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Posted in: Japan to waive Y300 bil of Myanmar's debt See in context

Thank You so much Japan and Japanese government! It's really a great step forward for ever be great developments and opening wide space, zones and safe hevens for Japanese companies and capitals from those destructive and continued natural disastors! Ever be wise and brave Japanese to new ways and safe lands for yours/world shared souls of high professionals, intellectual properties, trillions of high valued currencies and assets! Please, strive thinking in new ways to save Japanese, not only by overseas companies, but by overseas freezones! Let Myanmar or any other safe countries be be the start!**** Yes, instead of trillions of dollars and Yens, souls and assets damaged or washed to the ocean and Japan sea by continued earthquakes

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Posted in: NEC expands cloud services globally See in context

The cloud is expanding, oh my great mainframes may you resist for some decades more? Yes, of course where no better or grantee internet service with lower buffering rates!

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Posted in: Emperor undergoes procedure to remove fluid from his chest See in context

God bless the emperor with immediate recovery and good health!

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Posted in: Property tycoon Minoru Mori dies at 77 See in context

God bless his soul and my condolences to his family, friends and his brilliant nation Japan!

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Posted in: Cyndi Lauper calls on world not to forget Japan See in context

Thank You so much, Cyndi Lauper! Really, You have been representing the world great souls at the great nation ought to be emphasized by its real friends!

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Posted in: Japan falls silent for tsunami victims See in context

I'll ever be remembering them, the great mankind loss, March 2011 tsunami victims! My condolences to their families, friends and the great nation of greatest patience, arts, sciences, technologies, Japan! God bless Japanese with great unity, love, cooperation, great success, prosperity and peace! Ever be proud Japanese, crossing the great natural disators, You have been donating our world developments, sciences, technologies and great lessons of highest patience of great souls! Thank You so much Japanese; this is our mother planet the earth, we have to love whatever and whenever it gives! My advice to my Japanese sisters and brothers not leave their fathersland Japan, BUT You have to study and learn the history of how your some grandfathers and grandmothers had been forced to leave Japan in the past, and travelled on foot or by boats to settle the two American continets! It wasn't an economical or political issues drove them there, but might be the continuations of the same great natural disators like tsunami! I think all the mankind have the equal and full rights in moving across the continents as our grandfathers and grandmothers did, let us to start to destory and cross those selfish political boarders, if some nations refuse there are many nations ever be happier to accept the idea with new governing and cooperative laws and rules. Those continuations of great loss of souls of professionals and trillions of major currencies of great assets and properties, it hasn't only been belonging to Japanese, but all do belong to the mankind and the world! Our grandfathers and grandmothers were more clever and cooperative in dealing and resettling in our planet the earth!

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