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Posted in: Iran linked to plot to assassinate Saudi ambassador in U.S. See in context

america should also be sanctioned for its support of militant groups, and for its program of feeding israel nuclear bombs and failing to report to the IAEA that israel is both in possession and in the process of creating nuclear bombs. America should also be sanctioned for its plans to assassinate and/or oust foreign governments.

more smoke about iran wont get the world's sympathy any more. you might still be able to fool your own citizens but even then, there are major funks brewing on your own land. no one believes what the CIA or the FBI have to say anymore. they are rotten to the core,

"The Saudi Embassy in Washington called the assassination plot a “despicable violation of international norms, standards and conventions and is not in accord with the principles of humanity.”"---can be also used to describe both the foreign AND domestic policies and actions of the american government.

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Posted in: SMAP to greet 110,000 fans at Tokyo Dome on Nov 12-13 See in context

i've got a word for these "musicians": PHILANTHROPY Ever heard of it?

these greedy people are making sooo much money off of their fans this whole year marking their anniversary, meanwhile there are still many homeless people living in shelters after the quake and tsunami.

just another example of the rich getting richer, while others just suffer. this world needs more compassionate people and less of these types who do nothing but take, take, take.

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Posted in: Meisa Kuroki, Masaki Aiba among 'Best Jeanist' winners See in context

useless photo here JT. a picture for an award for jeans has got to involve some part of the backside. what use is looking at the front view of a pair of jeans. did you not manage to get a photo of her looking backwards? guess not. i could take better pix with my old TUKA phone than this one.

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Posted in: Ozawa, suffering from kidney stones, will be in hospital for a week See in context

more useless news about old politicians who care nothing about the welfare of the people of japan, and are in politics for the sole purpose of lining thier already fat pockets with the people's money.

same problems the world over. politicians, bankers, responsible for the making miserable the lives of the very people who entrust them with their country and their money. hopefully, as we have seen in the middle east, as well as recently in europe and even more recently, in the US, people in japan will awaken and move to take their country back from the hands of the greedy and back into their own control, for the betterment of the regular people, the 99% of people.

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Posted in: Afghanistan marks 10 years since war started See in context

tenth straight year of rising unemployment, deteriorating economy, and general social unrest in the US. coming to a boil. soon all you fat cat politicains and bankers will get what you deserve. power to the people!

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Posted in: KDDI to sell new iPhone in Japan, ending Softbank's domination See in context

same goes for PCs

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Posted in: KDDI to sell new iPhone in Japan, ending Softbank's domination See in context

please remember than when you compare the iphone to android, you are comparing a type of phone from one company (apple), to that of several different companies using android (samsung, sony, sharp, htc, motorola, etc). so in comparing the sales of just one of those companies, say even the best selling smartphone company, to the sales of apple's iphone, there is no real comparison. iphone blows every one of them out of the water without question. i dont care which phone you decide to use, hopefully its one you like and are happy you bought, but please be careful about how you choose to compare phones.

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Posted in: Protests against Wall Street spread across U.S. See in context

this isnt about which administration did what. if you keep thinking like that, trying to put the blame on a particular party, you'll get no where. the parties are exactly the same. they serve the same purpose, to keep the rich people rich, and take as much as humanly possible away from the unsuspecting, helpless rest of the population.

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Posted in: Man arrested over plot to blow up Pentagon using remote-controlled aircraft See in context

most of the people charged with running the country are nuts as well. they just do a better job of being nutters.

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Posted in: Miramax signs agreement to bring its films to Hulu subscribers in Japan See in context

concensus on hulu japan is that it sucks. like previous posters have said, the show selection is laughable, and has no hope of getting any better. after checking out the trial version for a mere 45 minutes (to watch 2 episodes of King of the Hill), I too canceled, then sent a letter to their support and they promised to broaden thier selection in time.

no thanks hulu, you blew it the first time so i'm sticking to my sources on the net. good luck breathing in japan for much longer, hulu.

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Posted in: Man arrested over plot to blow up Pentagon using remote-controlled aircraft See in context

americans' weekly dose of fear. country wouldnt function without it

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Posted in: Yuko Ogura's wedding ceremony to be held Oct 10 in Hawaii See in context

dont bother giving back to the economy you make your living off of. no, that would be asking too much.

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Posted in: Aki Hoshino, jockey boyfriend announce wedding See in context

the little jockey guy must just grab hold go for a ride. yes, "talent" is a shady word when put in front of people like hoshino's name. you have to agree here though that if she has any talent at all, its in making money off of pop culture fans.

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Posted in: Edano raps TEPCO over high salaries, compensation forms See in context

60 page application form and 150 page manual??? sounds like getting a new cell phone.

thank you edano, and why arent you leading this country?

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Posted in: Obama says Republicans would 'cripple' U.S. See in context

All this propaganda has people pointing the finger at whoever the latest news report tells them to point it at. why is it that the US government and its people willingly and constantly go to war in countries that they cant even pronounce the names of, let alone know anything about, while they leave their own people in poverty, with no jobs or future to look forward to. absolutely baffling!

if america is so great than people stand up and fight for yourselves. dont let these politicians dictate your thoughts! think for yourself and question their motives. another hour you sit at home watching the world go by is another hour your sons and daughters die overseas, and another hour of happiness in your lives that could have been. stop thinking about POTENTIAL threats from overseas and start thinking about the CURRENT situation at home.

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Posted in: Kirwan: Japan must start strongly against Canada See in context

Brute force against speed. Who will be the victor or this game that means nothing but also means so much? GO CANUCKS!

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Posted in: Economic worries escalating around the world See in context

what this amounts to is white collar terrorism. governments and banks, namely the supposed world leaders in the west, US, UK, and other Zionist governments, continue to screw people over, leaving regular good-willed people and families with no jobs and no future. why is it we so willingly support the propoganda machine that tells us it is imperative for countries to wage war in other countries we know little or nothing about, while they continually fail to provide the basic necessities essential for us to live securely in our own backyards? as long as we stand idly and do nothing about what is happening to us at home, can any of the world's problems ever be resovled? if we just took even a third of the money that is being used by countries to fight this so called war on terror, we would not have an economic crisis. we are being fooled, we are being lied to, and there is no end in sight. dont believe what the TV or newspapers tell you. dont believe what the government tells you. do research and find out for yourself. its so plain and easy to see, yet people find it so much easier to sit in stasis, and whatever is fed to them.

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Posted in: Poster girl See in context

is he trying to get a nose job?

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Posted in: U.S. walks out as Iran delivers anti-U.S. speech at U.N. See in context

his accusations are quite accurate. are the same world leaders who continue to wage war on countries based on false premise, are the cause of the world economic crisis, have supported and even created dictatorships and regimes in Asia, Latin America and Africa, continue to support Israel no matter what lies the Israeli government spins about its nuclear capability, are they actually the ones who we want in charge of the world government?

while i do not defend the iranian president, i most definitely believe that the cause of the worst of the world's problems come from the very nations that lead the walkout on this speech. what do those nations have in rebuttle? iran is crushing their opposition parties, is far behind in human rights and is accused of creating nuclear weapons. i agree this is a nice list of things you shouldnt do as a country. however those nations who spearhead the propaganda campaign, namely the US, should look at itself in the mirror. what does the US list of things a country and government shouldnt do look like. a very scary thought indeed.

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Posted in: Japanese shares likely to be volatile this week See in context

i guess volatility is better than stagnance

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Posted in: U.S. to expand military presence in Australia to counter China See in context

posturing by both china and the states. getting us nowhere fast. one is neither is at fault and neither takes the blame. judge for yourself. is china more threatening and acting more offensively than the states is in the middle east, europe, asia, well, almost everywhere? who is really amassing or has amassed troops, ships, artillery, missiles, etc, in places other than in their own countries?

dont let any form of media tell you what to believe. do your research and build your own stance. articles like this on this site are very pro american. rarely, if ever will you see china getting praised here. however look at it from their point of view. if a superpower like the states had bases in in countries very far away from its own, and very close to your country, what would you do?

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