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Posted in: Koizumi backs different surnames for married couples after heckling incident See in context

Major opposition parties on Friday urged Tadamori Oshima, the lower house speaker, to find out who the lawmaker was, as Sugita has kept silent over her alleged heckling.

So she heckles and then hides like the coward she is because she doesn't even have the courage of her convictions. What a scumbag.

So i did a little checking up on this Mio Sugita. She seems to have a history of anti female quotes. Her above quote is by no means the first one.

She strikes me personally as a self hating woman.

Comfort women

Sugita, said, "the women acted willingly" and that the numbers of them reported are inflated.[8][9] The three politicians also stated that they wanted the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to retract an apology made in the 1990s to comfort women.[8]

Shiori Itō rape case

Sugita appeared in a 2018 BBC documentary "Japan's Secret Shame"[10] which detailed the alleged rape of Shiori Itō. In the interview, Sugita was quoted as saying, "With this case, there were clear errors on her part as a woman; drinking that much in front of a man and losing her memory."[11] She continued, "With things like this I think men are the ones who suffer significant damage.”[12]

LGBT issues

In July 2018, Sugita wrote a magazine article that described LGBT couples as "unproductive" as they can not bear children and thus were not worth taxpayer investment.

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Posted in: Early, heavy marijuana use linked to worse driving performance See in context

I don't and never will advocate operating ANY vehicle or machine under Any influence. Having said that, given the choice, I prefer people driving under the influence of MJ to Alcohol.

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Posted in: Downtown Tokyo's homeless fear removal ahead of Olympics See in context

Wow, that's pretty heartless. A lot of homeless people do in fact work. The guy who lives under a bridge in my area is always out sweeping the streets and sidewalks, cleaning up. I give him sandwiches and other food and he appreciates it.

Serrano- we don't agree on a lot of things, but good on you mate. I'd shake your hand now if I could. This is the correct way of dealing with homeless people. we need to HUMANIZE them first. And that' s something gov and the public in many places around the world have trouble doing.

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Posted in: No doubt e-cigarettes harmful: WHO See in context

Aly, pretty sure there is second hand smoking dangers with vaping. If nothing else, it is entirely logical. Breathing in poison means breathing out said poison, then I flipping have to breathe it in when I am in the vapor's thoughtless vicinity. And yes, bring on the science.

Hi Pat! My understanding was that with vaping you are simply exhaling vapour- that is evaporated liquid from the vaping fluid. There is no Tar in vaping which is the main culprit in cigs, which is why I assumed there was no second hand involved. I could be wrong. Wouldn't be the first time either.

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Posted in: No doubt e-cigarettes harmful: WHO See in context


> I have no idea if you smoke but I have been around smokers and vapers,

I don't in Japan, but when I visit family overseas I do both.

I notice that the vaping fog of fumes is oily,clingy and heavy.

> Definitely not something to breath into ones lungs....

My experience has been the opposite. I've never found vape fumes to be disagreeable, but it could be a psychological thing... I don't know. I would like to see the science behind second hand fumes of vapes, because we should know.

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Posted in: French investigators to move ahead with Ghosn prosecution over palace party See in context

Apparently it becomes a personal matter to get the skin of Ghosn.

> never see the JGOV moving so much for one person. they really don t want he speak.

> All the best Ghosn!

Agree 100%

Sellout Macron, never helped Ghosn when he was imprisoned and now sucking up to Japan to win points.

Macron is a joke. An absolute joke.

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Posted in: Abe denies false statements over party scandal as opposition ups pressure See in context

The event has been carried out in line with the government's long-held practice. But as I know there has been growing criticism from the Japanese people, I will sincerely reflect on this and conduct a thorough review as part of my responsibility,

where do they come up with this BS?? Oh and one more thing...

Abe said he takes the blame for having appointed Kawai and other aides as Cabinet ministers who later resigned following money and gift-giving scandals.

And just how, pray tell, are you going to do THAT?

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Posted in: Japan confirms 2nd new coronavirus infection See in context

This is starting to worry me. Also in the news, the virus has just reached Singapore.

Some were saying this could reach casualty levels similar to the great Spanish Flu.

> I highly doubt it.

I also think that's pushing it ALOT. People also need to understand that thousands upon thousands of people do die from the common flu every year. But that doesn't mean that this news isnt cause for concern...

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Posted in: 24,000 items of undelivered mail hidden at postman’s home See in context

“I couldn't be bothered delivering them.”

Oh ok...WHAAA???

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Posted in: No doubt e-cigarettes harmful: WHO See in context

While I agree that vaping does have negative health side effects, the statement reads like its a heroine epidemic. Vaping, in my humble opinion is still a MUCH better alternative to smoking.

Electronic cigarettes are harmful both to users and bystanders exposed to the fumes,

I'm really curious to see the science behind second hand smoke coming from vaping- I always assumed there was no second hand. really interested in seeing the science.

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Posted in: Ice festival See in context

WOW! Ice festival AND onsen! That is absolutely awesome!

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Posted in: Lebanon, Japan have 40 days to agree on Ghosn's fate See in context

If I were Ghosn, I'd spill ALL the beans I could and name EVERYONE and show all the files now. He's held back a bit so far now but if I were him, the gloves should come off and soon

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This is awful. Just plain awful. Thank you LDP and Abe

> Don't forget to thank the voters who keep voting them back in.

Point taken.

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With tensions already escalating between leading Democratic contenders, the party's last presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, reignited a years-old feud with Bernie Sanders on Tuesday by refusing to say whether she would support her former rival should he win the nomination this year. Clinton also said in an upcoming documentary that “nobody likes” Sanders, adding in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter that he has permitted a culture of “relentless attacks" on his competitors, "particularly the women.”

Look who's talking. Lady, you ran against one of the most reviled people even before he became president and lost. So just shut up. No one wants to hear from you.

Comments like that make it VERY easy to see why some people who voted Obama in twice voted for Trump.

Yet she agreed with Clinton's criticism of Sanders, calling the Vermont senator the biggest threat to party cohesion and blaming him for not working hard enough to help Clinton in 2016.

> "Why would she like him?" Lettow said of the independent senator. “He's not even an actual Democrat."

actually, it was Bill who pushed the party from being left to being center left- allowing the republicans to move even more to the right. And that was Hillary's agenda as well. My fear is that the Dems will again put someone center left to face Trump and they will be chewed up and spit out by him.

I personally believe that the only person who can beat trump is sanders. that's my belief. So here is my prediction for the next election:

Either we will have a President Bernie Sanders or Trump gets a second term. That's my prediction. My personal opinion. You heard it here first.

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Posted in: From Taiwan to Moscow reshuffle, Xi and Putin face their limits See in context

lets hope the tide turns on these 2 despicable excuses for world leaders. 2 men who have done more damage to freedom and democracy than anyone in this day and age.

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Posted in: 6 things I wish someone had told me about job hunting in Japan See in context

#3. Don’t try to blend in—it’s pointless!

Yeah probably the best bit of advice anyone can ever give you here. Anyway, postive thoughts.. positive the picture.

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Posted in: Downtown Tokyo's homeless fear removal ahead of Olympics See in context

Nearly 16% of Japanese fall below the poverty rate, with annual income below the cutoff of 1.2 million yen ($11,000), according to 2017 Japanese government data. The poverty rate for single-adult households with children is way higher, at 51%.

This is awful. Just plain awful. Thank you LDP and Abe

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Posted in: Mayor of town hosting nuclear plant admits receiving ¥1 mil from construction firm See in context

"I caused a lot of trouble and regret it," he said.

Yep. that should be enough. Oh maybe a deep bow or too. No going to jail. No 8 hour interrogations with a shower every 5 days. No confinement to a cell where you are not allowed to turn off the light to sleep. Just express regret and bow. Ah...for the life of a Japanese politician...

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Posted in: Abe denies false statements over party scandal as opposition ups pressure See in context

Keep the pressure on! The only way to force any changes here is for the public opinion polls to significantly drop.

That's right. Just keep chipping away until the tower of Babel collapses!

However the problem then becomes Abe calling a snap election, which he knows the LDP will win!

That's my worry too. The snap election is Abe's trump card (no pun intended).

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Posted in: Japan should ban confiscation of foreign employees' passports, lawyer says See in context

There is a government guideline advising against the confiscation of passports but it is not legally binding.

Yup. Typical Japan.

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Posted in: Japanese prosecutors hit back at Ghosn's '8 hours of questions' claim See in context

More pathetic damage-control from the MOJ.

Good! The more they talk the less credibility they have. They don't have the good sense to shut up, regroup and come up with a proper defense. They're incompetant.

"Everything has been recorded and would have been used as evidence for a judgement," Saito said. "In such conditions, if we were extracting confessions by force, it would be visible."

Really?? How so??

Then show the video.

THIS!! Ghosn has got them on the ropes. What is extremely important is that the international media continues to keep the spotlight on Japan.

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Posted in: Abe rebuffs opposition resignation call over contentious gov't event See in context

Waiting for him to accidentally become PM for life next.

Cricky- Funny you say that cause that's also exactly what I was thinking..

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Posted in: Fukushima says radiation poses no threat to Olympic torch relay See in context

Fukushima says radiation poses no threat to Olympic torch relay

I'll pass thanks

Why would anyone really want to go near the site of a nuclear disaster?

beats me

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Posted in: SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son: Tech visionary or mediocre capitalist with too much money to spend? See in context

agree with bill. He's both. more of the latter in my opinion

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Posted in: Ghosn lawyers rebut new Nissan claims against fugitive exec See in context

Nissan confirmed both were true, but denied there was any conflict of interest. The company said it considered it inappropriate to contact Ghosn or Kelly because the company and they were co-defendants.

What a load of horse manure!

“This report confirms that Nissan's investigation was biased, lacked integrity and independence, and was designed and executed for the predetermined purpose of taking out Carlos Ghosn,” the lawyers said in a statement.

Hell ya! And those guys are Japanese. Lets see them get accused of Japan bashing .

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Posted in: Ghosn's aide Kelly stands high chance of acquittal: ex-prosecutor See in context

Ghosn's aide Kelly stands high chance of acquittal: ex-prosecutor

Of course. Because now all eyes are on Japan. So they have to show some semblance of fairness. Ghosn did the right thing. and he has constantly mentioned Kelly during his speeches.

What a load of rubbish! Yeah, both of them 'could' be acquitted 'if' they can hold out for years in detention with daily interrogations and threats of "Confess or it will get worse for you." Then, even if they are acquitted, they will get no compensation for being wrongly accused, unfairly incarcerated and slandered through the Japanese media for what could be five years or more. Personally, I don't blame Ghosn for doing a runner from this ridiculous injustice system, He is one of the few lucky ones who have the resources to take such a bold move. There are thousands who are stuck in a Japanese prison suffering the pathetic wrath of this stupid system, Kelly being one of them.

Couldn't possibly agree more

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Posted in: Abe rebuffs opposition resignation call over contentious gov't event See in context

Agree with Yubaru and Chip.

"If you continue to stay in the current post without clarifying the allegations, our society's morals will continue to be damaged," Yukio Edano, leader of the main opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, said during a parliamentary session.

"We strongly urge you to resign from the post of prime minister," he said.

Go Edano!! You Da MAN!!!!

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Posted in: Japan, UK discuss handover of 3 robbery suspects despite no extradition treaty See in context

I also want to add one more thing: japan has an extradition treaty with the US. The US has asked Japan to extradite 2 Japanese senior members of Takata for the faulty airbags that KILLED and MAIMED some people and the Japanese have so far refused to do so. So Japan does not even honour its extradition treaties.

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Posted in: Japan, UK discuss handover of 3 robbery suspects despite no extradition treaty See in context

I am a British citizen. Despite whatever proof there is of these three being guilty of this crime, I would be very disappointed if my country decided to extradite them to a country with such a backwards, unfair, oppressive, brutal and possibly corrupt legal and justice system.

> @Stewart Gale as a Brit myself, I agree. Despite this crime committed in Japan, if the UK were to hand them over at the request of the Japanese corrupt justice system with not even an extradition agreement in place prior. That would be unforgiving.

I am a british citizen and I would like to add my voice to Stewart and Marsh. Japan's backward justice system is less than third world. We shouldn't extradite our citizens there. PLUS I'm willing to be that if the roles were reversed NO WAY would the Japanese extradite their citizens to the UK.

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Posted in: Japan faces decision over contaminated Fukushima nuclear plant water See in context

Photography was highly restricted and no conversations were allowed with the workers.

So take everything the gov and TEPCO says with a grain of salt.

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