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Posted in: 18-year-old girl killed by stalker hours after seeking help from police See in context

What they could have done was position their "bike checking" super cops around the girls house. They could have spotted him and handled it from there. The cops had 8hours to think of something. Sad

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Posted in: Apple sets new record for iPhones sales launch See in context


A: Dude, i got the new gold iphone! B: O M to the GGG, let me see it. A: Holon let me take the bomb proof case off. (And repeat daily)

Im an android owner, but even i was expecting more from apple.

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Posted in: Australia harpoons Japan's whaling program at U.N. court See in context

Japans ludicrous defense of course is that their activities are merely "scientific research," utilizing a loophole that dates back to the 1946 establishment of the International Whaling Commission when the industry became heavily commercialized and a subsequent 1986 moratorium, both of which included the scientific exception for whaling alongside small amounts for indigenous populations and other cases.

However, a 2006 ABC investigation found that only four academic papers had been published by the Japanese that required fatal whaling practices, in contrast to an estimated 6,800 whale deaths in the previous 16 years. In other words, one academic paper per 1,700 whales killed.


i took the "harpooned" comment as "took a stab (jab) at" japans whaling program"

Tho only thing i dont like about all this is the BS "for science" crap.

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Posted in: Free clothing entices Tokyo shoppers to bare all See in context

26, unemployed, will strip semi-naked in order to get brand clothing. Yes, this is a real good example of how young adult women are thriving in Japan at the moment.

Careful Kringis, the truth gets you thumbs down. Not saying that all women (from any country) are like this but they chose a bad example to interview.

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Posted in: Porn app for Google Internet glasses faces hurdles See in context

a lota guys will be walking around getteing better reception.

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Posted in: A 2D girlfriend to help keep your long, lonely drives safe See in context

But can she make a sammich?

Why do all the technological advancements go to dumb $#!&, and I still have to use a damn fax machine for work.

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Posted in: Mother, child apparently starve to death in Osaka apartment See in context

Police were quoted as saying that the woman had been estranged from her husband who was abusing her since last year. The woman had not told her husband or her family where she was for fear that he would find her. I wanted to give her more nutritious food.

Some messed up things in this article.

The police KNEW she was in an abusive relationship since last year (thanks for helping out with that J-cops) She moved to another place moving to my last place set me back 250,000 yen(where did that come from) How about some regular food

Of course there are more details but, do you know that it takes "WEEKS" to starve to death. I'd respect her more if she was caught stealing food.

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Posted in: Australia hopeful of Japan whaling ruling by int'l court this year See in context

Japans hunt, conducted under a scientific research loophole

Tokyo defends the practice, saying eating whale is a culinary tradition.

Well which one is it?

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Posted in: 39-year-old man arrested for beating 1-month-old son to death See in context

Man, only 6 actual comments before the "Saitama" cracks. Think about WHAT happened before WHERE it happend.

This man Should hang or get life. I dont care what stress he had, there is never a reson to abuse a child.

Japan's very safe, unless you at home with your family. Hiding bodies in closets, convincing family members to commit suicide. There are horrible family issues in Japan and NONE of it is addressed.

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Posted in: Police ignore complaint from man who stabs neighbor See in context

"Saitama again!?"

Yeah that makes two reports in the past 3 weeks! Crrrazzzy!!

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Posted in: BlackBerry CEO says iPhone is outdated See in context

Now that you mention it there WAS a blackberry phone once, haven't seen one of those in years. LOL

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Posted in: 19-yr-old who dismembered mother wanted to know more about dissection See in context

No one is screaming "death penalty" like in the Hinds case?

Too many stories of people killing their famliy members.

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Posted in: LG announces Smart Video with eye recognition on Optimus G See in context

Well another battery suck up.

And another feature to make people even lazier, next there'll be the hands free neck strap. A buncha twitchy eyed zombies walking around.

Do like the dual camera idea though.

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Posted in: Hillary Clinton joins other Dems in backing gay marriage See in context

To tell the truth, i really dont care: if two people want to get "married" let them. It actually has no negative effect on me. And two more people on the planet are happy.

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Posted in: American gets 3 years for sexually assaulting Irish student See in context

This is a strange case, not the Blackston part. If she was drugged ,rapped and strangled, there should be a metric ton of evidence that would make him the brutal killer. All you people are yelling "death penalty", Lucy Blackman's killer dismembered her and got Life. Dont be so hasty to hang these guys. WE don't know what happened. There has got to be more. Either way they deserve jail time.

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Posted in: Android rises to top -- in malware threats: survey See in context

LOL...the very reason I don't put my hands on an Android. And also the reason why when I see someone using one I think this person is very well misinformed.

or you think their customizing, playing better games, downloading faster, multi-tasking, emailing MS-Office documents to their boss, getting "actual" directions to their destination, or using a back and menu button.

But really, alot of this crap about malware is just common sense.

Sent from my Samsung Mobile

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Posted in: Strong winds hit Kanto region, causing transport delays See in context

Rickyvee is it me or has this been the windiest year so far?

Yeah, this year blows.

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Posted in: Japan’s 'Galapagos phones' strive to survive in a smartphone world See in context

Hey I love my S3,

I dont think i could use anything other that android now.

But one thing, if you have a "smart"phone learn to USE it. If another person asks me a question about what something is or where a country is while there looking through their gallery.....Boy!

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Posted in: Saitama man dies after hospitals reject him 36 times See in context


I agree with many posts here on this topic. I believe the Wealth of Nation should be based on ultimate medical care quality to the people, I believe Japan is failing a big time here. Do not let them fool you that Japan is a rich country.

You wont be able to tell any(many) Japanese people that. It's almost scary how much they DON'T care. shoganai(i hate the way they overuse this word)

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Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context

gay marriage has no legal standing in Japan

It was just a ceremony between two (pretty good looking) women, what's the problem?

And remember, you never know who's in those costumes, could be a gay parade goin on right now.

Srew the legal stuff and enjoy life.

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Posted in: Sony bills coming PS4 console as future of gaming See in context

But remember this is Sony, wait for the 2nd gen until they fix all the bugs.

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Posted in: Japan picks Sawa, World Cup winners for London See in context

I would really like to see a USA rematch. Japan's first three games are against Canada,Sweden and South Africa.

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Posted in: Japan trio contribute to Seattle Mariners' win See in context

man id just like to see them win some games.

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Posted in: Two-year-old boy found dead in puddle in Ibaraki See in context


Thats just what she did

Police said Haruki’s mother took him to a playground about 100 meters from their home at around 2 p.m. When Haruki started playing with some dogs, his mother returned home briefly to take out the garbage.

It's still just stupid. but this just continues to happen in Japan.

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Posted in: Super Bowl most watched TV show ever See in context

stevecpfc and IvanCoughalot

Read the article fellas

to become the most-watched program in U.S. television history, the Nielsen Co said Monday.

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Posted in: Stuffed teenage girls arrested for trying to eat and run at restaurant See in context


why should society have to pay for what should be the parents job?--disciplining their kids and teaching them to be responsible for their actions.

hahaha, parenting in Japan, thats a good one.

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Posted in: 10 U.S. Baptists charged with kidnapping Haiti children See in context


Nah, i think they should all stand trial. there's no way that 9 other adults could just be oblivious to what was happening. I dont think they'll get anything serious though.

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Posted in: 10 U.S. Baptists charged with kidnapping Haiti children See in context

wow, here's some new news about the "leader"


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Posted in: 10 U.S. Baptists charged with kidnapping Haiti children See in context

trying to cross a border with 33 kids from another country...you might need a few things.

Just stupid really.

Nine of the ten members didn't know what they needed and didn't know they didn't have the documents

Google it!

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Posted in: Woman robbed at knife point in Chiba parking lot See in context

interesting, this is the same description of the "foreigner" that robbed the majon guy in the elevator

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