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Posted in: 2 Chinese women sought over vandalism at Meiji Shrine See in context

Wait, they left the country but are likely to return? Are they foreign residents of Japan? I don't get why they would return.... And if they went back to China like I assume, I don't think China would extradite them to Japan in a million years. Good luck with that hah!

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Posted in: Japanese WWII soldier who hid in Philippine jungle until 1974 dies See in context

victors write history. although many have a distaste of this man because ultimately he fought on the "wrong" side, if japan won the war, he would've been a national hero with parades and gun salutes. it all depends on whose side you were on and who won in the end. as a japanese descendant, i remind people that most soldiers fighting were not fanatical racist imperialists bent on worldwide domination. the movie 'letters from iwo jima' portray this and although there were fanatics, they were a minority in the scheme of things. there were many uprooted from their families who had no desire to fight. (my family and friend's families included)

it seems after reading this board that people are condemning the war spirit of the japanese army. although i'm not a supporter of the imperialist army, the 1930-40's were a very different time. honor is a big part of japanese culture but indeed it was too bad that some in the militarist government took it too far.

it really is a sad dilemma asia is in now. i blame the japanese government for being particularly insensitive to historical events and because of this, the cycle of hate only continues. generations of koreans and chinese are still being taught of the horrible events of WWII caused by japan (as they should be, facts are facts) and japan continues to be, under the surface, xenophobic to a certain extent. it just creates a toxic mix that taints relations in asia to this day. as a young adult myself, its probably up to the younger generations to reverse this trend. its getting better as time passes so we can only hope. (i know this post will be censored for irrelevance but i just wanted to let people know not all japanese online are netouyo fanatics)

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Posted in: Warming up See in context

since when did hairstyles intimidate opponents? i dont think anyone would look at messi and be intimidated...but his skill tells you otherwise

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Posted in: Okada braced for 'rough ride' in China if results don't go his way See in context

Everybody laughs at this. But it is not impossible. When I said this to the players, they also laughed."

LOL. I can just imagine that scene in the locker room. What confidence that team has sarcasm Well anyways good luck to you Okada. It wont be easy to coach in China but if he gets results, maybe soccer fans in Hangzhou wont be so anti-Japan...ahaha....right.

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