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Posted in: China denies visa to 3 Japanese in Taiwan orchestra See in context

Well, I'm sure those three are happy to not have to be going to a very childish nation.

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Posted in: Chinese tycoon offers Geelys to replace cars damaged in anti-Japan riots See in context

Wonder how this guy would react if some of those victims say we don't want China made Geelys.

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Posted in: 2 of China's senior finance officials skip IMF meeting in Tokyo See in context

Not a worthwhile news. Move on.

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Posted in: Japanese automakers' sales in China tumble See in context

Charles de Gaulle said "Patriotism is when the love of your own people comes first. Nationalism is when the hatred of people other than your own comes first." You said Chinese patriotism. I don't think so.

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Posted in: China cleans up after anti-Japan protests See in context

It won't be back to normal. Not only Japanese businesses, but major foreign companies will assess their current, or future , operations in China. Risk rating for China has deteriorated significantly.

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Posted in: Hashimoto admits cosplay affair with night club hostess in 2006 See in context

I'd rather have a guy like Hashimoto who has experienced things in life, some good, some not so good, than someone who's head is a real square.

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Posted in: Uighurs 'face fight for existence' against China: Kadeer See in context

Great for Japan to have issued Ms. Kadeer the visa. They shouldn't be intimidated by China.

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Posted in: 3 crested ibis chicks bred in wild for first time in 36 years See in context

Great news. Hope the chicks will grow healthy to be adults and have their own chicks.

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Posted in: Why does the existence of AKB48 bother so many readers of Japan Today (judging from the comments on the discussion board)? See in context

I just find their songs very boring as it's just like a chorus singing.

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Posted in: Nissan may revive Datsun brand See in context

Datsun 510 in car rallys was classic.

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Posted in: Woman stabbed by Shibuya Station in Tokyo See in context

Someone is going straight to the psychiatric evaluation.

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Posted in: Japanese whaling: Why the West is in the wrong See in context

I wonder why Sea Shepherd or Australian government doesn't complain about Faroe Islands but only to Japan?

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Posted in: Man commits suicide; mother's remains found in cupboard See in context

That means when he was born, his mother was 50. But wait, if she died a several years earlier and presuming she was 98 at that time, he would have been 44 or 45, which means he was born when his mother was 53 or 54!

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Posted in: A day at the beach See in context

Ni~ce. I can see Enoshima in the background too. This area is my home more than 45 years ago!

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Posted in: Ice rivals See in context

I saw the tournament on TV. Yu-na just didn't perform like she did at the Olympics, e.g. deciding to do a single jump instead of a triple, also the choreography in general just was not exciting. She's just crying at herself for her own poor performance, and not much to do about her not winning a gold.

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Posted in: Hi Hillary See in context

Given the situation in Japan and the reason Hillary came to Japan, I think it calls for something a bit more than a hand shake protocol and so Empress Michiko probably really appreciated it (and I'm sure she was informed this was going to happen).

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Posted in: Life's for the birds See in context

Pigeons are the least of the birds that should be fed. People should stop doing that.

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Posted in: Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka lights up for last Christmas See in context

Good comment Piglet.

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Posted in: Vatican canonizes first Australian saint, five others See in context

Really, do we really care what Catholic church does now? I rather watch a grass die on a hot day.

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Posted in: Happy birthday See in context

How about some nice comments for once?

You're right on. Why dwell on negatives? I like the photo.

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