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Posted in: Police report record number of cannabis offenders in 2020 See in context

Cannabis can lead to long term mental problems when used by young people.

A bit like the COVID vaccine can cause blood clots. In other words it can affect some but the majority can benefit from it :)

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Posted in: LDP proposes Japan strengthen SDF, coast guard capabilities See in context

Of all you talking tough, which is willing to join the SDF? So many tough words from people prepared to risk other’s lives over a few uninhabited islands far from your own coastline. Bring on the downvotes you cowards.

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Posted in: More people abandoning aging parents due to financial and emotional strain See in context

The lack of empathy, love and just plain old humanity is discussing in Japan.

And the west is any different? My mother abandoned me when I was 3. My father simply saw me as a burden to bare. My kids, I give nothing but love to and hope they will do the same when it is their turn.

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Posted in: More people abandoning aging parents due to financial and emotional strain See in context

There was a time, not so long ago, when people took their old to the mountains to die.

They did the same with children they thought would be a burden as well

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Posted in: Korean kids nurtured to remember history with anti-Japanese toys and games See in context

And the ball in in Japan's court. Their descision at present will determine if the Koreans and Chinese continue to hate them or forgive them.

Absolutely the right wing nutters are a minority here, but yet the government seems to be full of them. Tradition is a chain around the neck of the youth.

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Posted in: China protests over Japan-U.S. statement on human rights; blasts U.S. 'evil past of genocide' See in context

Any further delays by the west to deal with China will only make it harder to do so in the future. China should understand there are clear consequences with regards to it's belligerence.

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Posted in: 44-year-old man arrested for confining high school girl at his home See in context

@Robert Cikki

Did we both read the same section?

A 2007 public opinion poll taken by the Japanese government showed that 86.5% of respondents believed that child pornography regulations should be applied to anime and manga, while 90.9% endorsed regulations of "harmful materials" on the Internet.


In late June 2013, the Liberal Democratic Party moved forward with their proposal. A decision has not yet been reached.

Since Japan politics is essentially a one party democracy (due to little or no meaningful opposition) the recalcitrance of the old guard is kind of expected...

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Posted in: For those of you in management or senior positions in a company, how do you monitor the workflow or productivity of your employees working from home? How do you know that they are not spending work hours on social media, for example? See in context

speaking as someone who used to manage work from home staff prior to the pandemic. Look at the productivity stats the drill down into them. For example tasks were assigned to a pool and people had to assign them to themselves. A number of people would assign a bunch to themselves and just sit on them and then they would be open again the next day. Others would cherry pick the easy ones and say hey look I closed more tasks than anyone, but in a limited time and the rest of the time was goofing around. Stats will only tell you so much, the rest is investigative. Once you find someone doing the wrong thing then you have to ride them, performance monitor them. They either shape up or you ship them out.

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Posted in: 44-year-old man arrested for confining high school girl at his home See in context

All these posts questing why she did that and why she didn’t know better. Why did a grown ass man feel the need to lure a teenage girl to his apartment? He absolutely should have known better and is a pathetic, weak man. Throw the book at him.

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Posted in: Rush to bitcoin? Not so fast, say keepers of corporate coffers See in context

 Retail alone won't drive the price. 

I'm not sure of that, a lot of speculation is due to the supposed purchases by institutions. A $50k price target would easily be achieved by retail alone if btc were to go mainstream. If the Institutional bag holders are really coming to the party, then yes we could see much higher prices as the $50k price begins to solidify. Interesting times.

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Posted in: Rush to bitcoin? Not so fast, say keepers of corporate coffers See in context

@PharaohChromium actually $50k was considered to be around the price if it went mainstream. The next price rise I think will only happen if it can gain any traction as a useable currency but I don't see any evidence at all, of this happening. If it is purely for "investment" purposes then I don't believe $50k+ is sustainable. There is no difference to last price rise apart from the shorters being absent this time. I would love to see bitcoin succeed but as the true digital cash we need.

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Posted in: Rush to bitcoin? Not so fast, say keepers of corporate coffers See in context

Bitcoin is not a scam but it is definitely a gamblers paradise. It has as much to with investing as letting it all ride on black. The idea behind bitcoin was ideological but has been hijacked in the name of greed. I think it is fantastic that bitcoin has minted a whole new generation of millionaires but what will become of these "investments"? If you made some profit, use it to fulfill a dream and not just drool over the 1's and 0's on your screens.

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Posted in: It’s too hard to sell Japanese people on romance dramas nowadays, says broadcasting president See in context

jeez burning bush is a real negative Nancy. Plenty of ways to be sweet to the ladies without coming across as a stalker or a creep. Try being a gentleman helps. As for those fake romance dramas, good riddance. TV is dead anyways, youth don’t watch it. The Internet provides.

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Posted in: Hitachi develops electronic signature service that eliminates personal seals by using blockchain technology See in context

where is the problem?

The way blockchains work is that if there is consensus, then an update is made to the blockchain. If consensus is managed internally, then really, why is consensus needed? The reason why public blockchains work is the computing power required to manipulate the chain, generally doesn't make it worthwhile. If a corporation has the complete control then why is it necessary to store the signature on a blockchain and not just have it stored as a file with correct user permissions assigned to it?

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Posted in: Hitachi develops electronic signature service that eliminates personal seals by using blockchain technology See in context

Not really a distributed ledger if all the nodes are managed by one entity. Nothing more than a fancy database dressed up as blockchain technology to snare a few sales.

if they truly want blockchain driven electronic seals then all wards should manage a node and spread throughout Japan, cost would be next to nothing and require no multinational corporation to have their fingers in the pie.

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Posted in: China says calls for 2022 Winter Olympics boycott doomed to fail See in context

Not only Olympics should be boycotted, but also doing any business with them should be boycotted.

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Posted in: Canada vows to be next country to go after Facebook to pay for news See in context

I don't get what this is about, Don't they simply provide links to the story? I can't see how media companies can demand revenue for links that bring traffic to their sites.

I think the true story is news services are not profitable and using "their" platform to squeeze some money out of Google and Facebook. Newscorp can suck an egg before I ever give them another cent.

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Posted in: Japan pledges safe Olympics; medical experts aren't so sure See in context

Can anyone really be surprised that a Government chooses the bottom line over health concerns?

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Posted in: China says actors must follow moral guidelines or face bans See in context

Explains why their entertainment is also so bland. When you fear to offend, the creativity is stifled.

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Posted in: China authorizes coast guard to use force amid disputes See in context

If Japan wants to have an aggressive foreign policy, it needs to back it up and stop relying on the US. Funny that a country can renounce war and still have territorial disputes with all it’s neighbors. If Japan truly wants peace then find a peaceful solution.

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Posted in: Bitcoin hits record $28,600 as 2020 rally powers on See in context

FOMO in full affect. Minting the next crop of winners and losers, hopefully the winners put it to good use.

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Posted in: Japanese firms explore quantum cryptography to make stock trading secure See in context

My bad I read it as breaking current cryptography methods, which is a real concern.

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Posted in: Japanese firms explore quantum cryptography to make stock trading secure See in context

Good to see companies and hopefully governments attempting to keep up with the possible dangers that quantum computing poses. All current cryptography is at threat of being broken by quantum computing and we need to start thinking next level cyber security now.

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Posted in: Japan prepares for digital currency, in line with China and others See in context

Interesting banks wanting to get involved still have concerns for their old business model. How can you embrace the new while still holding onto the old ways. This seems to be a major dilemma in Japan.

Digital currencies give us freedom from banks until we need to borrow, that is what they are, money lenders. If they need capital to lend then maybe we should look at innovative ways to fund lending instead of limiting use ability for the currency holders. As for credit companies, I for one won’t bemoan their loss of revenue from the reduction in transaction fees, that digital currencies offer.

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Posted in: Japan revamps website on Senkakus amid territorial row with China See in context

And all this bickering will come to what end? More young men sent to their deaths at the bidding from the old.

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Posted in: Bitcoin surges past $20,000, erasing 3 years of deep losses See in context

Bitcoin did have great benefits as a digital currency, however that seems to have been pushed aside as greed took over and is now almost exclusively used as a speculative asset. I can’t see a bright future for bitcoin as a simple store of value, as it could easily be replaced by the next hot product. IMHO Bitcoin has shown the way with regards to digital currency and j-Coin is a real example of what banks and governments can do with crypto currency technology. Others will come?

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Posted in: Restaurant bankruptcies to hit all-time high in 2020 See in context

I feel sorry for the hospitality industry but on the flip side, my culinary skills have improved out of sight.

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Posted in: 6,000 premium apples stolen from Iwate orchard See in context


Whole point of being a gangster is easy money without the hard work. Don't see demolition, construction or picking apples as a choice they would prefer. Easier for them to get some poor suckers to do the work.

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Posted in: Biden works to get Black support in campaign's final days See in context

Not sure if I’m a progressive thinker with conservative values or a conservative with progressive ideals but I do know a self serving, boorish braggart when I see one and Trump has that in spades. African Americans should be encouraged to vote and hopefully put an end to this “Trump Country” nonsense.

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