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I would like to point out using “Pro-Korean” is NOT to appropriate for this case first, since almost people who express “Pro-Korean” is NOT Japanese, but Korean. Those Korean are children and grandchildren of smuggling themselves into Japan, although they have told lie they had been taken to Japan by force. In addition, this article does not report why the protest against Korea correctly, but it reports only negative emotion such like “Hate Korea” or “racism”. This is VERY UNACCEPTABLE. The reason why the protest against Korea occurred was the conclusion of Korean’s behavior and propaganda of lie of history more than 60 years. reasons:

Korean told a lot of lie related with history, for example, comfort women, being taken to Japan by force, order to change their name like Japanese, etc., etc. Korean has requested Japan to apologies and compensation repeatedly, although they had agreed about compensation in 1965. Telling false story being victim of Japan to worldwide is violation of Japanese human rights. In addition, Korean’s action like this is profaned all people in the world. Recently, Korean insists to ban Rising Sun flag since the flag is the symbol of colony memorial, slave. However, also Korean joined the World War II under the flag. In addition, “colony of Japan” is NOT correct – annexation is correct. They always tell lie to be victim. Korean attacked Takeshima then killed 44 and kidnapped 3929 of Japanese fishermen in 1952 though, Korean has told lie that Takeshima (Docto) is their territory. In addition, Korean proceeded agreement about compensation profitably with hostage in 1965. More, Koreans who live currently in Japan is the result of this compulsion. Koreans requested to live in Japan forever, some priorities in daily life then got it. However, Korean hides those truth and told lie they are victim, Takeshima is their territory. Insult The Emperor, The Imperial Family and Japanese national flag. They name false name like Japanese to hide they are Korean. About this, they told a lie again, they were discriminated by Korean name in Japan though, the truth is they tried to escape from Chinese’s revenge to name Japanese. As Korean ill-treated Chinese during Japan – Korea annexation, Chinese began to attack and kill Korean. In addition, Korean is on top position of crime rate per nationality in Japan. They name false name like Japanese to hide their crime - Japanese media tends to report false name like Japanese, although they are Korean. Korean also tell a lie they are Japanese even if in overseas. Go to city halls by large group and act violate to get welfares. Stole and destroy, setting on fire a lot of Japanese culture properties. Korean insists protect to Korea is discrimination though, they never acknowledged they discriminate and insult Japan as above mentioned.

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