Canada beats little baby seals to death each year and skin them, New Zealanders hunt whales, Finland and Sweden as well. Why only protest against Japan? Hypocrites.

I also support Japan's goal to give the American troops in Okinawa the two-boot salut. Japan can and should defend herself as well as form military alliances with the rest of East Asia.

I've had enough of the US meddling in Japan's affairs. We just end up being more and more alienated by our neighbours. Which does not benefit Japan.

Japan China Koreas Taiwan Russia need to closely align with eachother rather than argue with eachother.

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Posted in: Japan-China trade sets record in first half of 2011 See in context

"I am willing to pay an extra for good quality goods made in Japan" - globewatcher

That's not what Americans were singing during the 1970s and 80s.

Japan bashing was at all time highs back then. It's China now, 20 years later, it'll be India..

Wanna bet?

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Posted in: As China grows more assertive, U.S., Japan push back See in context

Who here believes the US controls Japan's government indirectly and directly.

Are Japanese people proud of being occupied by American troops?

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Posted in: Romney's jobs plan: cut taxes, slap China, drill oil See in context

"slap China"

Americans will always be Americans. Anything for a few votes.

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