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YAAAY!! Best news for NZ in years!

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Posted in: Next New Zealand PM slams 'abhorrent' Ardern treatment See in context

Good riddance to NZ's biggest voting mistake. Hands down the worst PM in NZ history

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2020hindsightsToday  01:57 pm JST


So many negative comments about her here. I wonder if it because she is a woman?

That's a big part of it. That and she handled Covid in NZ remarkably well, and many hate that a woman was successful with the pandemic.

Your obviously not from NZ. It has nothing to do with the fact she is a woman. Helen Clark and Jenny Shipley were both NZ Prime Ministers and both were well respected.

Adern is hated because she was only interested in creating hatred amount the different races in NZ and if you think she handled the Pandemic well then please ask the next 4 generations of children who will be repaying the debt what they and their parents think. The reason she bailed out has nothing to do with her personally, just she did not want the embarrassment of the coming polls in the election this year

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Posted in: Chris Hipkins to be New Zealand's next prime minister See in context

Ardern stood down to avoid the embarrassment of being slaughtered at this years election. Best news NZ has had in years.

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Posted in: Japan to continue collecting expressway tolls almost indefinitely See in context

CrickyToday  07:37 am JST

Ok but please stop this toll gate bottle neck problem, all you have to do is place cameras above the road that clock and bill you as you pass? Other countries do it, it’s not so hard. These bottle necks make using the roads worthless at peak times.

You mean like ETC?

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Posted in: Japan to deploy missile defense unit on Yonaguni: report See in context

Mr KiplingToday  07:48 am JST

China will of course, see this as the provocation that it is. A pointless dispute about an uninhabited island few in Japan nor China even know exists.

I don't think the island is whats important, its whats under it both countries want to be the owner of.

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I am only a small company but I already pay over 60% in total taxes to the Japanese govt. If my taxes are raised even 1% more I am out of here.

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JeffLeeToday  06:59 am JST

Good idea! The corporate tax was cut back when corporations were already earning record-high profits and sitting on record-high cash piles of "retained earnings." So, free up their unneeded, unused cash hoard for the good of the country.

And when companies don't have spare cash they don't employ people. What would you rather have?

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Agree with the above comments on current taxes in Japan, income tax, Citizen tax, medical insurance, company registration tax, car tax all add up for me to about 55% of my income. And thats before you pay taxes in things like fuel and groceries with consumption tax. I like Japan but will not be staying here any longer than absolute necessary. This is why Japans population is aging, all the young people are leaving Japan when they finish their education to go abroad.

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Posted in: Indonesia bans sex outside marriage in new criminal code See in context

Sounds like North Korea!

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Posted in: New Zealand says self-identity enough for transgender athletes in community sport See in context

So basically its a way to cheat! Well done NZ!

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Posted in: New Zealand announces review of its handling of COVID-19 pandemic See in context

The complete lockdowns they had in place achieved nothing except a massive debt that the next 3 generations need to pay for.

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Posted in: Japan to put off tax hike to cover increased defense spending See in context

And Japan wonders why it has an aging population problem. Anyone in the working age group is leaving Japan to work as the taxes are too high. Last year in various taxes going to the govt I paid a total of 60% of my gross income.

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Posted in: Japan OKs ¥21 trillion extra budget to counter impact of inflation See in context

Is this not false economy? The money still needs to be paid back by the very same people who are struggling

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Posted in: 3 death-row inmates file suit to end hanging as inhumane execution See in context

Easy fix, don't do the crime

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Posted in: 46-year-old man arrested over indecent behavior with high school girl in car See in context

AlbertToday  09:38 am JST


Today 09:13 am JST

Fault on both sides here

Clearly you have no children.

An adult should never have an excuse doing this.

There are many situations this girl may feel pressured.

If she was your daughter you would never say this comment.

If it was my daughter I would be asking myself where I went wrong that my daughter would do that.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for assaulting wife See in context

The number 1 sign of a coward, a man who beats his wife.

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Posted in: Man arrested for abducting 7-year-old girl, keeping her in his car See in context

Fighto!Today  04:43 pm JST

Lock this kiddy fiddler away for 20 years - and let all the guys in there know what he is in for.

You don't know that was his intentions. Yes it sure does not look good regardless of what the intentions were but lets not make an assumption he is a fiddler.

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Posted in: New Zealand group wanting voting age set at 16 wins in court See in context

See what happens when not informed 88% of New Zealand's population has a high school diploma (age 17 up) 41% to 45% have a post secondary education.

And how many of that 88% of the population are foreigners who got their education outside of NZ prior to immigrating?

Also a high school diploma can be given under the age of 17. (I fixed your spelling mistake by the way..your welcome)

I would be interested to know where you get your very accurate figures from.

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I think it is a good idea.

Good for you!

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Posted in: New Zealand group wanting voting age set at 16 wins in court See in context

Rules are typically better made to suit the majority case, where 16 and 17 year olds haven’t completed their basic education, and aren’t paying taxes. I’d like to think voters have basic understanding of economics for example, before voting on how to spend other peoples money.

A huge amount of teenagers in NZ leave school at 15. AT a guess 50/50.

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Posted in: New Zealand group wanting voting age set at 16 wins in court See in context

It will not happen and I would vote against it. However there is 1 argument in their favor being that some under 18 year olds in NZ are working full time. So should they not have the right to say what happens with the tax they are paying?

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Posted in: IAEA: Decision on Fukushima wastewater release up to Japan See in context

A lot of the comments above make me laugh. (not all) So many of you are saying basically no do not do it, but then nothing else.

How about instead of saying no you actually come up with an alternative. They can not keep on storing this water and something must be done with it. There is no choice.

So I suggest if you can got no idea of a safe alternative way then keep your comments to yourself

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, S Korea vow unified response to North Korea threat See in context

Not taking any sides here but you know what happens if you keep poking a stick at a hornets nest.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. hold joint military exercise with eye on China, N Korea See in context

"RodneyToday  08:15 am JST

Why is it impossible to find how much these “exercises” cost? With jet fuel $40000+ an hour, missile $60000-140000 each, warship running costs, logistics and troop transmission, maintanence,

as taxpayers, we have a right to know."

Does the cost matter when they are doing whatever it takes to stop you from ending up in a box?

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Posted in: New Zealand mosque shooter files appeal against life sentence See in context

I'm good with reducing his sentence from life down to 20 years per person. He will be released in 3042.

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Posted in: Man gets life in prison for murder of his 3 children See in context

This hurts so much when I see this kind of thing in the media in here in Japan. We left it too late in life to have children and it is a huge regret. I was too busy growing a business. If only there was a system in Japan where guys like this can go to and openly say he can no longer take care of them. We would have happily taken all 3 of them on a permanent basis. This happens too often in Japan when there are so many people who want children but either don't or can't have them.

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Here is the latest on this story. For those who think Jacinda Ardern is a good person please know she is not. It is well known in NZ she is dividing what was a happy relationship with the 2 races of Maori and Caucasians.

She announced this possible new tax on the farmers but then also announced that Maori Beef and Sheep farmers will get relief from it. This is what causes racial issues in countries.

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Posted in: Man arrested for strangling wife ‘because she asked me to do it’ See in context

"HiroOct. 11  08:41 pm JST

If the wife really was the one who wanted it, she should at least leave some proof behind. Like maybe a video or something. Otherwise the husband would be in big trouble after her death."

He is in big trouble regardless.

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Posted in: Farmers condemn New Zealand's proposed tax on animal burps See in context


"NZ has the least corrupt political system" !

That was until Jacinda Ardern came along

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