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Stuart ..(Today 12:34 JST)

If you're speaking of ones actions or what country has used its military force for war or occupying foreign countries, you MUST be speaking of the United States of America, no other country even comes close!

The US has been trying to do the right thing for many people in many countries. It has its heart in the right place and unfortunately being successful in creating a satisfying outcome is not as easy as we'd like. Comparing the actions of the US to that of Russia, and yes I believe the Russia today is nearly back to its 'glory' days when it was a 'Union', is like comparing apples to .. goya..?

I do agree with the last comment regarding your opposition to war games being conducted beyond a country's own military bases. Unfortunately, there is an exception and that being in the case of North Korea. If the danger is real then there is no other choice.

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@Goodlucktoyou. Actions speak louder than words. Since the end of WW2 if we look at which country has used military force to occupy another I believe most people would clearly see which (country) is still a danger to its neighbors and which is not.

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Posted in: Russia holds naval drills in Sea of Japan See in context

too many posts supporting the wrong side

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They can hold their drills wherever they want as long no Japanese get injured.

I don't think it's right for them to be practicing battle scenarios and war maneuvers at a friendly neighbor's doorstep. Perhaps Japanese don't care but it still doesn't make it okay to do so.

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Posted in: Ex-TV director gets suspended term for helping commentator's suicide See in context

Oh, so now it's okay to kill someone as long that person asks for it..?!

Weird..?Spooky..? WRONG.

Just simply wrong. No matter what excuse/reasoning people come up with.

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Posted in: Do you think of esports players as gamers or athletes? See in context

Gamers. Definitely gamers .

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Posted in: Japan to relax tax-free shopping rule for foreign visitors from July See in context

I got an idea.. how about asking visitors to pay the consumption tax and people living here to be tax-free ..?

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Posted in: Tokyo gov't passes strict anti-smoking laws See in context

Ms. Koike, THANK YOU !!!

Lucky Tokyo... hopefully this spreads beyond !

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Posted in: N Korea says it will ignore Japan until it halts military buildup, drills See in context

Typical Kim Jong Un, except now he's become a puppet and the ventriloquist is China's Xi.

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Posted in: Clear near beer is here - Japan’s new zero-alcohol, zero-color brew See in context

'Water' with beer flavor? Sounds gross to me.

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Posted in: 'Norman,' when artificial intelligence goes psycho See in context

This is a bit creepy. Should Norman be out on the Internet in the first place ? Just saying..

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Posted in: Man gets 19 years in prison for arson murders of wife, two children See in context

The sentence is a 'joke' and NO laughing matter. Perhaps the judge/s should also be locked up for another 19 years after the family killer's prison term is over. They too deserve something and it's not a paycheck.

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Posted in: HondaJet to go on sale in Japan next year See in context

I want one! Now all I need is the means to do so.

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Posted in: JR Central shows new bullet train model to media See in context

Looks ok, a bit out of this world and all but the price of travelling on these trains is so high and also a bit out of this world. Wish they could come up for a remedy for this. I do believe these trains are subsidized already by other means such as toll fees from expressways for cars. This makes going distances by car expensive too.

So..instead of elongating these trains' noses all the time how about working on giving the riders/passengers the ability to go further for every ¥ spent. Mobility of any means is too expensive here. These trains are part of this 'problem'.

Giving great deals to tourists while making residents pay dearly just doesn't seem right.

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Posted in: Cry if you want to: 13 governors back bawling babies See in context

@Jonathan 4:01pm

'Most of all, you get used to it'

Yes, but crying all night long doesn't seem right either.

They CRY for a reason and the reasons being 1. attention (diaper change or are in the process of..), 2.attention (food), 3. attention (something is bothering them, such as not feeling well or feeling cold) or 4. attention, Love :)

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Posted in: Cry if you want to: 13 governors back bawling babies See in context

Baby cries= baby not the parent/s need to tend to the cause, which is usually the result of something they should have done prior to the infant's cry for help. A crying baby is natural, it's WHAT is done afterward which is of concern regarding this article. Just simply saying 'crying babies welcome' is nonsense.

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Posted in: 32-year-old man arrested for scalding girlfriend’s 3-year-old son See in context

I hope the child is not with his mom at this moment.

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Posted in: Japan supports Trump's decision to cancel U.S.-North Korea summit See in context

It's been very disheartening to see all the careless insults and demands being shoved down North Korea's throat by both The US and to some degree, Japan as well. This BEFORE even meeting ..him.

How on earth are we expecting to find any middle ground if the parties involved are not willing to shut up and sit down face-to-face in the first place ?

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Posted in: Japan expresses concern at relocation of U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem See in context

As long as extremism is alive and well I don't see how the people of Israel can let down their guard and succumb to living with Palestinians on a day-to-day basis.

This mentality of extremism which encourages not only young adults but also parents who find honor in seeing their children sacrifice their own lives and cause death to other humans in the name of ' whatever cause they come up, THEIR God's words or land or whatever..' is what keeps these people 'prisoners' of their own fate and not willing to participate in contributing to the betterment of the world be it in science, technology, the arts or what have you.

I feel these people need more education and the will to move towards accepting the realities of the present. Living in their parents' past will only ensure continued poverty and a high probability that the future generations will remain in this sad state of affairs.

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Posted in: Immigration authorities prevented Turkish man with appendicitis from seeing doctor See in context

Oh, go right ahead and give me thumbs down for this comment, people .

Human rights. The man should be granted some basic human rights.

His treatment was inhumane, と思います。

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Posted in: Immigration authorities prevented Turkish man with appendicitis from seeing doctor See in context

Nice one immigration authorities.. When you treat people like animals, these types of things will happen.

Yes, I would hope even animals would be treated better than this.

Where is the humanity ?

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Posted in: Guide dog owners face discrimination 2 years after ban on such practices See in context

Too many paranoid people.

Imagine yourselves being the blind person walking and going about your life with your trusted companion only to be harassed and disrespected by others who happen to have an 'advantage' or privilege of sight.

Sorry, no dogs. Oh please...those wonderfully-trained beings are much better behaved and CLEANER than many human customers.

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Posted in: NRA pushes back on Trump's gun plans after Florida shooting See in context

Go NRA!! Show us who you really are.

One-sided and heavy-handed protector of gun ownership while being completely deaf, blind and heartless to your own fellow Americans and their loved ones' heartaches and miseries.

Keep up the good work. Oh, and I truly hope and pray that the youth of America are watching and following what you are saying and doing to their futures.

NeverAgain please, Never again, PLEASE

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Posted in: Fishermen seek compensation over U.S. fighter jet fuel tank incident See in context

WHY was my previous post deleted?..

Was it unfair to bring up the point of the Iranian oil tanker accident which is sending tons of petroleum/oil pollution all over western Japan's islands near Kyushu?? Will the parties involved in that accident be compensating Japan in any way?

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Posted in: Japan wins WTO dispute against S Korea's import ban on Fukushima-related food See in context

Wow..seems like everyone and anyone 'against' consuming Fukushima produce and fish gets a heavy dose of negative hits. Rather FISHY

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Posted in: Japan wins WTO dispute against S Korea's import ban on Fukushima-related food See in context

Seems like Japan is acting a bit like a bully in this instance. South Korea is allowing Japanese fish to enter its market except for Fukushima and nearby areas. Sounds fair. They should have a say most defenitely.

In a way this reminds me of how Japan is often the victim of bullying by the USSR...oops, Russia each time Japan wants to put up some minimal self defense system from incoming missiles. What right should Russia have in telling Japan where and what it can do in self-defense of its own citizens?

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Posted in: Japanese speedskater suspended after failing doping test See in context

I just found it quite coincidental that a Japanese skater was the 1st person found cheating. I wonder if they were reviewing countries by Alphabetical order?

Perhaps Japan should have been more careful in making sure dopers aren't representing her in the Olympics. I don't see a need in defending these athletes. Doing so only hurts the offending side's integrity.

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Posted in: N Korea's Kim describes South as very impressive: KCNA See in context

Very modest, North Korea has demonstrated just how impressive of a nation it is as well with its admirable peaceful diplomacy with the South and courage in front of America and Japan. The North has shown it is a moral leader in world affairs

You ARE kidding..right..?

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Posted in: China, S Korea criticize Japan over museum for disputed islands See in context

Each country now has their own go-to source/museum to clarify historical facts. Sounds fair.

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Posted in: Android welcome See in context

umm... personally, looks a bit creepy.

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