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LOL. Hunting for unicorns. Good luck for that. You have to fill out a unicorn search application excel sheet that you stamp with your hanko and send it back by post first. :D

Since generally startups refer to It companies and I worked long enough in all shapes and forms of Japanese IT companies I can tell you, you will not find even a single Japanese in the country who understands what the agile principles, design thinking or the lean startup mean.

Just walk into any startup and ask them. They will immediately reply "show them the work breakdown structure" first. Just like back in the '90s.

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The article talks about politics and it barely mentions what has been done to prevent another reactor disaster? Or is that the lowest of all the priorities of those etrnellay wise people in government?

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One problem is that judo teachers in Japan tend to be good at judo, but not at dealing with the physical and psychological needs of youngsters

Let me fix it for you:

One problem is that teachers are not good at dealing with the physical and psychological needs of youngsters

Period. I already dread the day when my kids enter school here in Japan. After going through experiencing and seeing how Japanese are abusing and harassing each other in the workplace, I feel like my kids will be constantly in danger in school.

Also, look at the (summer) Olympic results!!! Such tiny nations as Hungary with a fraction of the population easily beat Japan in their ranking.

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