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Posted in: Japan's elderly population living alone to jump 47% by 2050 See in context

Change the aging laws. Allow 4 and ready to make you happy again.

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Posted in: Kishida says gov't working on accelerating COVID-19 booster shots See in context

Why did you send the voucher yellow envelope if you can not accept reservation. ؟؟؟؟؟؟

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Posted in: Japan's disabled artisans fight for spotlight See in context

What is the name of the shop and address I can visit?

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Posted in: Medley winner See in context


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Posted in: Japan launches COVID-19 vaccine certificate app See in context

If your Individual Number Card has another name, you will not be able to issue an inoculation certificate from the app.

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Posted in: Japan launches COVID-19 vaccine certificate app See in context

I downloaded the app and during the setup I got an error.


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Posted in: Japan considers not sending ministers to Beijing Olympics See in context

Japan should do this because they believe on it as the right thing and not someone told them to do so.

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Posted in: Tokyo Tower lights up in celebration of Ohtani MVP award See in context

Deserve the recognition as it is not that easy to achieve. Congratulation Ohtani......

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Posted in: Japan to administer COVID-19 booster shots from Dec 1 See in context

I am ready to get the third one, once I received my voucher. It will give me a sense of relief that people surround me are safe from getting infected. Thank you.

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Posted in: Fly me to the moon: Billionaire Maezawa seeks 8 passengers for lunar trip See in context

Sure. Count me in.

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Posted in: Mori apologizes for sexist remarks, but refuses to resign See in context

Sir. Do not resign. We have no time for what you have done for long time to train new person about the Olympic Games. It is just a slip statement. We are better with you sir.

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Posted in: Cases of patients turned away by hospitals up fivefold over virus See in context

This is normal for hospitals in Japan even before CV-19. I have seen it and witnessed it. I hope they will learn from this time and matter going forward.

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Posted in: 2020 Tokyo Olympic organizers struggling to find enough buses, drivers See in context

Where to apply? I got a large bus license in 2017. How much do they pay in monthly bases?

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Posted in: Western Union expands in Japan with 8,860 points of presence See in context


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Posted in: Election goal See in context

Blue Samurai did their best and it is victory in my opinion. Being in world cup is enough to honor their country. However, labeling it as a political victory may not be suitable but I think should be praised in up coming election to recognize Samurai Bluse achievement. With doubt I lost intrest inb world cup after Japan lost in penalty. But it did unit the nation. Next time Okada-san....Bad decision we all make in every day of our life.

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Posted in: Stuffed teenage girls arrested for trying to eat and run at restaurant See in context

good for all of you...Cheers..

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Posted in: Hatoyama becomes prime minister, vowing to end bureaucrat-led politics See in context

DPJ planned it and won. Now we have to give them a chance to govern. Good Luck Hatoyama...it will be a tough time a head of you. Jobs should be in your high priority. People are suffering and I am one of them. If I see real change in this area, next election you have my vote again.

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Posted in: Ministers to skip overseas meetings See in context

May be the new boss said no until he form new cabinet.

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