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Posted in: China preserves WWII Japanese military brothel See in context

Best way to make the point is to actually reopen it as a brothel for Japanese military! Now that would be real news! China will never let the past go and will always play the 'hate Japan' card to distract its citizens from the real issues.

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Posted in: American man arrested over theft of car with children in back seat See in context

I also feel that the parents were careless. If there were 2 parents present ( as implied by the article) then why was it necessary for BOTH to go into the store at the same time and leave the kids alone in the car with the keys in the ignition? In some countries such as the US, this is actually a crime nowadays and considered to be child abuse/neglect. As for the thief being an unemployed & homeless American, well I'll leave others to comment on that....

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Posted in: CNN newscaster can’t stop laughing at crazy Japanese mascot See in context

Has anybody seen the promotion that CNN constantly plays showing a clip from her interview with Jimmy Wales?

She says this "Not only are you the founder of Wikipedia but you’re also a thinker. What are you thinking now?"

This really cracks me up and makes me laugh....

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Posted in: Germany rout Portugal 4-0; U.S. beat Ghana 2-1; Iran, Nigeria draw 0-0 See in context

Pepe fouled Muller with a hand in his face when both jumped for a ball. Muller dropped like he'd been hitten by a hammer and pretended to be in agony on the ground (=playacting). Pepe saw this and was annoyed that Muller was overreacting to try to get a foul given or even a card for the tackle. Pepe pushed his head against Mullers and Muller dropped again. Pepe gets immediate red card.

Now, what I said earlier and what others are saying as well is that Muller had a huge part in all of this and his theatrical playacting pretending to be injured was the cause of Pepe's tantrum. Yes, of course head butting is a red card offence and Pepe deserved to go. The argument is that Muller could have been more of a man about it and not drop at the original foul which caused the incident.

Anyway, onwards to next game.,.

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Posted in: Germany rout Portugal 4-0; U.S. beat Ghana 2-1; Iran, Nigeria draw 0-0 See in context

Muller should be embarrassed - what a wimp and bad actor. Yes, Pepe was an idiot but it is clear to see that he was reacting to Muller's theatrics. That incident ruined the game. Ref should have shown better judgement & gave him yellow instead of red.

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Posted in: 3 children, mother fall to deaths from 14th floor of Chiba condo See in context

I really hate seeing such stories like this as there must have been a better way for her to solve her problems. I don't understand what kind of twisted logic a mother uses to convince herself that murdering her kids is the solution.

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Posted in: Japan demands China withdraw plane encounter video footage See in context

If indeed the footage is fake then it is to Japan's advantage to have it shown. Asking for it o be withdrawn does not make any sense and actually looks bad for Japan. Let's have the TRUTH for a change! Wonder if it's a clip from Top Gun like North Korea used before...

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Posted in: Court rules against man who sued NHK for using too many loan words See in context

I think he has been watching too many US courtroom dramas. What a waste of court time and his money.

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Posted in: 'Breaking Bad' leads popularity of TV on Twitter See in context

BB is by far the best TV show I have seen - great plot, characters, acting. Unlike other shows which disappoint after a few seasons, BB doesn't and keeps you captivated. If you haven't seen it, take a look!

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Posted in: 9-year-old boy survives fall from 11th floor, landing in tree See in context

at 6pm on a Tuesday, I am surprised that nobody (especially the parents) saw the kids and told them to stop & that it was dangerous as they were obviously playing on the wall of the stairwell. unbelievably lucky boy this time.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for fatally stabbing 2-month-old daughter See in context

There is so much wrong about this and I cannot understand how/why anybody would do this to their own child. If she is unable or unwilling to raise her child, then why not give her up for adoption or even put her in a foster home? I don't get why she went through pregnancy & childbirth and raised the girl for 2 months before this outcome.

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Posted in: 2-year-old girl drowns in irrigation ditch in Niigata See in context

I'm not intending 'we' blame anybody. We don't know the full story - only the parents do. If they really neglected the kid then they will be charged with that and brought to justice. It's great that you pay such close attention to your kids and this will be a lesson to others as well. The consequences of one mistake can be devastating.

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Posted in: 2-year-old girl drowns in irrigation ditch in Niigata See in context

It's very easy to point the finger and blame her parents for not paying enough attention, but it's impossible to know the full story from this short article. Anything could have happened and you shouldn't judge. All that I can tell from this is that it's a tragic accident that will haunt her parents for the rest of their lives. RIP.

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Posted in: Healthy ice cream? Well, these new Häagen-Dazs vegetable flavors at least sound healthy See in context

Vegetable flavoured ice-cream? Hmmm... For a really healthy alternative, try freezing a banana & then putting it in a blender - tastes amazing!

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Posted in: Visitors flock to China memorial to Japanese official's assassin See in context

I heard Justin Bieber is on his way over to make amends for visiting Yasukuni..

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Posted in: 79 U.S. sailors sue TEPCO over radiation during Operation Tomodachi See in context

while this suit is ridiculous and reinforces all the stereotypes about the US legal system, the last comment by TEPCO is a bit surprising - they are saying that the US army/navy should not be depending on TEPCO's press releases and public statements while they expected the Japanese to... Hmm...

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Posted in: Price hike See in context

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Posted in: Bus driver in fatal crash suffered from sleep apnea See in context

Sleep apnea means that your breathing stops very often during the night ( sometimes > 60 times/hour!) and as a result you don't get a decent sleep and are therefore tired/drowsy throughout the day. It certainly can cause you to sleep during the day and if diagnosed must be treated. A breathing device (mask) called a CPAP is used and this helps to force air to your lungs and facilitate uninterrupted sleep.

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Posted in: China mulls days to remember defeat of Japan, Nanjing Massacre See in context

Why not just call it the "Hate Japan Day". It's getting very tiring hearing all this propaganda time & time again - it happened a long long time ago & most people have moved on and are trying to get on with their lives & focus on the future, not the past.Yes, bad things happened, very bad things, but reliving them solves nothing. It all seems to be a clever ploy to distract Chinese people from the serious burning issues affecting them and blame someone.

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Posted in: Angela Aki to put musical career on indefinite hold See in context

Sounds like the plot on Glee ;-)

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Posted in: The big squeeze: Kirin Tropicana Japan See in context

for anybody who owns a juicer and juices at home, these all taste like cr@p and are not healthy. all of the nutrients have been taken out by the time it leaves the factory.still, they are not as bad for you as coke etc.

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Posted in: Japan's national health insurance can save your life and savings See in context

There are good and bad doctors everywhere. In my case I am eternally grateful for the quick thinking and competent medical staff at both Keio Univ & Showa Univ hospitals who saved my life. You need to look around for doctors who you trust and are comfortable with, but in my view the standard is quite high.

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Posted in: 'Hobbit' trilogy costs $561 mil so far See in context

LOTR was a great series of movies. I started to watch The Hobbit on TV a few weeks ago and fell asleep. Nothing in comparison to LOTR...

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Posted in: Major eruption could cause Mt Fuji’s new life as Cultural Heritage Site to be short lived See in context

Yes we all know that Mt Fuji is a volcano and can erupt. We have heard it many times. Do we really need more scaremongering?

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Posted in: Abe visits island near disputed chain See in context

Headline is misleading - he visited Ishigaki which is a pretty big island and one of the most popular ones in Okinawa. It is undisputedly a Japanese island but headline almost suggests that he visited Senkaku islands themselves, even though they are several hundred km away.... When he comes back to Tokyo they can also report that he visits an island close to the disputed Senkaku islands... Oh well...

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Posted in: Education ministry will allow all schools to open on Saturdays from next year See in context

I believe this was triggered by a survey in which about 80% of parents supported extending the school week to include Saturdays. It's interesting to note tha most non-Japanese do not agree with the idea. This conveniently gives parents extra time to do other things such as play golf, pachinko, watch tv and ignore family responsibilities. It's a pretty sad situation which will undoubtedly get worse.

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Posted in: Armstrong: I'm still record Tour de France winner See in context

Impossible to win without doping? - It's a race hich means that whever crosses over the finishing line first is the winner. You don't need drugs to do that. He doesn't deserve any more publicity or press coverage and his opinions are irrelevant. Ignoring him would be just punishment

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Posted in: Japan Restoration Party unveils ambitious election manifesto See in context

Such a shame that most of the people who voice an opinion about Hashimoto/Ishihara/Restoration Party are not able to vote. Sadly they might do quite well because many people who actually do vote only research the candidates on the election date and are highly influenced by manifestos/promises, even if they are totally unrealistic.

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Posted in: G-8 discuss Syria, hostage ransoms, tax evasion on last day of summit See in context

Ironic that Obama discusses tax evasion in the North while his wife pops down to the South and has a cosy lunch with Bono, who incidentally doesn't pay tax in Ireland...

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