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Posted in: Could video games bring NFTs to the masses? See in context

It has potential but as a legitimate validation of ownership, it is hard prove the holder of the NFT would actually be the true owner. Anybody can create an NFT but it doesn’t mean they own the asset that was used to create it.

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Posted in: Okinawa governor refuses to approve change to U.S. base transfer plan See in context

why do we need to sponsor foreign boots on japanese ground by our taxes?

Good point, The US does not need to defend Japan. Japan should do that themselves.

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Posted in: Okinawa governor refuses to approve change to U.S. base transfer plan See in context

I agree! The USA should withdraw all troops from japan and close all bases. Furthermore, all defense pacts should be rescinded and not a single American should give their life defending Japan.


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Posted in: Japan to release hundreds of thousands of kiloliters of reserve oil See in context

So much misinformation in this discussion it really boggles the mind. Releasing strategic oil reserves is to be expected when supply issues are prevalent.

OPEC have lowered production to protect their bottom-line, this was due to lower consumption, caused by the lockdowns. AFAIK the volume has not increased since.

As we approach winter and consumption increases, this is to ensure that there are no sharp rises in prices. Prices will not go down but supply will be guaranteed through the coldest months of the year.

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Posted in: We eat at 3 Japanese family restaurants to find the one with the best-value breakfast See in context

best breakfast is made one at home...


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Posted in: Governments risk 'trillions' in fossil fuel climate litigation See in context

Honor any existing contracts or pay compensation to terminate early. If no such contract then they can take a hike.

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Posted in: Name of former Princess Mako's husband not on New York bar exam pass list See in context

like Harry

you mean the prince that served in the military and went to Afghanistan. The guy that runs a charity raising funds to help rid war torn countries of the legacy landmines cause. Or the Harry that started the invictus games to help disabled vets. I should have realised you would sum someone up so shallowly, after considering law a "worthwhile" career.

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Posted in: Name of former Princess Mako's husband not on New York bar exam pass list See in context

Just what the world needs, another lawyer.... Good luck to the "former" princess though, I hope she gets a chance at a real life.

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Posted in: Top 10 YouTube channels popular among high school students in Japan See in context

The death of television is real.

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Posted in: Chinese, Russian warships pass through Tsugaru Strait for 1st time See in context

They just exercising their freedom of navigation.

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Posted in: Case involving teenage cyclist accused of reckless riding sent to prosecutors See in context

Do you do this? Would you like it if someone did it to you? Did you actually read all of the article?

Yes I read the article and my comment was relating to the severity of the punishment being suggested by another commenter. Perhaps you agree that such a sinister crime as deliberately swerving in front of a car in order to stop it from moving at a normal speed, is such a terrible crime that requires such punitive action?

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Posted in: Case involving teenage cyclist accused of reckless riding sent to prosecutors See in context

Hopefully a substantial fine, 3 months in juvenile detention and confiscate the bike; permanent stain on his record.

Jeezus, maybe a public flogging and some time in the stocks as well? I ride my segway on the footpath and without a helmet, I must be a full blown criminal in your eyes I guess LOL!

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Posted in: Sweet potato, spice and all things nice See in context

Or you could just have the delicious sweet potato baked in its jacket instead.

I just had some right now, delicious!!

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Posted in: Working until you're 70? Is it desirable? For some, sure... See in context

Working as a wage slave? no thanks.

Working, doing what I love? they can pry my cold dead fingers from my tools.

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Posted in: 7-year-old boy drowns in river in Shiga Prefecture See in context

Water flowing into a rock pool can hold you down as there is not where to go, not to mention the chance of getting a a foot caught . A waterfall or fast falling water from a rock slide into a more open body of water just pushes you away and would unlikely hold you in place. Also a current is very different to these situations and pushes you downstream. Teach kids to swim on an angle to the side with the flow, not against it.

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Posted in: 7-year-old boy drowns in river in Shiga Prefecture See in context

Stay out of rivers for swimming.

That's the kind of kneejerk reaction we don't want. I have swam in rivers and oceans all my life and was shocked to actually see that hardly anybody in japan swims in these beautiful rivers. Safety first but don't be afraid of them.

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Posted in: 7-year-old boy drowns in river in Shiga Prefecture See in context

Currents can be very dangerous for the untrained eye, as they are not easily noticeable and can cause even an experienced swimmer to panic. Everyone should not only learn how to swim but also how to swim in unpredictable/potentially hazardous conditions. Also, a large number of adult drownings are caused when they try to save their children.

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Posted in: China, pandemic, energy top Japan's leadership race debate See in context

LDP leadership shuffle reminds me of the pig and the lipstick story...

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Posted in: Many cars do not stop at crosswalks in Japan, although they are required by law to do so. Why do you think that drivers don't stop? See in context

I can be standing at the edge of the sidewalk looking across the road, no crossing in sight and cars will stop for me. Maybe I look like i'm about to commit insurance fraud? I dunno...

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Posted in: More than 30 California children still stuck in Afghanistan See in context

As usual the democrats having to clean up the the republicans mess, while the republicans play the blame game. The republicans know that the attention span of the average citizen is quite low, hence the incessant shouting about how the democrats are to blame. But don't worry, I'm sure the the democrats will leave a healthy economy for the republicans to stuff up once again.

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Posted in: Int'l body calls on Japan for stronger anti-money laundering actions See in context

Try opening a second bank account in Japan and prepare yourself for the personal questions/accusational stares. MUFJ refused me because they didn't want the risk. Apparently a booming business in japan is/was to sell your bank account to shady types.

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Posted in: Trudeau calls Canadian election for Sept 20 See in context

Trudeau is sending the richest demographic in Canada $500 tax free cheques next week to make sure they know who to vote for, wink, wink.

LoL, as if a $500 cheque will sway anyone from the "rich demographic".

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Posted in: Swift Taliban takeover leaves U.S. image in tatters See in context

Some may wish to voice opinions along partisan lines but the truth is troop drawdown has been ongoing for some time (only around 2500 US troops were in the country when biden took over btw). Outside of the major cities was already ceding back to taliaban control. The mere fact that the US was negotiating with the taliban shows that they had no faith in the afghani government holding out or that the afghan military would prevail. Pretty sure the afghan military deserted as soon as they could and most probably joined the taliban. When do you say enough is enough, the only reason the afghani government exists is because of foreign military backing. Good luck to the afghan people, they are going to need it.

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Posted in: Robots are coming for the lawyers – great for anyone in need of cheap legal assistance See in context

Since the majority of politicians have either a law or accounting background, maybe we should look at Ai for the legislature assemblies. Crowdfund the essential services and do away with taxes :)

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Posted in: Forget kaiten-zushi, how about conveyor belt yakiniku instead? See in context

I’m no vegetarian but stop trivializing the slaughter of animals for our pleasure.

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Posted in: Lack of Olympic spectators bad news for Tokyo's souvenir sellers See in context

@Bertiewooster when is Japan going to stop using that as an excuse for it’s failings.

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Posted in: New Zealand selects transgender athlete Hubbard for Olympic women's weightlifting team See in context

The women lifters have protested but the woke brigade shout louder.

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Posted in: Alcohol allowed but no condom distribution in Tokyo Olympic village See in context

Way to go Japan. About to host the most boring and least memorable of all the games. At least you can blame the foreigners right!?

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Posted in: Talk of Trump 2024 run builds as legal pressure intensifies See in context

Didn’t read the article and don’t care to. I for one have had enough of that sociopath taking up anymore of my time.

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Posted in: China criticizes Western brands' toys, clothes as unsafe See in context

That’s fine if China does that because I also like to avoid buying anything made in China, whenever possible.

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