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Posted in: Celine Dion resolved to perform again, 'even if I have to crawl' See in context

Totally agree with previous post "She's as strong as they come! Beautiful person!".

Whoever gave it a thumbs down could use a dose of empathy and a lesson in the basics of human compassion. IMO

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Posted in: Processing overseas loss and grief as an expat See in context

I was affected by this matter very much while living in Japan. I felt no support from the people around me and finally was incapable of thinking of going through that feeling again the next time a family member back "at home" fell ill or worse.

My dear aunt was such a loving part of my being and due to prior unresolved familial issues I could not pay my final respects, to say thank you and to lay a flower by her due to the distance exacerbating unresolved issues . Later my father unexpectedly fell ill. I went to see him but unfortunately time away from work limited the visit and I left wondering if I'll ever see him again. When I hugged and said goodbye on my return to Japan I saw in his eyes that he knew it was "the", goodbye. It brings tears to my eyes even after many years.

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Posted in: Genderless high school uniforms spread in Japan to meet needs of LGBT students See in context

Is this a joke?

Guys should wear male uniforms. Girls should wear girl uniforms.

Those who wish to identify otherwise should be able to wear as they wish.

But making ALL uniforms neutral is unfair to ALL.

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Posted in: Britain to send aircraft carrier strike group to waters near Japan See in context

Is Japan preparing wars with neighbors ?

Interesting, so China can do ANYTHING it so pleases in the name of expansion and Japan dare NOT do ANYTHING in the name of *defense**.*

So, at least we know whose side this poster's on.

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Posted in: GM, Honda announce North America car alliance See in context

This will be a BIG help to GM. Honda may benefit in some truck related ways but oh boy, when it comes to good car-making technology. The little stuff which make Hondas last and last, that will be a very beneficial gift for GM.

Hope they manage to improve GM and manage to keep Honda's high quality and know-how at a high level.

Really hope Honda does not start GM-ifying its lineup. If it does, it'll regret it.

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Posted in: Japan may still build Aegis Ashore despite reports of cancellation See in context

What they should develop is the ability to make decisions and stick to them... and stop lying

Yes and yes!

Although no one wants war. Absolutely at all costs must and should be avoided but, the 'unfriendly countries' are not asking permission from anyone to build up their own first strike and defense capabilities. Japan would be making a grave mistake by not having anything to truly protect its people.

This capability of defending and fighting for its own existence, although it may not be enough if it came to it, at least it's people could have the peace of mind that there is something which can give hesitation to the 'unfriendly countries' from starting anything in the first place.

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Posted in: Syria's brutal war enters 10th year See in context

Very sad. Shame on all who are allowing this to go on for so long.

President Bashar al-Assad should not be where he is. The guy is pure evil. Everyone and anyone who tries justifying Assad's legitimacy is either cruel-hearted or just simply has no heart.

I believe the United Nations needs to change its whole makeup and system. It needs to be able to act and stop these catastrophes before they become this absolutely unbearably unmanageable.

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Posted in: 3-year-old girl dies after being hit by truck in restaurant parking lot See in context

Parking lots are for #1. PARKING your car and #2. getting out of car and WALKING to your destination. People of ALL ages use these facilities. These lots are NOT made for speeding through. AND, when driving in a parking lot drivers must be EXTRA cautious because...people ARE walking TO and FROM their cars. AND just because it's 9:30pm doesn't mean drivers have free reign to dart through carelessly assuming that children are at home/in bed. Defending the driver in this case just doesn't sound or feel right.

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Posted in: 3-year-old girl dies after being hit by truck in restaurant parking lot See in context

From what I read, this is not the driver's fault and he should not be arrested. Parking lots are not playgrounds and parents need to be extra vigilant in places like these. RIP, poor young girl

The driver was being very reckless. Racing through a parking lot with the sole purpose of beating a red light. Reckless, pure and simple.

Yes, the parents should have been more careful, of course. But driver is 99.9% at fault here.

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Posted in: Is it too early to make a decision on whether or not to cancel or defer the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games due to the outbreak of the coronavirus? See in context

Well..IF it did get postponed I guess it would be time to bring back the marathon to Tokyo! Here we'd go again..

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Posted in: Japanese police officers increasingly forgetting their guns in public restrooms See in context

I bet they didn't forget their iphones/smartphones..

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Posted in: Fiat Chrysler and Peugeot sign deal for 50-50 merger See in context

This inevitable trend of car companies merging has and will continue to further dilute and erode the uniqueness of individual makes. When Peugeot acquired Citroen back in the 1970's Citroen's flair and truly unique touch was taken away. Now being in the 'same boat' as Opel, Vauxhall and Fiat I can't help but see a real nail in the coffin for this once forward-thinking and history-making marque.


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Posted in: Russia doping whistleblower welcomes ban, urges review of Olympic results See in context

Mr. Rodchenkov you are a hero. The world needs more people like yourself. Thank you for speaking for those who needed a voice.

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Posted in: S Korea to use radiation detectors, food from home at Tokyo Olympics See in context


remember, the J-GOV hid radiation with piece of lead installed on the radiation detector to fake records.

that is why they banned foreign medias to check the place . to hide the gravity of the situation.

Is that true!!? I pray it isn't but if it is, very troubling to say the least.

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Posted in: Takata recalls 1.4 mil potentially dangerous air bag inflators in U.S. See in context


Thanks for that bit of info.

I hope the new owners manage to produce airbags which actually save lives rather than the opposite.

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Posted in: Takata recalls 1.4 mil potentially dangerous air bag inflators in U.S. See in context

Why is this company still around? Awful company.

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Posted in: Democrat Warren accuses rival Bloomberg of trying to buy U.S. presidential election See in context

Bloomberg would make an awesome US President. He has integrity. He truly wants an America for all and he WILL AND ALWAYS HAS put HIS money where his mouth is.

Trump does make some valid points here and there but oh boy this guy should just keep to doing what he knows best, that being running casinos and using strong-arm tactics on little guys. He's a foulmouthed imbecile who's managing to ruin not only the USA and its reputation around the world but also that of its most trusted allies. Would this guy be happy to see the European Union disintegrate back to its former state? Is he really on America's side or on Putin's side?

To those who have until now supported President Trump, I understand and respect your decision but I ask you to please, please understand the consequences of him continuing as President. The people of The United States need and deserve a better leader. One with a higher IQ and a higher moral compass.

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Posted in: U.S. troop presence in Japan a concern for Russia: Lavrov See in context

US troops belong on US soil.

Japanese troops belong on Japanese soil

Turkish troops belong on Turkish soil.

If Putin's Russia would follow this principle then all of Eastern Europe could live at ease BUT, seeing what Russia does to its neighbors it's obvious that this principle can not work at this moment in time.

Without the US presence in Japan, things could and probably would go downhill for Japan. Japan has to continue pushing for peace in the region while at the same time putting more resources into military technology of its own in order to defend itself against such unfriendly neighbors. IMO.

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Posted in: Boeing says it has to ‘re-earn’ public’s trust after crashes See in context

We know we got to re-earn that trust,” Deal said.

You can/SHOULD start with replacing  Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg. While he remains CEO, Boeing will absolutely not regain the trust and RESPECT from the flying public. Most definitely not.

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Posted in: Do you find Japan's rising sun flag offensive? See in context

Some things should be put to rest. That particular flag reminds too many people of 'the past'. Bad things happened then. Why keep a symbol, or at least one that looks nearly identical, around? It stains the image of the present and future generations of a people. The 'new' flag is good. It represents Japan as a modern, peace-loving nation.

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Posted in: Snow crab fetches record ¥5 mil at auction in Tottori See in context

Is this some kind of scam?

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Posted in: WHO and Japan Cancer Society launch campaign to create smoke-free workplaces in Japan See in context

YES! Spread the word! www.revolutionsmokefree.org

Second-hand smoke belongs in smoking cubicles.

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Posted in: Taliban truck bomb kills at least 20 in Afghanistan See in context

This is a very 'sick' group of .. 'people'. These people know NOTHING besides destroying others' lives, hopes and dreams. They live for destruction, despair and death.

As long as they are out and about on this planet there will be no peace or justice for Afghan civilians and especially girls/women.

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Posted in: NRA sues San Francisco over 'terrorist organization' label See in context

Those who feel that they and every Tom, Dick and Harry must own a gun (game hunters aside) should get a mental exam of some sort. The NRA has blood on its hands and supporting this organization blindly is a real shame if not, 'mental'. IF you really believe owning a gun is an absolute must for the sake of personal protection then you should go through a respectable licensing system. This never-ending cycle of people 'losing it' or those who just shoot people, innocent people, for fun has to end. Supporting the NRA is not helping in ANY shape or form. Find a different hobby please.

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Posted in: NRA sues San Francisco over 'terrorist organization' label See in context

I hope other US cities follow San Francisco's lead on this. Sincerely hope so.

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Posted in: Seoul, Busan pass bill to boycott 'war crimes' Japanese firms See in context

It is very important to have good relationships with neighbors. That is why the United Northeast Asia is such an urgent matter.

Yup. Please tell that to both South and North Korea.

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Posted in: Kim says N Korean missile launches were warning to U.S., South See in context

Sir Kim,

Yes, your missiles are scary.

Yes, I worry about your ability to cause mass destruction to your neighbors.

But, know that you would most probably be responsible for 'eradicating' your own people by doing so. YOU would lose, BIG TIME.

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Posted in: Mother gets suspended sentence for complicity in fatal abuse of daughter See in context

The judge needs to do some "reflecting" as well. I understand the mother too was abused and had mental issues so in a way she is also a victim. So, how about the father who did all these evil things to his daughter? In order to do those torturous acts one must be mentally unstable and most probably mentally "ill" as well. Giving the mother a slap on the wrist is not enough. But, if the judge gives the father a similar sentence then this judge will deserve a slap on the face to begin with.

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Posted in: Airbus is ready for pilotless jets - are you? See in context


Why? What could go wrong?

You are kidding, right?

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Posted in: Japan grapples with traffic jams, visitors' manners amid tourism boom See in context

Alfie Noakes

And don't even start with the toilet business because the number of Japanese men who don't wash their hands after using is crazy. And that includes the traps as well as the urinals. I see "manner" posters everywhere in the train system but nothing about washing your hands. Why is that?

Excellent point. Unfortunately, for some very odd reason it seems to be primarily a male issue. Perhaps in their elementary ages they didn't like washing hands with cold water in cold schools. Seeing adults walking out of restrooms after doing their business is disgusting and rude to everyone else.

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