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Posted in: Age limit to be required for visitors to erotic Japanese art show at British museum See in context

I'm sure sex will sell just as well as Life and Death in Pompeii. I must go!

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Posted in: Sarah Palin back at Fox News See in context

I thought I no longer had to hear this woman's name, ever. Nightmare has returned. She's an absolute joke and embarrassment to the human specie.

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Posted in: Nearly there See in context

I know the family well. Their family bond is really something to be admired.

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Posted in: Most Muslims want sharia law, but divided on interpretation See in context

If Allah's teaching was so great, why did he have to make it so confusing that people have to decipher it? Stupid in my opinion.

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Posted in: China says U.S. should be concerned about Japanese nationalism See in context

Another idiotic remark by China.

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Posted in: Inose under fire for comments on Istanbul Olympic bid, Islam See in context

It might have been a stupid comment to make given the situation, but what he said is true. I'm sure many of you would agree.

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Posted in: Body believed to have drifted from N Korea found on Akita coast See in context

Autopsist, becareful, mini kim jong-un might pop out, like in the movie Alien.

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Posted in: Rainbow Pride See in context

The more open the society is to be able to hold events like this, the more tolerant people becomes. Good for you Japan! If you don't want to see it, just don't watch it.

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Posted in: China calls on Japan to stop scrambling its fighters See in context

I live in western Europe and the majority of people here don't have positive view on China because of China's such behaviour. China should instead use their silly aggressive behaviour to clamp down on their counterfeit goods production !

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Posted in: Robert Redford to appear in new 'Captain America' film See in context

I first got confused with the film Team America.

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Posted in: Japan, Australia to sanction N Korean bank as part of U.S.-led crackdown See in context

As always, China's opposition to common sense.

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Posted in: U.S. senators want no exemptions for Japan over TPP See in context

Every country should protect its agricultural sector because food, which we cannot survive without, should not be treated the same was as other consumer products such as autos, clothing, electronic products, etc., which we can survive without. We also lose the diversity in agricultural food sector. Though genetically modified seeds, which are often used by huge agricultural companies such as Cargill, can produce large output, such production can be susceptible to sudden massive loss as if a certain disease were to spread amongst the crops, it can spread extremely quickly as all crops have exactly the same genetic make up. In such situation, reliability of supply becomes an issue.

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Posted in: 'Dokdo' island classes to become mandatory for S Korean children See in context

One person commented the following on CNN website yesterday:

"The San Francisco Peace Treaty, signed in September 1951, stipulates that Japan, recognizing the independence of Korea, renounces all right title and claim to Korea, including the islands of Quelpart, Port Hamilton and Dagelet". Upon learning of the content of this part of the Treaty drafted by the United States and the United Kingdom, the ROK requested the United States to add Takeshima as one of the regions for which Japan would renounce all right, title and claim. The United States rejected the request by responding that Takeshima had never been treated as part of Korea and does not appear ever before to have been claimed by Korea. Such correspondence clearly shows that Takeshima was affirmed as part of the territory of Japan."

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Posted in: Standing up to pee 'a matter of honor' for one man See in context

It's not only a Japanese issue, but very much in the Western culture as well. I live in Europe. Our office building doesn't have urinals but stalls, and so I see everyday the mess on the floor. Do these people do the same at home, I always wonder.

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Posted in: Happy Valen-Tarantino See in context

I thought the movie was great ... very Tarantino style. Loved where the hoodsmen argue about the eye holes in sheets.

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Posted in: Fashion face See in context

Modern geisha look.

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Posted in: North Korea defiant in face of U.S., China pressure See in context

Like his father, the fat boy wants attention.

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Posted in: Li Na thumps Sharapova to advance to Australian Open final See in context

I'm not much of Li Na fan but it'll be better than to have to listen to Sharpova's extremely annoying grunts.

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Posted in: Which English words or expressions really annoy you? See in context

Flammable and inflammable mean the same thing. Very confusing.

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Posted in: China calls on Japan to halt entries into disputed waters See in context

Though many countries deal with China for economic reasons, China is very much a distrusted nation. I've been living in western Europe for almost four years now and so far met two people who were positive about China. Wow.

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Posted in: Island dispute takes bite out of Chinese tourism to Japan See in context

Well, Ginza will be more peaceful then.

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Posted in: China opposes U.S. bill amendment on Senkaku dispute See in context

“The Diaoyu islands and affiliated islands have been China’s inherent territory since ancient times." Well, I really doubt Tibet and Uighur regions were China's inherent territory in ancient times and so why does China occupy them?

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Posted in: 2 die in separate elevator accidents See in context

I had to read this article twice to finally understand what "dumb waiter" was. I thought it was actually referring to a person first and thought that it was quite rude to refer to someone who was just involved in a horrible accident. 70cm x 60cm info didn't really make sense (man, that's a short and chubby person) and so I thought there was something wrong with the English sentence (LOL). Yeah, dumb me.

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Posted in: Romney breaks silence to accuse Obama of bestowing gifts for ballots See in context

Romney - simply a sore loser.

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Posted in: Japan's indifference to 'Gangnam Style' riles S Korea See in context

I watched it once and it was funny, but I simply didn't need to see it again. Period. Not sure why this Han guy is upset about.

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Posted in: Happy birthday See in context

Simply a very nice photo of the Royal couple. I got a glimpse of their son, Crown Prince Naruhito, in Luxembourg today as he was leaving the cathedral attending the wedding of Luxembourg's Crown Prince Guillaume.

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Posted in: Why Japan doesn’t give a Gangnam about PSY See in context

Well, I think the main reason why it's not that popular is that there's already enough similar type of gags on daily television that people are just simply feeling indifferent about it.

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Posted in: 80-year-old Yuichiro Miura to attempt to climb Everest See in context

Ranger_Miffy2: The accident didn't happen in his last attempt. It was in 1970 when he skiied Mt. Everest. Glacial ice on Khumbu Icefall suddenly came down and fell on the Sherpas not too far from Everest base camp. His 1970 climb won the Academy Awards for best documentary, and the accident is recorded on this film.

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Posted in: Say cheese See in context

sheetu: I don't think anybody cared.

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