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Posted in: Critics dispute Michelin regard for Tokyo food See in context

Tokyo certainly doesn't have the best Japanese food in the world. You can go to any small town or provincial city to get better.

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Posted in: Baseball See in context

They just got out-played by the other teams. The fact is the US, Cuban, and Korean teams were just better than them in Beijing. They can complain about a rules change all they want, but every team played by those same rules. I don't know if the coach was especially bad, but I can't imagine he deserves as much hate as he seems to be getting. They came in 4th which isn't bad considering how strong the medalist teams are. I seem to remember Korea beating Japan twice at the WBC.

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Posted in: Red Cliff See in context

This is actually just the first half of the story, the second part will be released in January at the same time the English language version is released. Looking forward to this one.

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Posted in: U.S. Navy warns of possible radioactive leak from nuclear sub in Sasebo, Okinawa See in context

The amount of radioactive subtance discharged was reported to be less than .5 microcurie. I am told that a barium meal that you get at the hospital is generally more than 1 microcurie, so this discharge is really next to nothing as far as the potential damage it could cause.

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Posted in: Man arrested for kicking Chihuahua puppy to death in Aichi See in context

Hmm... somehow I don't see this coward kicking a fully-grown mastiff to death even though I'm sure he'd be "scared by the dog”. Just another of these cowards who can only act out on helpless things.

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Posted in: Sewing needles found in sweet buns in Saitama See in context

Hmm.. time to search "Little Obasan Bakery" for sewing needles.

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Posted in: Farewell concert See in context

Falsies or not... doesn't really matter to me.

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Posted in: Akihabara See in context

I don't have any problem with stringing this guy up. Hang 'im high.

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