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Posted in: Iraq executes 21 in single day See in context

Iraq has a very dangerous so they really need to kill off as many terrorists as possible, right??

Don't be so sure they were terrorists. There is absolutely nothing here to go on but faith even blinder than usual. What possible reason could we have to think Iraq is dispensing justice? Remember, this is the same country that threw itself into a brutal war with Iran under Saddam Hussein's leadership. They did not turn into a pack of thoughtful, caring gentlepeople overnight just because they occupied by American soldiers for several years.

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Terror has become a meaningless media buzzword.

I hope to goodness the charges were something more than terrorism, such as actually killing people. You know, not planning to kill to kill, not making bomb threats here and there, or just having a gold membership card for some group labeled terrorists, but actually making people dead.

It would be nice to see more meaningful details, than just a bland "terrorism related charges", as if that is somehow anywhere near explaining why 21 were state murdered in a single day.

Not even a name mentioned here.

If they keep this pace up, they may soon overtake Saddam Hussein. Their goal perhaps?

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Posted in: A Japanese woman’s guide for getting a date See in context

A woman can be just as outspoken and honest as she likes. Too disagreeable though, and no one would want to be close.

But confident, outspoken, independent; I do not believe men actually care about those things directly. I do not believe men want their egos stroked. I believe what men want to know is if she is going to be submissive or dominant/stubborn in the sack, and we can't just ask. So we try to tell by other personality traits. That is all.

And that is why I don't mind the acts of submission and neediness at first, so long as she really is submissive in the sack and also getting there, if she is not leading me there.

Dating would be so simple if it were not for all this angst about sex. I never needed the angst. I wish societies would dispense with it.

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Posted in: Man beheaded on Indian train See in context

It sure would be nice to know what those local village issues were so we could have some sort of an idea what the motive might have been.

I have extreme doubt whether they were worthy of this barbaric act though. I hope the youths are found and tried fairly as adults. I don't care what group they belong to.

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Posted in: U.S. concerned over anti-Japan protests in China See in context

I myself would be less concerned if everyone realized that anti-Japanese government sentiments are just fine, but anti-Japan sentiments are for stupids.

Taking a flag off the ambassador's car as an anti-Japanese government protest is just fine with me. As an anti-Japan protest it is absolutely not. The difference is not in the least bit subtle.

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Posted in: U.S. troops punished over Koran burning, urination video See in context

How do you respect a man enough not to pee on him, but not enough to not kill him? Its a paradox that makes my head hurt!

The only thing I want to know was if they were armed and fighting or not before killed and peed on. I have never seen that almighty important question actually answered. As far as I know, those guys were just walking down the street in their own country minding their own business.

And burning the Koran is a subtle combination of ignorant and stupid, pretty much your average military recruit. So what can we expect?

I would have no problem throwing the lot to the wolves, but its part of the reason why I will never be a leader of a military. I have zero respect for most members of militaries, because usually, none is warranted. Which is why they crave it so much and join militaries to get it!

If more people were like me, there could never be another war. But when people respect soldiers it guarantees we have more.

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Posted in: 17 civilians beheaded, 10 soldiers killed, 2 NATO troops slain in Afghanistan See in context

If you know anything about the region, you would know that the Taliban did this since it says so in the article.

And if you knew anything about anything, you would realize that the Taliban can't read the Koran.

And the article clearly says they don't know who did it.

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Posted in: 17 civilians beheaded, 10 soldiers killed, 2 NATO troops slain in Afghanistan See in context

it is acts like this that make people look at Islam and come to conclusion that the religion is one of violence and intolerance.

Only because people choose to ascribe religion as a cause. Where is religion mentioned in the article?

Plenty of war and despicable acts of terror and barbarism in the world. Mexico, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Syria, etc. But some certain people will blame politics, drugs, money or ethnicity in some certain cases, but suddenly its all about Islam in other cases.

Stop letting your paranoia be led around by the nose just because of some extremists who talk too much. Even they are not mentioned in the article. The perps are unknown.

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Posted in: 17 civilians beheaded, 10 soldiers killed, 2 NATO troops slain in Afghanistan See in context

This is just disgusting. It's no wonder people become Islamaphobes.

The people who did this were not real Muslims.

1.5 billion Muslims in the world. Yes, it is a wonder that people will hold them accountable for what the phonies did.

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Posted in: Award-winning manga to be available for anyone, anytime; author won't request royalties See in context

Respect. This man has made his money and is not being a greedy immature intellectual property rights abusing George Lucas about his creations.

Good on you Mr. Sato!

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Posted in: 18-year-old Emi Takei 'graduates' as model for fashion magazine Seventeen See in context

She can't model for them anymore because she is 18. But she has been with them for 5 years and 9 months.

Am I the only one here who can do math?

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Posted in: Toyota Japan’s sexy new topless ad featuring transgender model shocks viewers See in context

Some of you don't see anything wrong, but I did. For any gender, his butt looks horrible!

The commercial certainly makes you question your sexuality though. But that it won't sell me a car that is for sure.

But that is me. I know plenty of women who like looking at effeminate men, and for them, it might be a good hook.

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Posted in: Anime director arrested over online massacre threat See in context

And many Japanese are accused of being quick to condemn anyone so much as questioned by police! I guess the Japanese are not the only fools guilty of rushing to judgment eh?

But I have little doubt that a confession will be sleep-deprivationed out of him within a couple days. Hardly ever fails, that old thing.

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Unfortunately, it's too dangerous to take a chance to let a bear/wolf/crocodile live who developed a taste for humans.

How do you know the bear developed a taste for humans? How do you know he doesn't think humans taste nasty, but was just hungry enough to eat one that presented himself as a free lunch? This bear did not attack a village. There is no reason to think he would start, not any more than any other bear.

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Posted in: Bear kills man in Alaska national park See in context

The bear stayed around and ate the guy, meaning humans were now officially on its menu.

Since when were humans never on any bear's menu??? That is why we are told to stay away from them!

Or if you are saying that once a bear eats a human, or is believed to have one as a food cache, that he will now seek out humans as preferred prey? If so, I would like to see the proof. I think that is probably up there with the science fiction movie trope that space aliens prefer human females. Its just a simple case of humans thinking they are somehow special, and in this case, must surely taste better than other animals.

Show me hard science proving the bear was now going to take special interest in other humans as food, more than other bears, since he did it once, and I will thank you. For now, I am thinking its bullox.

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Posted in: Rape or politics? Assange sex case divides Britain See in context

did he stop when she asked him to after realizing he was not wearing a condom or did he just pin her down and continue to do his thing ?

Stories have changed. And there are two women. And your stories apply to different women.

One story is that he had sex with one of the women at night. The following morning he entered her while she slept. She awoke and asked if he was wearing a condom. He said no, but she did not stop him because she felt it was too late to avoid AIDS if he had it. (which is false, and if that story is true, she should have stopped him if the concern was AIDS).

This is just a talk page, but its an interesting read.

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Posted in: Lance Armstrong's fall is mind-boggling See in context

I have a feeling that in a few years, its going to be discovered that Armstrong was wronged, and it was due to an error at the lab.

And I really don't care about this personally and I don't follow sports or athletes. I just read the article and some wikis, and it seems really odd to do re-tests years later, and be certain that every sample has been properly labeled, stored etc. and that in that time, there could be no error of organization or anything else.

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Posted in: Assad vows Syria will defeat 'foreign conspiracy' as death toll mounts See in context

I really hate that women and children so often get caught in the crossfire of adult male stupidity. Why can't they find the testicles to go away from the cities and fight in empty fields like in the old days?

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Posted in: Justice ministry studies removing restrictions on sentencing minors See in context

How typical! What really needed to be done was to lower the age of majority from 20 to 18 or even 16.

Now they give minors all of the responsibility with none of the rights! Plus they do not differentiate between different aged minors, such as children and teens?

These people in the Justice Ministry are dumb as rocks. They don't know anything about justice and don't even have a coherent philosophy.

They will hang you for a crime but won't let you have a beer or drive a car or vote or have a job? Get outta town you dopes! Either they are too young for responsibility or they aren't! Make up your minds! But here they leave them at the mercy of their parents, who might be derelict and abusive, but then turn around and treat them as adults if they step out of line?

Better not to change anything with these idiots at the helm!

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Posted in: Nationalist manga author joins anti-nuclear fight See in context

Friends like this are no better than enemies!

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Posted in: Bear kills man in Alaska national park See in context

They should have let the bear live. They had a helicopter ready, but no tranquilizers?

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Posted in: What do you think of cosplay? See in context

Harmless fun.

A more interesting question is what to think of rabid cosplay haters.

I was involved in similar activities in America, but it included plots, character development and battles, and not just making and wearing costumes. That is where I criticize cosplay. It just feels to me like somethings are seriously missing and if the participants don't feel bored after a short time, THEY SHOULD. Its like dressing up for a Shakespearian play, but there is no stage, no reciting of lines and no acting. Its only a step away from being a brain-dead activity.

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Posted in: China tough against Tokyo but reins in activism See in context

They really showed those cars eh?

The cars have issued a statement that they are prepared to return the Senkakus, but please, no more torture!

What a pack of children!

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Posted in: China tough against Tokyo but reins in activism See in context

Then China should suggest taking Japan to tjhe ICJ over this issue. Because frankly, nobody on the planet other than the Chinese believe this.

So you believe the First Sino-Japanese war and the occupations of Taiwan and Manchuria were just figments of the Chinese imagination? Are you trying to convince of of us this, or yourself?

Hence why not take it to the International Court and resolve it diplomatically .

As most people have figured out with regards to Dokdo, you can't go to the ICJ unilaterally, and the controlling side is not going to go along. Talks of the ICJ are nothing but bluster.

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Posted in: Firepower See in context

With all the crap about Dokdo and the Senkakus right now, this makes a fine promotion for war, so nice timing indeed.

No thanks.

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Posted in: All 9 Empire State shooting victims hit by police See in context

The real issue in murders is not the weapon used, but rather the motive behind the crime of killing and the utter lack of respect for human life.

Both issues are real enough. Being as plenty of people have motives but we can never know who will decide to murder, It makes sense to limit the ability to carry it out. I no more want handguns easily obtainable than hand grenades or rocket launchers, and last I checked, they were arms too, mentioned in the second amendment, but highly restricted...for damn good reason.

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Posted in: Public pressure forces gov't to consider phasing out nuclear power See in context

False. The prices are dictated by supply and demand PERIOD.

I should think a refresher course in Economics 101 should get you straightened out. Supply and demand is a factor. But supply and demand do not dictate prices, and there are no "periods" in economic theory. Economics is more art than science. These facts are basic.

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Posted in: Rape or politics? Assange sex case divides Britain See in context

And let us not forget that Sweden's unique laws on the subject are the only reason this case has gone anywhere at all. Anywhere else, it would have been thrown out. So no, "rape is rape" is a simply ignorant and senseless slogan, completely divorced from the circumstances of each individual case where rape is claimed, and each country's laws where it is claimed.

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Posted in: Rape or politics? Assange sex case divides Britain See in context

Well, ye utra-feminist dogmat mod, care to explain your reflexive thumb down, or are you just going to hide in the shadows like always? God forbid you open your closed, anti-male mind to the complexities and truth of these matters, eh?

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Posted in: All 9 Empire State shooting victims hit by police See in context

he could have just as easily done the job with fabric shears.

Or a branch from a nearby tree. Or a rock. Or a spoon...

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