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Posted in: 'Shallow-brained bureaucrats' crackdown on love hotels unlikely to thwart teen prostitution See in context

Teen prostitution IN JAPAN is happening by choice. Why is everyone trying to be the moral guardians of those teens? This is being done by choice and NOT forced upon them. To me, when something is done voluntarily I don't think it is anyone's business to try and make a moral meal of that action and sit down there judging those teens. Remember, where there is a will there is a way and Teens will find a way to have sex if they want to. Now whether they choose to do it for money or with a much older guy who gives them gifts and money is no one else's but their choice to do so. Americans and other Westerners think that they are the "moral guardians" for the rest of the world and try to judge everyone for their actions. Are Americans and the westerners any more morally replete ? Absolutely NOT. Just because they have statutory rape clauses and laws does not make them any more morally superior. Look at the mess the west is creating in the rest of the world. It is time the west stopped judging and left people and other cultures to do as they please. I would advise the west to go and clean up their own backyards first before judging other countries. You cannot expect society and the government to be the chastity belt of the teenagers. There is too much time, money, effort being spent on trying to create a moral wrap around teen sexuality. LEAVE TEENS ALONE.

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