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Posted in: Exile wins Best Artist of the Year at Billboard Japan Music Awards See in context


haha, well im black and the guys you mean are just backup dancers. i thought they were decent but they still mix in a lot of that random Engrish in their songs, just like the rest of the J-crap.

No real talent here just superb marketing.

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Posted in: Man attacked, robbed in elevator See in context

hahaha, you could be deaf and half blind and know you're about to be robbed. the "foreign language" thing is just a fact.

but did the elevator make it to the 4th floor...

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Posted in: Setagaya burger master goes for traditional touch See in context

sorry "unchain"

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Posted in: Setagaya burger master goes for traditional touch See in context

There's a place called "unchained farms" in Souka saitama...goodness. But im not big on these overpriced japanese "gurume" burgers, there's no real Burger taste.

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Posted in: Michael Jackson's 'This Is It' DVD rakes in Y1.6 billion in one day See in context

DentShop...you have beat me too it...well played.

And whats left to sell after this dvd?

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Posted in: 19-year-old arrested for rape after threatening victim on cell phone See in context


Maybe it's just me being a guy, but if someone the size of Bob Sapp said he was gonna rape me or kill me, i'd be one dead mofo. But a lot of the things you listed are good factors to think about. But why would he take her to HIS apartment and they live in the same building...strange.

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Posted in: 'Uncle' Tarantino becomes newest member of Softbank's 'White Family' See in context

I like the softbank CM's but most of the other crap is just annoying and retarded.


and Japanese shows are (obviously) not.

You haven't seen Maid Detective!!?? Come on now, Maid plus Detective epic example of creative possibilites.

but seriously people.... POCKY CM'S make me wanna break things

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Posted in: Idol chatter See in context

hahaha japan's young women are doomed, why go to college when you can make thousands being cute or being a hostess?

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Posted in: 6-year-old girl dies after being hit by train in Hyogo See in context

Disillusioned. Why blame the parents?

The parents should have made it really clear that playing near the train tracks is dangerous. But you are definetly right about society.

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Posted in: The McJob of Asia See in context

Im an ALT at a JHS. I make 235,000, have plenty of holidays (paid, half for summer, which is 6 weeks), use my free time to study for the JLPT 2kyu or 1kyu ( 1kyu looks quite beastly though ). I'ts a good job to have while getting yourself ready for something else, not a career choice though.

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Posted in: Wild Speed See in context

This was actually a good flick.

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Posted in: Saitama police launch new unit to prevent groping on trains See in context

Mihoko Akiyama, an assistant inspector, said: “I hope that victims get the courage to raise their voice, instead of simply putting up with the situation.”

the fear probably comes from the fact that even if they say something to tha guy the other people on the train will "fall asleep" of "read their paper". this female officer force is the only thing that could make an impact.

but the WOMEN not the young girls that have this happen to them should learn to speak up.

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Posted in: Sarah Palin accepts David Letterman's apology See in context

Use their kids? She is pro-family<

most people with families are pro-family. He's a comedian they p!$$ people off no need for speeches, and that little "thanks to our U.S. military men and women" crap is played out and half-hearted. We are fighting for everyones elses freedom and rights.

Palin should really go back to hunting with her LV rifle bag.

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Posted in: Obama calls for new beginning between U.S., Muslims See in context

haha who cares, the speech was prasied, Bush couldn't string words together on his own turf, a man with charisma and purpose is a threat to America? Look where the tactics of the previous 8 years have put us.

Bush in Cairo:

"w-wwell ummmm it's good to yeah, it's good to be here today." and queue the shoe

Bush was hated around the world.

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Posted in: You can learn a lot about Japanese culture from kindergarten classes See in context

Being a well trained english teacher that a kid sees maybe twice a week has nothing to do with their lack of discipline at home, if you fail to see that you have been in japan tooo long. And I came on an airplane not a boat.

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