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If Japan would have just killed the guy the police and the justice system wouldn't look so stupid!

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Posted in: Reading, writing, math and English conversation are important. Note I said English conversation, not English. See in context

I understand what he means. The japanese study English from junior high to college and still can't speak a full sentence without screwing it up.

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What was the hospital employee thinking? Is she really that ignorant? I hope they change the way these employees handle patient's personal info. They have got to fire this stupid person before she spreads her stupidity around the rest of the hospital.

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I don't understand what the big deal here is. No it isn't right for them to have babies at such a young age, but come on, at 13 who isn't between the sheets. You can't always blame the parents; although, in this case you can. In most cases the parents can watch their children all the time, but still teens will find a way to get that nookie. The only thing that can be done is preach safe sex, and anyone who disagrees with that is for sure living in a different era.

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Posted in: We are not led by the big stars. We don't have Barack Obama, we don't have Michael Jordan. But again I have to state that the Olympics is not staged by the person, it is won and staged by a team. We a See in context

Send the Olympics to the country where all the male tv personalities dress like women and the whole country loves it. The same country where it is ok for dirty old men to look at books showing little girls performing sex acts. The same country where the cops and teachers are having affairs with little schol girls. The same country where men act like dogs and piss everywhere as if they are marking their spots. The same country that preaches that being different from others is the worse thing possible.

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It doesn't matter who takes the office because their just going to fire a couple corrupt politicians, and then with in a few months realize they are too weak to fix the previous pm's mistakes, and resign. This seems to be the trend in this society, if you can't hack it just give up. Even the Yokozuna is following along with this trend. He loses a few and then cops out with some poor excuse. I think that Aso will do a great job of resigning after a few months.

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