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Please Japan, let me explain something: We need no one from government to tell us what to wear on summer, because we are thinking individuals.

Nobody wears suits anyway. Here in Germany, most places have no air conditioner and places that have, are well insulated, needing less AC power to cool down.

We all know that you love to talk about how great you are, but this in Europe will only embarrass you.

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Did I miss something? Because there is NOTHING German in this so called "German Village".

Japanisch Quatsch

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Posted in: Officials in Tokyo alarmed at lack of sense of crisis as virus cases hit record highs See in context

People are alarmed with the capacity the J-gov has to mess up things big time then look around and blame its own people.

I was lucky to leave Japan early this year. Here in Germany, just in the main street of my small city, there are over 10 different places for FREE corona tests to anyone, just scan the QR code once and you are good to do it again.

Just in my workplace, we can test 2 a day if we want to do it so.

And as for vaccine, a month ago, we had our shots without even having to get in a line or much questioning.

The conona crisis and the Olympics have shown to the world (and hopefully to the Japanese people) that this country is a big liar, governed by a corrupt mafia.

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