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Posted in: Defense budget rises with funding for stealth fighters, long-range missiles See in context

Japan is shielding the developing countries from China's influencers not just for its own safeguard but for the sake of poor countries. China led the economies of all countries down after making the entire world in trouble by promoting covid, now seeking to put the poor countries in debt and interfere in matters of neighbouring countries. Recent leakage of database by Chinese spy in the UK has led to the threat of UK protection.

Suga is well aware by Chinese strategy, So he has put the great initiative for the saftey of Japan and his neighbour.

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Posted in: Japan to develop longer-range anti-ship missiles as China pressure mounts See in context

Good news indeed. Excellent for Japan. Maybe these long-range anti-ship missiles would not be appropriate if Communist China were not actively hostile and intimidating Japan.

China should be confident that Japan and the US will finish them if they start anything.

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Posted in: Rickshaw bomb kills 15 kids in eastern Afghanistan See in context

Day by day, the crimes of the Taliban against the Afghan people are rising. Pakistan is responsible not only for militant attacks on neighbouring nations, but also for killing minorities of its own. Pakistan's economic condition is currently not healthy. Moreover, Imran Khan is now deeply in debt and is calling for more loans, and he is using the funds to finance the actions of extremists and terrorists. In Pakistan, the Taliban considered themselves secure and were also educated by the Pakistani army. Why is it just in Pakistan where all this terrorism originates?

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Posted in: U.S. blacklists dozens of Chinese firms including SMIC, DJI See in context

Since China is already invading the US, stealing data and even hacking through its telecommunication methods, and after realizing China's evil deeds, the US is imposing several sanctions alongside the EU. All countries should phase out imports from China slowly. Only then can China know that invading other nations will cost them heavily.

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Posted in: China offers to work with Biden; warns of new 'McCarthyism' See in context

There have been many allegations, including human rights violations, actions by the Chinese military, especially in the South China Sea, and theft of American technology.

Corruption and bullying within and outside China have harmed the interests of US national security, undermined the sovereignty of our allies and partners, and violated the human rights and dignity of ethnic and religious minorities. The US Department of the Interior has grounded its drone fleet in China's global drone sector, facing growing security concerns about Chinese electronic electronics. Partnership with China means exposing its security and the US knows China's strategy better.

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Posted in: Hackers' broad attack sets cyber experts worldwide scrambling to defend networks See in context

I also read that 18,000 American companies are now owned by China. Taking ''necessary steps'' in the aftermath of the #cyberattack when sensitive state information has been leaked already is too late. 

Necessary steps to protect critical infrastructures should be taken seriously by ALL governments around the world.

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Posted in: French President Macron tests positive for COVID-19 See in context

What kind of coincidence!! Covid will first make Trump and now Macron affected. Why has Xi Jinping been out of danger so far? Is this a policy that would impact the strongest nations?

As well as the Chinese presence in Marintine in scrubbing other countries' sovereignty, it is now an old practise to try to trap the UK database using spy in foreign companies and banks. China is seeking to bow down the strongest leaders with a high economy with its biological weapon.

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Posted in: 344 Nigerian schoolboys released after mass kidnapping See in context

Boko Haram says hundreds of boys and girls have been abducted and Raped. What a filthy deed of such evil. Nigeria is not just a local concern, but the world is suffering. All countries should work together to quickly eradicate that group and countries such as Pakistan that are responsible for that form of terrorism and that are supporting and recruiting such terrorists.

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Posted in: Minister fends off criticism that decision to suspend travel subsidy campaign came too late See in context

The Go To Travel initiative should not have been cancelled a month earlier, but should have been suspended nationwide. Completely compensate individuals for the price or encourage re-use. It would not have stopped the propagation of the virus, but it would probably have slowed down the spread.

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Posted in: Japan, China to seek early setup of defense hotline See in context

Beijing believes the global order is at a breaking point. It is regularly assaulting through “salami tactics”- where a dominant power attempts to establish its hegemony piece by piece. China, an expansionist country will never leave their old habits of forceful occupation of territories. And even, China is at disputes with at least 4 of its neighbors at the border. An ancient empire so great brought to shame by greedy mentality & ideology.

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Posted in: Japan says it is seeking closer ties with U.S. after Biden's win affirmed See in context

Each nation under the Biden administration is looking for better relations with the U.S. and some are even hoping for tighter bonds. And China, because of its misadventures and its rising illegal activities around the world, is going to be under further sanctions.

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Posted in: Australia says China ban on its coal exports would be clear WTO breach See in context

More than half-a-dozen Australian industries have been hit with trade strikes by Beijing since Australia called for an inquiry into the origins of the coronavirus in April. The dispute has accelerated since Australia criticised China's actions in Hong Kong and the South China Sea and now covers more than $20 billion in Australian exports across beef, barley, wine and coal.

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Posted in: Mayor defends councilwoman's ouster over sexual assault claim See in context

But a woman accuses a mayor of sexual harassment and the response of the mayor and community is to fire her without investigation into her allegations, due process, or any process at all because they say that her complaint harms the reputation of the town.

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Posted in: Surging coronavirus undermines leaders' support in Japan, S Korea See in context

As countries around the world struggle to cope with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and its detrimental impact on socio-economic life, some vulnerable groups appear to be at risk of being overlooked when preventive and protective measures to fight the spread of the virus are formulated. Prisoners and inmates are one such group.

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Posted in: Koike says vaccines give hope for Olympics but worried about complaceny over virus See in context

I assume many countries will be more worried with having their economies back on track, even though vaccination is well on the way by next summer (Japan included). Not just a ray of hope, it's a real big torch for suppliers, lenders, appliers at sales points and so forth, like Olympics in the winner's scheme as well. But nothing more the pandemic takes more time and other steps to defeat it.

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Posted in: New Zealand aims to open travel bubble with Australia by April See in context

Both countries have pretty much eliminated community transmission. Coming from outside the bubble will still require a two week hotel quarantine. Besides, Australia and New Zealand already had their winter and didn't quite see same surges as in Europe/US. So they know they have it under control..

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Posted in: Hundreds of Nigerian students missing after attack on school See in context

And Katsina is the state of the president & the said attack occurred even as the president visited the state!!

The planet needs to take care that  @MBuhari has not only failed Nigerians, but also people from his village!! Katsina, the state that creates the chief armed forces president and commander, however eventually transforms to the state with the largest number of crimes. You've absolutely deceived Katsina state people and Nigerians in general, #Buhari, God will.

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Posted in: Silent nights: Germany tightens lockdown over festive period See in context

No one will know exactly how long the vaccination will be effective against this virus. Overall, very little is known about the virus. I was also very surprised to hear that the mostly people are tested positive again after an infection during the first wave in the spring. So far it was assumed that these were only isolated cases.

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Posted in: China looks forward on anniversary of 1937 Nanjing massacre See in context

The CCP's hypocrisy is lost when it looks back 83 years into the past about how many Chinese were killed by the Japanese Imperial Forces, and then today the CCP proceeds to kill its own people way, far, far above the atrocities inflicted by the Japanese Imperial Forces 83 years ago.

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Posted in: Ethiopia returning Eritrean refugees to Tigray camps; U.N. concerned over move See in context

Another fabricated lie by the Ethiopian government. @AbiyAhmedAli has disconnected all communication means to Tigray and now we hear a one side to what's really going on in Tigray. If #Ethiopia has nothing to hide why not allow independent investigation. Some of the Aid staff, security guards, were killed 2 days before Eth army arrive in the refugee camp. So who was trying to overrun the camp? Typical CRY WOLF strategy of TPLF & its international propagandists.

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Posted in: Japan to build 2 ships equipped with Aegis missile defense system See in context

Even of the pandemic, China has not halted or slowed down its military buildup and large ship building projects. Instead of being bullied into doing what is in China's best interests because it has a navy three or four times the size or even larger, Japan needs to be autonomous and be able to ensure it will make decisions in its own best interests.

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Posted in: Japan to keep tax cuts for home, car buyers to help virus-hit economy See in context

The businesses that market these goods, not so much the people, actually profit from automobile and housing tax cuts. As mentioned above the ordinary Joe and Jane will gain even more from a cut in the city/prefecture tax and sales tax on food. If their people still cared for the administration.

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Several experts are reviewing data from the British-Russian duo AstraZeneca and Sputnik on the Covid-19 vaccine in order to achieve a more adequate and reliable dose and not to rely on two equivalent shots of a single vaccine, to exercise global transparency and to share a bond for the welfare of society. China, which he used to refer to developing nations, had misleading vaccine effects. However, British and Russian developers are working hard to make this program successful, to ensure that the vaccine does not have an adverse effect on people and that they achieve full immunity. It doesn't matter who's vaccine will function first, the only thing for them is the world's best outcomes.

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Posted in: Gov't urges 'quiet' year-end, but will continue Go To Travel campaign See in context

In other words people should not take good precautions enough that cases escalate, but they will allow crowding and population migration that is sure to make it worse because we believe that people will take proper care of them.

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Posted in: Hong Kong media mogul Jimmy Lai charged under security law See in context

It is clear that Communist China will continue to escalate political repression in Hong Kong, and only strong and prompt global condemnation will first slow down and stop the CCP's regional expansion of authoritarianism. No one would have to risk their lives to demonstrate if China upheld the pledge and enforced autonomy in Hong Kong, but the CCP only knows how to silence people with abuse and political repression.

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Posted in: U.S. Olympic officials back athletes' right to protest at Tokyo Olympics See in context

Japan neither knows, nor worries for, protests in the U.S. and other countries, or something else. They are only interested in telling the world how awesome they are, all the while being so extremely polite with their omotenashi, unbeatable customer service and incredible courtesy.

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Posted in: U.S. about to sanction Turkey over Russian defense system See in context

One possible consequence of this decision is that Turkey will likely expand defense cooperation with Russia, which could include purchasing a 2nd S-400 regiment, or Su-35 or Su-57 fighters (Turkey showed interest in both).

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Posted in: Morocco joins other Arab nations agreeing to normalize Israel ties See in context

This brilliant move by Morocco, and if we see other countries normalise the relationship with Israel, might be a major step in normalising the relationship with other Middle East countries and exchanging the resources that the Middle East has to offer.

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Posted in: States respond to Texas bid to overturn U.S. election at Supreme Court See in context

Where does a state have the right or standing to contest the laws enacted by another sovereign state in the US Constitution? The US Constitution grants states the obligation to hold their own elections in the way they have opted to do so. For eg, states like California might sue Texas for not permitting unlimited mail in voting to turn the rationale of the Texas case around. Or they may sue Texas for not allowing remote selection of ballots and argue that any of their ballots be invalidated by the US Supreme Court. On their face, these notions are patently absurd and have no foundation in law. Because they didn't like the result of their vote or the way it was handled, one US state should not sue another.

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Posted in: Japan pledges support to vaccinate Tokyo Olympic athletes See in context

Why does JAPAN even assume that the Olympics are significant enough to spend billions to accommodate something that most Japanese people think less for, considering what is happening in the world? The money pledged and thrown around should be put here to be used to support its own people, couldn't it? I mean the Travel Grant was already shot right at their faces, didn't it? Is it not been shown that by enabling its citizens to travel, they have increased the spread of COVID?

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