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Let the US leave Japan completely and end this treaty to protect it. Japan is capable of defending itself against China and Russia. US needs to go back to being neutural and end this web of never ending "protection packs."

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You're comment is to make it seem as if China means no harm. You're reading from not only a Chinese news website which is of course state ran - but also on it's English version which is made to downplay everything and make it seem as if China loves the west and just wants peace, rainbows, and love. They do that because they know millions of people search for Chinese news from western search engines like Google then come upon these articles to make it seem like the west are liars in their reports.

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I believe this is China trying to F with the Japanese American relations due to the islands. They've warned the US many times not to meddle with its affairs. The Japanese, Koreans, and Chinese should be far too familiar with the mentality of Washington, so their new zone and this seem as if they're getting a little nervous with the massive fleet build up and the new Ford Class carrier that will be the largest in the world and made just for the Pacific - even larger than Nimitz class. Enjoy the gift China. ~ From America :D P.S. I hope for peace, no war - the area has seen enough people die.

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