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sensei258, actually it was over 200,000 civilians killed in the battle. The vast majority of them were killed by the Americans during the "Steel Typhoon." The Americans shot anything that moved and were known to blow up caves full of civilians. The Americans should of bypassed Okinawa like Taiwan. Neutralize the airfields and ports and head directly toward the "home islands."

@ YuriOtani  You are somewhat off in your description of the battle.  IJA had told the civilians the US forces were intent on raping and looting, and they (IJA) used them as shields and also fostered the "Bushido" code on them telling them it's better to die than face the Americans.  Much like what happened to many of the Japanese civilians in Saipan when we took it from Japan.

As with many Japanese you have a different view of what really happened, based on what you were educated with.  I can show that in a simple example, in regards to the Battle of Manila that happened before the Okinawa assault.  The battle for Manila was house to house fighting similar to what was going on in Europe, with the IJA making the Allies pay for retaking the city.  However, back in 1942 when Manila was taken by the Japanese, the US forces declared it an "Open City" which meant that all military was moved out to spare the civilian populace the bombing.  End result was that Manila was spared then.  However when the tides were turned, no such sanctuary was given by the Japanese commanders and as a result, severe fighting ensued.

Same as with Okinawa.  IJA commanders decided to fight it out rather than let the people off the hook from the bombardment.

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I remember when the World Cup came to Japan in 2005 and they cleaned up Hinedecho area of Yokohama.  I am all for stamping out the exploitation of children and people who may be forced to do that kind of thing, but there are some, like it or not who did chose to work in that industry who get caught up in these clean ups and that makes them more vulnerable to be exploited by those who traffic in persons.

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Posted in: Kyoto police officer arrested for swindling Y11.8 million from elderly man See in context

To deal with the increasing number of scams in which people pretending to be an elderly person’s relative, call them and ask for cash, saying they are in financial trouble,

Never understood this in Japan.  If a relative of mine was in some type of financial trouble, then it's up to them to get themselves out.  I understand parents helping their children out, but from what I have read, these are really old people and their adult children are calling and asking for help, and they don't recognize their own children's voices.  To me that seems strange, and let's me know that there is not much family cohesion in Japan as they like to portray.

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The ministry expects the retailers to charge between several yen to 10 yen per bag. Harada said the price should be effective in reining in the use of plastic bags.

Where's the money going?  How can my local Seiyu turn over the money collected from plastic bags to what company, and what is this company going to do to ensure that somehow pollution is curbed, when there are laws against littering?  This is simply a money grab.  It all adds up, 10 yen multiplied by thousands a day and you get the picture. 

Should there be less pollution, sure.  But charging for a plastic bag is not going to do it.  As some mentioned here, cities like San Francisco ban plastic bags, yet pass out free hypo needles to the addicts lining the streets and they leave them all over the place.  How is that saving the planet?

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Kumazawa joined the predecessor of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in 1967, and became the ministry's top bureaucrat in 2001.

This is a really big story that needs more attention.  Along with this accomplishment as well as being an Ambassador, this guy was well above the average Tanaka in the streets.  Yet, even with this background, he probably didn't consider the fact that his son may have had a mental issue and the best place for him was to be committed to an institution, rather just kill him and try to get sympathy for "saving" everyone from a future attack.

With that kind of logic and reasoning at the top of Japan society, this place is in some serious trouble when it comes to mental health perceptions and issues. IMO

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Posted in: Pentagon tells White House to stop politicizing military after USS John McCain incident See in context

What's funny is I watched his speech live on AFN.  I noticed that he did somewhat of a roll call of all the ships and commands that were in Yoko and in the audience.  I immediately recognized that he omitted the McCain since they have been pier side since they got towed back from their collision around Singapore.  That being sad, you may not like it, but it is his prerogative to say what he wants.  Probably not a good morale booster for the crew of the JSM, but then, I've been to places back when we had Presidents that were "liked" and we had to not be readily identifiable as USN personnel when we made port visits due to anti-American sentiment.

Those who are clutching their pearls and catching the vapors because of his views on McCain probably didn't want him to win against Obama, and probably had some not nice things to say about him then. What changed?

As far as claiming that Trump avoided Vietnam, yes he did, but so did Clinton, "W" and other talking pundits and government leaders back then so what's the point.  There were some "not so famous" folks back then who managed to either go to school or get married and avoided the draft and didn't get sent.

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Another salient fact is that his parents divorced when he was 11 years old, and he was sent to live with distant relatives.

That happened over 40 years ago and this guy was 51.  That is no excuse for him to decide to do this.

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Wife saw this story in Japanese media and they are saying that the victim knew the couple, and that they all had been in some type or "relationship" in the past and that the victim was trying to break it up with them and I guess the guy wasn't ready to let go.  There is more to this story than meets the eye, but that still doesn't excuse this couple from holding someone against their will if they had said no.

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Posted in: Trump to inspect Japanese destroyer with Abe in late May See in context

The same "tour" could have been held on the Kaga's sister ship, the Izumo. Seeing as how neither Trump nor Abe care much for protocol or political niceties, it doesnt matter.

The name is part of JMSDF and Japan's history and we have to deal with it.  There are many US warships named for victories and defeats that have made similar visits.  What about the USS BATAAN, named after the defeat in the Philippines and the forced march of US and Filipino troops to prison camps, or the USS CHOSIN, and I could go on and on.

The fact that he is visiting a JMSDF ship is a good thing and should be seen as that.

The "Art of Losing $1 Billion" author is visiting - I'm sure the Japanese are thrilled

Business losses back during the Reagan admin and he wrote about it. It was the talk of the news 30 years ago and now it's news?  How about this, Hillary lost upwards of $768 million (from Washington Post) in one year and lost, so a billion over a decade is still a better rate.

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One thing not clear from the article, where were they tourist from? Either US tourists visiting Hawaii or a couple from Japan visiting. May seem trivial but I think it would be important in regards to investigating whether they have done this thing in the past.

I had to rethink my post and having done so I am going to say that they were probably tourist from the States visiting Hawaii and not coming from Japan. I say this based on the fact that the husband is a Black man, non-Japanese and if he would have pulled something like this here in Japan, I am going to say that even the J-police with their long history of passing the buck on crimes like these would have really stepped in.  Not trying to make light of this situation but this is based on what you can read here at JT.  A foreigner does something bad, and normally there is follow-through with the police.

I certainly hope they both get the book thrown at them, but I am sure the wife will find some way to get out of this by claiming to be under duress.

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Read the article in the link and this occurred on May 1.  Right in the middle of Golden Week.

Madden - i guess they figured she was a tourist who didnt speak English (hence her translating his requests); so she wouldnt go to the police, and just stay quiet about it.

I'm going to say you are absolutely correct.  I'd even venture to say that if they pull their records of travel they probably made numerous trips to Hawaii and other places that Japanese like to travel and pulled this stunt.

One thing not clear from the article, where were they tourist from?  Either US tourists visiting Hawaii or a couple from Japan visiting.  May seem trivial but I think it would be important in regards to investigating whether they have done this thing in the past. 

Along with the victim, who I think was very brave and smart to go to the police the other victim in this case is the couple's kid, and with parents like these this is one time I hope child services steps in and removes the kid to a better place.

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Posted in: Role of women in spotlight as imperial family members dwindle See in context

For someone who is supposedly a descendant from a "sun goddess" they sure treat women pretty bad.

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his mother said that his mother died last June, Sankei Shimbun reported. Her decayed body was found by Nabata's 47-year-old son on Saturday night when he came to visit his father and grandmother for the Golden Week holidays.

I think the bigger issue is that since last year the son had not seen his dad.  I am going to go on a limb and say he probably didn't call much either since if he would have called he could have said "how's grandma" and let me say hello.  If dad would have given some other answer I would think that at some point he would at least made a trip up to pay a visit.

Yet the image we like to be presented about Japan at times is that is has a strong family ethic, and blood lines matter hence the relatively few adoptions in this country.  But the real picture it seems is that's just a farce, and blood lines really don't matter.

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A wet nurse is a nursing female who recently gave birth but uses her birth milk to feed other babies either because the mother is unable to do that themselves or rich enough to pay for it instead.

My great-grandmother was a "wet nurse" back in the deep south in the 20's and 30's when my grandfather and his brothers were born.  As was the custom back then, it was normally nursing Black women who had that job.

Best of luck to him.  First thing he should do is get rid of IHA.

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The debate over bigotry quickly shifted to Trump after the atrocity in New Zealand.

Trump had nothing to do with this attack in NZ.  As a matter of fact, the whole issue of "white Nationalist" have nothing to do with NZ.  For those who don't know, NZ and AU have a long history of mistreatment to the native populations of those lands well before the USA had even broken away from England.  It wasn't until sometime in the late 50's or 60's that in Australia they stopped the forced taking away of children from aboriginal families.  So there has long been an issue of bigotry in NZ and AU where the shooter was from that doesn't need any from the USA.

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Posted in: Cabinet approves bill to lower mobile phone fees in Japan See in context

AU and Softbank said they already comply 8-) Hahah !!!

I agree fully.  When I moved back to Japan I tried to use my unlocked Android at AU and DoCoMo and they gave me the "hiss" and it couldn't be done yet the very same phone was able to roam on those networks when I would come to visit.  Finally had to settle with Softbank but they kept trying to sell me a different model insisting that my phone doesn't work.

Compared to other nations in the area, Japan is pretty slow in meeting consumer needs.  I can go to a place like Thailand, and buy a tourist sim for 7 days complete with a Thai phone number and 10 GB data for roughly less than $10 USD.  Can't do something that simple in Japan without requiring some type of contract, passport, etc.

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Always thought it was funny watching all the Japanese of a flight to Hawaii from NRT wearing masks during the flight, but once the plane sets down in Honolulu the masks come off while in the airport.  Then on the way back to Japan all the Japanese begin to put the masks on at the gate and wear them in the airport back in Narita.

Never mind the entire time on vacation, no mask was worn.

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Posted in: Woman arrested over murder of 68-year-old father See in context

So much is missing from this story.  She was unemployed but did she have a husband and family?  I say this because sometimes I have seen that these types expect the parents to continue to supplement their family's income even though they have work (or another family).  Or was this one of those ladies who never went out on their own and expected the father to continue to take care of her.

Either way, a tragedy that a life was lost over money.

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Posted in: Former Japanese porn star Sola Aoi announces pregnancy; hits back at trolls See in context

Imagine the teasing in JuniorHS & HS

Again, I was no saint as a lad and looked at a mag or two but by the time that situation comes along that will be over 15 years from now.  Are some kids really going to be going through some 30 years of porn looking for someone's mother?  Again kids will only know what the adults tell them.

BTW, I am sure those very same kids who may be doing the kidding, will probably want to know where there mom and dad's are when they are supposedly "working" from what I have seen here in Japan.  The porn industry is in business because business is good here.

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Similar experience myself.

I can go even better to those who have been hit by the "cleaning fee."  Three years ago I moved out of a house I was renting and the agent made me pay for a clean up fee after I had actually done some repairs and upgrades on the house since if I would have left it alone it would not have passed the base inspection for rental.  In essence I saved the owner a lot of money on upgrades.. After cleaning out a two story house by myself, paying a large amount to haul off trash, etc.  I left disgusted.  What did the owner immediately do?  He tore down the house and rebuilt.  He had to just dig into my pockets one last time to get a base "sucker" to foot the bill for what he was supposed to do.

You don't have someone clean out a house and then decide to scrap and rebuild, you have to know that well before hand.

I wonder, what was the mental condition of the guys who emptied out all these cans in a closed room.  Huffing comes to my mind.  Guys were probably high as kites when they turned on the hot water.

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In the past, consumers in Japan were advised to puncture spray cans before discarding them but an increasing number of municipal governments have banned doing so in recent years due to the risks of explosions and inner liquid splashing into the eyes.

If the people were told this was the way to dispose of spray cans then I don't think you can blame the ones who did this for lack of common sense. 

I'm not sure I get the use of the cans and how some think this was a cover up.  Can someone explain that to me.

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Posted in: Former Japanese porn star Sola Aoi announces pregnancy; hits back at trolls See in context

Good for her!  Glad to see she doesn't let the opinions of others guide her.  As for her child, if children at a young age begin to bully the kid on their mother's past, I think the bigger issue would be what parents have told their children about sex and porno at such a young age to have them bully her children?  Again, if kids do "find" it on the internet, the bigger issue is why are children looking at porn on the internet?

Wish her the best in raising her kid!

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Posted in: 5 lies to help you get out of Japan’s dreaded end-of-the-year office parties See in context

I too would just say I am not going I have other things planned.  I get that may be a bit difficult for native Japanese to do, but from what I have been reading and hearing, if you are a foreigner in J-Inc. you are somewhat seemed an "out cast" anyway.  If so just live with that and do your own thing.  If your work is being done, and you are making your goals, you will still be seen as an outsider so why put yourself through it.  If you do go there will still be something that "just isn't right" about you so may as well not go.

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Looks like a good recipe but when I put something in a slow cooker I normally don't brown it first. I've found that the meat is just as tasty and tender by adding all ingredients at the start and putting it on low for 4 to 5 hours.  But to each their own.

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Commanteer - personal words from her family.

I see they are probably going with that line of defense to lay some of the guilt on the MSGT.  Not what I would call ideal, but if you were being charged for murder I would want my lawyer to use every legal trick available to get me out of it.  I guess it will come down to that "responsibility" that they tell us about here in Japan if you have a traffic accident.  Even if you are the one who was hit, for us gaijin that are military affiliated they tell us that somehow you will still have some sort of fault for being hit.  Could you have taken the bus or train, did you really need to drive? Is what I remember being told when I was going through orientation.  I imagine that something similar will be used in this lady's defense.  Not that what he did (if he did anything) is justification for murder, but that is how I see the justice system working in Japan sometimes.

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So, if I were to get a prepaid iPhone in the US, will it work in Japan? My provider is Mineo. Sorry if this might be a bit off topic, but I just want to know.

If you bought a sim free iPhone in the US and brought it back to Japan, as long as it is not locked to the US Mobile company then it will work in Japan.  You could use Mineo if they allow you to bring your own phone.

If you go to the Straight Talk or Tracfone web sites they have the option for you to either BYOP 'Bring Your Own Phone" of buy one of theirs and put in the sim card to activate.  Those phones are normally low end in regards to performance and may not have all of the bells and whistles but they do allow you to make calls and surf the net.  Bring one of those back and it should work.

The big difference between the US and Japan is that there are more Japanese that travel out of Japan to foreign countries (percentage of population that is) than there are Americans going overseas.  So the US carriers will offer some better deals on global roaming.  However there is much competition among carriers so they started a few years ago going with unlocked phones.  So one would buy a phone not sold by one company (AT&T) and use it on another network (Verizon, etc) and they got a little smart about that and started to try to cash in.  I guess here in Japan they will try to maintain their steady numbers and try to lock you into a plan and service and not allow you the flexibility to change.

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Firstly, never buy a phone via a monthly contract - they own you

So true.  Last week in Singapore I received a text from Softbank saying that I could data roam there for about 3000 yen a day.  With an unlocked dual sim Samsung I have bought from ebay overseas, I was able to buy a local Singapore sim for 15 SGD and have data and a local phone number for 7 days.  Still able to receive and make calls via Softbank cell number but not using the data.  Just paying the paltry amount in SGD compared to the daily jack up rate that Softbank will charge for data is why you see Japanese smartphone companies hesitant to unlock phones.

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Anyone has any experience using unlocked smartphones purchased in Japan with overseas SIM,s?

I have used an unlocked phone bought at a Yamada Denki or some other place overseas with a sim and it has worked fine.  There also is a guy on Facebook that offers to unlock any sim from Japanese carriers (AU, DOCOMO, Softbank) and make it sim free.

When I left Japan in 2015 I had an HTC One from AU that I loved and as I was getting ready to leave I asked them to unlock it.  They told me that they could not since it would not work on their network.  Told them I didn't care since I was leaving and then got the hissing of teeth and they said it may not work on a foreign network, again I let them know that's my issue to worry about not theirs.  Bottom line, they didn't unlock, so my daughter had a very expensive wifi device to play with.  Came back to Japan, went to the Facebook guy, sent the phone and for about 5000 yen it was unlocked.  I put in a data sim bought from an electronic store in Japan, and was able to get LTE service on DoCoMo.

When I moved back to Japan in 2017, tried the process in reverse with an unlocked dual sim phone and none of the providers (AU, DOCOMO) said it would work, even though I had a data sim in it picking up the DoCoMo network but they tried to sell me a phone and a plan.  Finally had to settle for Softbank, since they let you bring an unlocked phone onto their network and I get 4G speeds but the rest of the annoying notes they send via texts are all in Japanese.

I have always said Japan is moving "slow in the fast lane" at times and this is one of them.  I travel to Singapore and many other places with my dual sim phone and it works just fine with a Softbank sim and any other from any GSM network.  Not sure why these companies don't want to allow the customer more options.  I would have preferred to stay with AU and gotten my old number back, but they were playing games when trying to play me with a sim that they said would not work when in actuality the phone was working great on Japanese networks.

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Posted in: Mie police detect sleeping pills in man’s corpse; his wife and her lover suspected of murder See in context

This was Fujiko’s fifth marriage. She met Yoshiki through her son of an earlier marriage who is also 25 years old. The two had been close friends.

She is probably a skilled "listener" able to get these young men to believe that she is the only one for them much like the young hostesses do to the old men that they interact with.  There is probably a lot more of this going on than one would believe, ripe for a good made for TV drama

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Posted in: Illegal immigrant parents not facing U.S. prosecution for now; Trump, congresswoman clash See in context

Meanwhile, the children remain traumatised.

That is the fault of their parents, and if any government is at fault it is the one that they are coming from, and not Pres. Trump nor the USA.  I am for immigration done legally, but the USA is not there to take care of the world's poor.  I find it interesting that many on the left complain that we are not doing enough for the poor in America, yet I see we are placing these children in foster care facilities, spending upwards to $35,000 a day for their upkeep, and now will possibly house some on military bases, yet we don't do the same for US citizens who live there.

Confronting people in their personal lives is not the answer to resolving this.  Again, if any government official is to be confronted, it should be from those countries that people are leaving and they should be brought to task on the conditions of their countries that causes their citizens to leave.

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