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almostshat comments

Posted in: Kishida urges better security after pipe bomb incident See in context

Maybe the security team should be watching the crowd rather than, literally, watching his back. And armed with more than briefcases.

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Posted in: Japan’s top 10 best-value family restaurants, as chosen by diners See in context

Volks is superb. Unlimited salad, soup, bread and coffee with your steak or burger. Love it!

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Posted in: Unification Church corrects remarks amid scrutiny over Abe's death See in context

The media in many countries do not publish the names of assassins/murderers and thus deny them the infamy and notoriety they crave. No such concept here.

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Posted in: 16 Japanese universities team up to accept students from war-hit Ukraine See in context

Bravo. I was expecting the number to be two or three. Blimey, this is more than the number of refugees they accept annually!

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Posted in: ‘Hungry’ police officer sent to prosecutors for stealing food from detainee's lunch See in context

Almost as bad as stealing someone else's food out of the fridge in a gaijin house!

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Posted in: Man arrested after menacing Tokyo subway passenger with awl See in context

That's awful. (wtf is an awl anyway?)

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Posted in: Nagoya mayor who bit Olympian's gold medal tests positive for COVID See in context

Stoopid moron.

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Posted in: 90-year-old ex-elite bureaucrat gets 5-year jail term over fatal Tokyo car crash See in context

3 years is too long a gap for retesting over 70. People can deteriorate mentally very quickly the older they get. Should be 1 year gaps max. It ain't rocket science.

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Posted in: Thousands flock to walk-in youth vaccination site in Tokyo See in context

Mind boggling incompetence. Don't people in Japan have brains?

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Posted in: Gov't to send SDF planes to Kabul to evacuate Japanese, Afghans See in context

Lightning reaction.

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Posted in: Olympics now ended, Suga pinning his hopes on vaccinations See in context

My 18 year old daughter has just had her second jab here in the UK. She will be coming to Japan for her gap year in September. Will she be the only double - jabbed 18 year old in Japan? Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to my booster jab in the autumn. (For comparison)

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Posted in: Man arrested for corpse abandonment after storing parents’ bodies inside refrigerator See in context

At least they were together. He must be a very caring son.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 673 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,751 See in context

Genuinely asking:

How were the restrictions at the match/stadium like, how about pubs, trains, buses, and whatnot?

How many people (rough %) wear/wore masks?

Vinke san, the England - Scotland game was a perfect storm of Covid spreading possibilities. An age old rivalry between two teams that drew thousands of Scots to London, even those without tickets, who just wanted to soak up the atmosphere and get rat - arsed in Leicester Square, after a year of being cooped up. English fans too. Football plus summer = booze, crowds, mayhem. All social distancing out the window. Impossible to 'control'. England - Germany game was even more insane. And god only knows what will happen if we (England) beat Ukraine on Saturday and are back at Wembley for the semi final. Pandemonium. 3rd wave already well underway in the UK in spite of vaccinations. You can't control joy, excitement, celebration, drunkenness, mass hysteria.

Fortunately for those in Japan, I can't foresee much of that happening during the Olympics.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 673 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,751 See in context

Here in the UK 15% of the Scotland fans who came down to London for the Euros match against England have tested positive on their return home. Any superspreader sports events on the horizon in Japan?

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Posted in: U.S., Japan reaffirm alliance amid China territorial claims See in context

Is he trying to shake hands?

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Posted in: Japan's vaccine push ahead of Olympics looks to be too late See in context

As a sporting event, the Olympics are going to be pointless and meaningless. Receiving your gold medal in a cavernous, empty, silent staduum? What's the point? No one is talking about the 'sport'. Anyone who watches it on TV is just going to be thinking about Covid and how they wish all these people were not here.

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Posted in: Japanese cook shaves head in apology after customer complaint See in context

Pathetic. Nothing less than hara kiri is enough for such a heinous crime.

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Posted in: Sympathy for Osaka in Japan over French Open withdrawal See in context

All that money, travelling the world, staying in 5 star hotels? Tough life. Give it all up and get a job at Dennys. Or, here's an idea, do the press events and just sit there and say 'no comment'.

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Posted in: EU leaders express support for Tokyo Olympics See in context

This will be the biggest super - spreader event ever. Not only importing every imaginable strain of the virus into Japan, but also exporting those variants all over the world after the games. What a souvenir!

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Posted in: As Olympics loom, Japan's health care in turmoil See in context

Third world.

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Posted in: Japan OKs Moderna, AstraZeneca vaccines, but AstraZeneca to be put on hold See in context

I think many, many more meetings are required before any decisive action (lol) is taken. Nero and his fiddle come to mind.

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Posted in: Online bookings begin for large vaccination centers in Tokyo, Osaka See in context

Thinking out of the box required. For example, here in the UK the gap between the first and second jabs was extended to 12 weeks so that many many more people could have some protection, rather than much fewer people having full protection. Controversial at first, but it has worked. (Sorry to bang on about the UK but I live here now. I lived in Japan for 20 years and as always am appalled at the incompetence of the government over there. Plus ça change.)

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Posted in: Online bookings begin for large vaccination centers in Tokyo, Osaka See in context

Almost half a million vaccinations a day here in the UK. The one thing the UK government has got right.

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Posted in: Mori resigns over sexist remarks: Hashimoto being considered to replace him See in context

Plus ça change

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 734 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,574 See in context

Compared with 40,000 plus new cases and 1200 deaths a day here in the UK, in spite of lockdown and school closures, you're doing very well. What's Japan's secret?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 734 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,574 See in context


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Posted in: What to do if you're snowbound on the road See in context

The most important thing is that females should preserve their modesty.. Wouldn't want to freeze to death in an immodest manner, would you? What a load of tosh.

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Posted in: When coronavirus robs you of your sense of smell See in context

I was born without a sense of smell (congenital anosmia). You don't miss what you've never had.

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Posted in: Local police chief in Fukui ticketed for off-duty driving gaffe See in context

Sounds like a seppuku job to me. Oh, the shame.

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Posted in: Brad Pitt discusses how a visit to Japan changed his view on face masks See in context

I could never work out why people in Japan wear masks- to protect themselves or others?

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