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They say the reason for denying him entry and deporting him,is because he lied about going to "dolphin day" event in August. WHY didn't they take him into custody and deport him back in August then?? Do they even have any proof, that he was at that event?? Even if he did go, obviously he wasn't protesting, harassing anyone, or doing anything wrong or they would have arrested him on the spot, right? Japan is feeling the pressure as more and more light is shed on this horrific and brutal slaughter, that is NOT, for culture or tradition!! Culture and tradition means something that's ritual, routine, something that's been handed down from generation to generation!! The dolphin drives and slaughters have been around since the late 50s-60s, that's NOT that long ago!! And capturing and selling Dolphins for captivity is NOT a friggin tradition, it's exploitation!! People have said that Ric lies about what goes on in the cove. Live streaming does NOT lie, watch it for yourself, watch the horror that goes on there, in real time with your own eyes!! Before the movie "The Cove" came out, the fisherman savagely and brutally slaughtered these Dolphins out in the open I front of everyone to see. Now they they try to hide their cruelty and dirty work under tarps!! WHY?? It's obviously not because they feel guilty about it!!! It's to try hide it from the world, who majority, condemn it!! It's all done for money and ego!!

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