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Smacks of desperation

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GREAT Britain

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Fadamor, gimme a super whopper pedantry-burger, with a helping of getalife on the side. And one for me too!

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Get yer choppers round that, darlin'

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Posted in: Tokyo raises Y76 mil in donations to buy disputed islands See in context

Unspoilt Pacific islands? Sounds great. Can't wait for the package tours.

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Posted in: Korean idol enrages Japanese netizens by eating instant noodles from the pot See in context

Would this criticism, slurp, be the pot, slurp, slurp, calling the kettle, slurp, black? Slurp.

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Seconded, tmarie;I always get in and out, with family, no probs. Usually have a laugh and a joke with the immigration bloke/blokess. "What d'ya wanna come here for?" he said, last time.

Real beer and football, of course. And friendly people..

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Posted in: Ozawa found not guilty in fund scandal See in context

Cash buyer sought

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Posted in: Ozawa found not guilty in fund scandal See in context

I hear he could get a good deal on some island real estate just off Okinawa

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Posted in: 14-year-old student arrested for stabbing bus driver at Hachioji See in context

The boy left his bag containing his cell phone and bankbook on the bus, police said

Hmmm, gonna be a bit tricky for the police to track him down then. Get Colombo in!

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Posted in: AKB48 candy ad criticized for encouraging homosexuality See in context

Needs a bit more tongue

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Posted in: Tokyo Sky Tree safe from quakes: operator See in context

Last year, even though Tokyo experienced a major quake, there were no collapsed buildings

Zichi, apart from Costco in Tamasakai, where 2 people were killed, and some hall where the ceiling collapsed during a graduation ceremony, again causing fatalities; or arent you counting partial collapses

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Posted in: Ishihara says Tokyo plans to buy disputed Senkaku islands See in context

the uninhabited island chain, which is owned by a Japanese family and leased to the Japanese government

I'm curious.. who are these owners? How did they get to own the islands? Why did they want to own them? How much did they pay for them? How much does the J govt. pay to lease them? How much is Blinkyman gonna pay for them (out of his own pocket I assume)?

Apologies if this info is buried in all these comments somewhere

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Posted in: DPJ's Sengoku compares closing nuclear plants to 'mass suicide' See in context

Meanwhile, the universities have all increased their semesters to 15 weeks, which means we'll be teaching super-sleepy students in super-hot classrooms into August. Setsuden, schmedsuden!

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Posted in: DPJ's Sengoku compares closing nuclear plants to 'mass suicide' See in context

With the hollowing out of Japanese industrial production (all the flyjin J companies who have established factories in SE Asia and elsewhere), they don't need so much electricity; ergo, they don't need nuclear!

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Posted in: Fukushima damage leaves spent fuel at risk, says U.S. lawmaker See in context

As many have said, a global catastrophe is waiting to happen. Three monkeys do not cut it. They sure don't play a mean pin-ball.

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Posted in: Reactor restart debate swells beyond nuclear frontline See in context

The J sheople will just lay down and be rolled over, as always.

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Posted in: Japan's rocket alert system failed due to lack of info from defense ministry See in context

Lets hope the tsunami warning alert system works a little better

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Posted in: Japan's rocket alert system failed due to lack of info from defense ministry See in context

Mickey Mouse

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Posted in: Edano planning to visit Fukui to explain gov't stance on restarting reactors See in context

Will Edano be wearing a post-3/11 blue jump-suit uniform, complete with straight-out-of-the-box unpressed creases?

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Posted in: N Korea admits failure as world condemns rocket launch See in context

Anyone noticed how similar NK looks to Japan? The government control, the minders, the blank expressionless faces, the orchestrated tour of the launch site (just like the journalists' tour of Dai-ichi; actually it semmed more open than the Daiichi tour..), the false optimism, the self-importance? etc.

Or is it just me.

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there's gonna be a lot of NK scientists/engineers heading for the gulag, and a lot of pissed off military/Un-hangers on out for revenge aginst this diabolical western plot which has somehow sabotaged their big 100th anniversary celebration in memory of the Dear One (or Two).

Now is the time to get worried..

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Posted in: British PM Cameron in Japan to discuss defense weaponry trade See in context

... could've enticed him over with a free trip to Disneyland

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Stunning scenery! Can't see any wires or cables1

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I think it is high time the government stepped in and took over this debacle

@ Disillusioned, would you trust them to organise a piss-up in a brewery? Or an orgy in a brothel?

Thought not.

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Posted in: U.S. Coast Guard cannons sink tsunami ship after 4 hours See in context

What a blast!

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Give em all a bucketfull of debris and tell em to take it home and have a bbq, in lieu of the bonus.

But, seriously, "asked" them to take a 20% pay cut??? What if they said "No! Shove it where it hurts! Sort out this mess yerselves. we're off!"

Don't employees have mortgages to pay, family to support, mouths to feed?

Meanwhile, generals they sat, as the lines on the map moved from side to side...

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Well said, Ivan. Spot on as usual!

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Posted in: Very high radiation, little water in Fukushima No. 2 reactor See in context

Someone needs to come up with new terminology that reflects the reality of the situation. "Cold shutdown" means below 100 deg., and not shut down. So, 80 or 90 degrees, for example, is cold ??? And shutdown is not like when you turn the car engine off and take out the key, its like leaving the engine idling while you pop in the conbini.

And "hot spot" sounds like one bit of dandruff on your jacket. But there could be a thousand bits of dandruff almost whiting out your jacket and each one of them is a hot "spot"?? How many trees make a forest? How many snowflakes make a blizzard?

Mixed metaphors rule OK.

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