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Posted in: Illegal immigrant parents not facing U.S. prosecution for now; Trump, congresswoman clash See in context

Meanwhile, the children remain traumatised.

That is the fault of their parents, and if any government is at fault it is the one that they are coming from, and not Pres. Trump nor the USA.  I am for immigration done legally, but the USA is not there to take care of the world's poor.  I find it interesting that many on the left complain that we are not doing enough for the poor in America, yet I see we are placing these children in foster care facilities, spending upwards to $35,000 a day for their upkeep, and now will possibly house some on military bases, yet we don't do the same for US citizens who live there.

Confronting people in their personal lives is not the answer to resolving this.  Again, if any government official is to be confronted, it should be from those countries that people are leaving and they should be brought to task on the conditions of their countries that causes their citizens to leave.

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Yamataya v. Fisher, 189 U.S. 86 (1903).  A young Japanese girl -- age 16 -- was deported because she had no one here and would be a "Ward of the State." Rather then make her "our" burden, she was sent back to Japan.

The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the deportation and even ruled that the courts have no say-so in the matter. As long as the deportee was fairly tried by the authorities, the immigrants had no right to appeal.

The law is on Pres. Trump's side on this one unless there has been another case that has overturned it.

For those who may have made it into the interior of the country and lived for a few months/years, then give them due process and a hearing.  But for those right at the border or who are caught not far and in the process and have not established themselves in the USA, send them back to wherever they come from.

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I know these kids

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 One wonders if this is part of Fat Leonard

Fat Leonard had nothing to do with this or the collisions that have occurred. He was in jail well before those things happened.

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The real question to ask, if there are not mass amounts of people owning firearms in Japan (they are legal just not wide spread) and Japan is supposedly doesn't have as much of a high crime rate like the USA, what do these 6,600 police do every day?  Keep in mind that there are other police doing other things so that's a lot of cops for a relatively peaceful place.  Just wondering.

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tell them that he had gotten into trouble at work by losing a bag full of cash or a briefcase with important documents and that he needed money urgently. He then would tell his “parent” that he would send a work colleague over to collect the money. 

Maybe it's just me but if my child is an adult and makes a mistake like that, then it is up to them to atone for it.  I don't get any money from them for their work at the company, and I did my duties in raising them to the point where they are able to join the work force so any mistakes made wouldn't be a reflection of anything I did.  And if they make a mistake at work, who cares what others think, and me supposedly giving money to cover it up doesn't really matter anyway since people are going to talk good or bad.  I guess social pressure is still really a big thing in Japan.

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How about letting adults be adults and if they want to blow all of their money in a casino then it is on them.  Putting an entrance fee on them is a tad silly, but I guess the pachinko parlors don't want the competition.  What I really want to know, will the drinks be free and the buffets cheap?

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Posted in: Japanese court throws out Syrians' bid to overturn refugee ruling See in context

Good for Japan.  A country has a right to determine who they let in.  We may not agree with it, but it is their right.  Fully understand the changing population demographics in Japan with the aging and decreasing population, but if they want to not grant refugee status, then it is their right, just like in America we can determine who can stay and who can't, or in any other country that has the right to determine who can stay.

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Posted in: Conveyor belt sushi chain where foreigner filmed GoPro video considers pressing criminal charges See in context

simply put, from a sanitary stance its not that dirty,

Not so sure. The places where people take their cell phones and the germs on them. Willing to bet the same thing with this camera. No telling where it has been and if he had washed it. Ask yourself, would you want to eat off the plate that it was on?

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Posted in: Japan's isolated older 'hikikomori' shun society for years See in context

I can understand the frustration with sometimes living in a place like Japan where one is expected to conform, but still there comes a point where one must "fight on" and make their own way.  In a way they (hikikomori) are doing that.  By shutting themselves in they are deviating from what is expected they are making their own way, now they just have to see that they can do it on the outside.

By sitting alone in a room and not hearing others talk about you doesn't mean that they aren't talking about you.  If you are willing to choose that lifestyle while others are talking about you, then you should be able to at least go on with your life and step outside once in awhile.

I get there may be some cases of other mental issues at hand, but this guy sounds like he just gave up.

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This will not help the workers of America. It will only increase employment and profits for the Asian Heavy industrial Companies. Who are already supplying the USA market with it structural steel.

So you think the US should just rely on some other country to supply with steel, and when they feel like raising prices there will be nothing for them to do since we wouldn't have any industrial capacity on our own.  At least Trump is looking out for the American worker.

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In the grand scheme of things, does it really matter what his family life is like?  After all once she is married she becomes a "commoner" so out of the IHA reach.  What should really be at the forefront of people's minds is the fact that because she is marrying a "commoner" and loses her status, that the IHA really doesn't have the rest of Japan at heart since everyone else are just "commoners" who don't really matter.  Wonder what would happen if they held some type of Royal event and everyone just looked the other way?

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Posted in: Godiva runs full-page ad asking Japanese women to stop buying so much Valentine’s chocolate See in context

How about just not giving the chocolates and men if you don't get any from the women in your office, just go out and buy some yourself.

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Just Wow!  I can imagine that at least 2 years ago she had seen all of the "cute" baby clothes and probably one of her friends was pregnant and she then decided at 41 that she wanted a kid.  Now after realizing that it's a lot of hard work, she would rather just forget about the kid and go out and get back out there and have fun.  Such a shame, but sad to say there are many out there like her (and men too).

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Interesting idea, but I am sure that the Japanese students will have to pay.  I believe current tuition costs for a non-SOFA sponsored student is about $17,000 per student per year.  I am sure that that must be cheaper than some of the Japanese private schools.

But it seems interesting to me, that on the one hand the Okinawa government wants the bases to leave, yet they want to turn to them to help the unemployment rate with letting kids go to school in them.  What will happen when some of the bases do close and leave, and those jobs held onbases by the Japanese locals are no longer there, nor with the reduced numbers of US service members and families will not be contributing into the local economy.  Yet, it makes good news to stand there and protest the bases.

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The missile should never have been allowed to enter Japan air space... why wasn't it shot down?

I read these comments and wonder how many of those who say these things were the same ones who thought that President Trump's statements are the reasons for these actions and we were better off with someone other than him.

This event took a long time to make happen, and not just since Jan 20th.  NK's missile program has had years of growth under supposed sanctions where nothing has happened.  Remember, the war never really ended just a cease fire.  They have violated the UN treaty so many times that most use of force against them could reasonably be justified.  Yet we do nothing.

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Didn't see too much with it. I am actually more offended that in Japan to promote something, you have to use some silly animated character to get grown adults to make a choice on vacation like they were kids watching the Saturday cartoons/commercials the months before Christmas.

How about an "adult" ad campaign that treats the viewers like adults and brings out the highlights of the area without resorting to kiddie characters.

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If I were single, I don't think I could do an office romance.  I see those people 8 to 9 hours a day for 5 or 6 days a week.  Why would I want to see someone on my free time after that?  Additionally, when I leave work, I do just that, I leave it, and don't care to be reminded of it at home.  Dating someone outside of the office, you could get a new perspective on how things are done elsewhere, plus talking about it with your partner is a lot better than going over office gossip with someone who already works there.

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Everyone calm down.  It was a parody joke.  When other Presidents make fun of themselves it is viewed as funny and classic.  What's the difference between this gag, and the White House Press Dinner that Trump skipped where the Presidents make jokes about themselves and others and sometimes go into places where it may seem appropriate.  I seem to remember the libs were up in the air when "W" made jokes, and they were saying he set the world on fire and all he can do is stand there and make lame jokes about it.

Even when then candidate Nixon went on the show Laugh In back in the late 60's and said "Sock it to me" some felt that was un-Presidential but it helped him when the race back in 1968.

It was a doctored video from years ago when he was a private citizen, let it go.

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Posted in: Silicone Sally: Japanese men find true love with sex dolls See in context

Strange article but sad.  Next you will see the Yaks move into this territory by opening up host bars with nothing but these dolls in them for the ones who don't want to drop the money on a doll.

What intrigues me is how do these grown men, feel comfortable walking around in public with a doll that everyone sees them with and knows that they have a sexual relationship with but don't seem to care, and yet are too timid to actually talk to their wives, or interact with another female in real life.

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Posted in: U.S. warship stayed on deadly collision course despite warning, says container ship captain See in context

I think redtail's game of chicken scenario has a ring of truth to it.

No it couldn't.  The CO has standing orders that when ships get a certain distance, the OOD is to call and describe the situation, state who is the give way (in this case the Fitzgerald) and the stand on (ACX) vessel and what his intentions are.  If the ACX had flashed him with signal lights a good OOD would have told the CO in the call.  I have had to call my CO many a times in the middle of the night when coming upon other merchant ships out at sea, and the CO's know it comes with the job.

There are numerous radar data tapes that will be reviewed and looked at, and the courses and the events leading up to this disaster will be thoroughly examined. 

I don't subscribe to the "because of tensions between the US and the PI" meme since more than anything the ACX Master would want a job, and the bridge crew are not into Geopolitics when out on the high seas.  For them to know it was a Philippine flagged and crewed ship, they would have had to spoken with them and so far nothing has indicated that they have.

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Clearly either the US ship was not following procedures, as they should be trained to send out a distress call during an emergency, or their radios were jammed.

They couldn't send out anything on the Navy networks because their radio room was damaged in the collision.  These ships normally monitor satellite circuits and others that keep them in constant communication with their higher ups.  They were unable to because the main radio room was damaged.  It would be interesting to see if they went out on normal Bridge-to-Bridge (VHF Channel 16) which is the international channel that is monitored (or should be) by the Japan Coast Guard and other vessels in the area with a distress call.

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Why doesn't our genius in chief call his buddy Vladimir and ask him? Russia is opening new sea passages around the arctic circle and building a fleet of the world's biggest icebeakers.

There is a picture of a US Nuclear sub surfacing at the Artic Circle taken back in the late 1950's/early 1960's showing it coming up and pretty much surrounded by water and not much ice.  A decade later, another sub was in the same location and it had to break through ice.  My point is, there is a natural ebb/flow of ice in both polar regions and it has been occurring well before the industrial revolution.  Unless the Vikings were being sarcastic when they chose to name Greenland that since at that time the land was pretty green and not as icy.

Putting less pollution in the air is a good thing, but forcing wealthy countries to pay for poor countries to develop, when they should be doing that by themselves is something different.

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Posted in: Man facing eviction for not paying rent tries to rob two convenience stores See in context

My question, why are there two Family Marts within 500 meters of each other?

Having worked fast food when I was a youngster, the main thing to do in the event of a robbery was to just give it to them.  The money can be replaced, but not one's life.

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Police said the 18-year-old suspect told them he helped his acquaintance get some work, but since he didn’t take his job seriously, some trouble ensued between them.

So an unemployed 18 year old gets another 18 year old a job and he is supposedly not taking the job seriously.  That tells me that the suspect is in to more than what is being told and was probably up to no good.  Why get someone else a job and you have none?  There is more to this story.

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Since March, there have been at least eight cases in the Kanto region in which accused gropers jumped onto the tracks to escape, police said.

I wonder have these numbers fallen since this guy got hit by the train.  If they have, then they have found their perp in those cases.

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If the money is that lucrative, should have just hired a boat and made the long trip back.  Odds are he would not have been stopped by any customs officials coming in or going out.

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How many prince and princesses are left in Japan?  It would seem that in this day and age, without the royal courts of old that pretty soon they will all die out or marry out unless they begin to do as in olden times and marry within the family the way they have the laws written now.

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I've had the meniscus surgery done on my back I 2005 and still having issues with my knees.  Though my personal opinion is I would rather see them recommend treatments other than pain killers.

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Posted in: Life's illusions catching up with Japan's middle-aged 'parasite singles' See in context

The Akihiro dude, at least he tried but got sick so I would think that some safety net of disability would be there for him. Also, with the increasing aging population there would be a market for home health care, provided those who are being seen don't treat the workers like dirt as often times is the case.

For Hiromi, she played herself all wrong and this is the end result. She lived the highlife and probably had a great time, but alas time has a way of catching up.

Another aspect to this story should be the ones who had to take care of an parent or relative and didn't have the time to have a life of their own. I have seen that a few times where a child is fully devoted and they never took the time for themselves to form any relationship and soon wind up alone. There must be a way for these people to find each other for lonley singles, but if they do, what will they use to pay for the dates?

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