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Posted in: Working to death in Japan: Health warning over 'no overtime' law See in context

All this would do is make employers happy and overwork their employees.Its already too easy for employers to blame employees for not completing their work and using guilt to forcecthem to work whilst at home or overtime with no logged extra hours.

The government needs to monitor companies that force their employees to wear several hats ( do the workload of 2-3 people) and prevent this, before removing overtime from workers.

Efficiency is dependent on company policies and process, quite often its the company's inefficient processes and policies that prevent employees from working efficiently.

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Posted in: If you don't want your food genetically modified, tell nature to stop it. See in context

There are plenty of world scientist going on record claiming there is a real risk to human beings health from certain lab genetically modified foods, Also there has not been concludive studies to support tgat these midified foods are all safe yet...

Till that happens why risk it?

And people should always have the choice of what they wish to consume.

I applaud most of Europe rejecting monsanto and other US modified foods from entering their food chain...

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Posted in: Australian PM resists gay marriage referendum push See in context

Most of the world doesnt favour same sex marriage therefore gor now Australia isnt alone...

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Posted in: IMF urges Japan to take bold action on reforms, debt mess See in context

The IMF have nothing to say as Japan has an i ternal debt not external and its local investors are fine eith Japans path... The IMF is confused... its The USA and china that are of concern as both have huge external debts...If tge USA and China paid their huge monetary debt they owe Japan first tgen the IMF may have something to say perhaps.

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Posted in: Women sinking into poverty face bleak future See in context

New Zealand has a good system I agree, what Japan needs to do is ensure fair enforced labour standards as at present tgey have laws, but unenforced ones.

The main issue is unpaid overtime, forced overtime and the minimum wage being too low.

You see many men and women just getting by these days unable to save because of a system tgat has unenforced labor laws and allows employers to get away with paying peanuts...

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Posted in: 37-year-old woman gets 11 years for fatal assault of runaway girl See in context

Child welfare are in contradiction with the minor laws, until a teenager turns 20 they are firmly under the jurisdiction of the legal parents, welfare should have along with police help apprehended her on child custody laws and resettled her with her parents or placed her under protective services.

Japan has many agencys that are understaffed however many simply brush off work and do not really do much to enforce laws, because they can get away with an excuse.

two things need to happen, they need more staff and secondly they need to do tgeir jobs properly, you g lives are at risk.

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Posted in: 5 children, woman injured after car plows into them See in context

Ive driven for years and no Ive never been lucky, if you drive with your eyes where theyre supposed to be and you stop and slow down where kids are especially groups, you cannot end up pliwing into them and maim several killing one.

The problem is careless and teckless behaviour, the poor kid died for no reason and several are seriously injured.

I dont care about the US system, Japan should put the woman in jail and prevent her from driving ever again, at the very least.

The kids lives will never be the same, one child is gone forever, you cannot side with the driver at all on this sorry!

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Posted in: Japanese worry over Osprey safety after fatal Hawaii crash See in context

military plane crashes are rare considering the number of flights and compared to car crashes, they usually occur on or near bases and rarely involve civilians.

More to worry from malfunctioning Hondas and Toyotas or speeding taxis or trucks not stopping when children are on the pedestrian crossing, than an Osprey.

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Posted in: Hashimoto says he'll resign at end of term after referendum setback See in context

The Osaka people down voted the plan due to massive initial costs but more so the centralization and increased governance by a select few, the system now is slow and beauraucratic however it gives a bit more democracy in the number of voices being heard in Osaka. reducing it to five territories and giving rule of larger portions of the city to a few, many feared would lead to a less democratic process and a lean towards those who have wealth and political or corporate influence to dictate even more than now at tge expense of Osakas socially diverse population.

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Posted in: Gov't to release names of 'black companies' See in context

Correct smithinjapan, there are too many face value laws cs actuslly enforced laws. What is the point of publishing these companies names if the victims never get compensated and if tgey are not made to follow the labour laws?

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Posted in: Philippines threatens to suspend Japanese tycoon's casino license See in context

All that will happen in the Philippines with more casinos is increase the presence of gangs and corruption and crime.

The average wage is the philippines is bordering the poverty line, Casinos only feed govt. and the wealthy that run them. And increase the problems of people trafficking and everything that goes slong with the seedier side of gambling, money and the like.

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Posted in: Cherry blossoms also bring out the yakuza See in context

Strangeeland you have absolutely no basis to make those claims, there are many many unreported assaults and contant harassment as well as beatdowns dished out by these gangsters here, you need to gain perspective. They may not always resct outbin public, but they DO react, followingbyou home or to your workplace or wherever and bad things happen.

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Posted in: Pacquiao injury another hit for boxing See in context

If you feel cheated then blame it on the judges allowing Mayweather to run backwards for twelve rounds, even though injured, Manny took the fight to Mayweather, he fought. Mayweather ran, held and did not.

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Posted in: Travel agency closes after customers complain of not getting paid-for plane tickets See in context

Credit card companies and banks in Japan do not offer that type of protection in the event of a scam, their response is to tell you to discuss the matter with said party. Not helpful at all. They only intervene and slowly in the event your card was used illegally by a 3rd party. However if you yourself committed to a purchase and then never received your goods, in Japan youre basically on your own, unlike in the US.

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Posted in: Blogger lists three things foreigners do that impress the Japanese See in context

I always use the casual form of "Domo" when thanking staff, I believe Japanese rarely thank staff because they simply believe the staff is there to serve, Foreigners put the human element back in a form of communication exchange which is sorely lacking in Japan. Generally speaking communicating isnt something Japanese consider necessary. Foreigners prefer a warmer approach.

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Posted in: Michelin-star sushi restaurant in Tokyo defends foreigner rules See in context

The Mizutani sushi testaurant deserves to be fined and de starred for racial discrimination. I know a spanish permanent resident that is also fluent and has lived here for 28 years being refused on the grounds he wasnt japanese. He even showed them his residency card and they refused entrance unless he would let them charge his card first at some predetermined reservation rate even though he showed them a wallet full of cash, they do this only to foreign nationals. It is rascism.

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Posted in: Abe arrives in Boston to kick off weeklong U.S. visit See in context

when a few or a couple of nations leaders state they want to make they world into the vision they see... that is time to start worrying, Let the people decide that instead of deciding for the people. I know thats wishful thinking. As for European nations like Itsly being forceably locked into hosting US forces, yes this is wuite teue, look at New Zealand which refused US nuclear ships and physically kept them out of NZ waters. The US government sent death threats to the then NZ prime minister david lange and went on a csmpaign to boycott all NZ goods and imposed embargos. Japan is in the same situation I suspect. But I do not agree that korea and vietnam have a history of not being brutal to their populace as they especially korea has a harsh system of conformity with little compromise. protestors are treated harshly and severely. I do think the TPP on the whole will create less options for the people and give even greater control to the larger corporations to dictate ad lib on a global scale.

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Posted in: Fukui man arrested for landing drone on roof of Abe's office See in context

They will most likely charge him with wasting police time and creating a public disturbance plus trespassing and even potentially endangering government officials. If they want to make an example out of him. Or they could simply let him go with a trespassing fine or warning and let it be.

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Posted in: Japanese men share a list of common male woes before and after marriage See in context

In the past the ladies that I went out with here for long spells were more than willing to split costs or even pay for me.

I never experienced a jspanese lady wanting me to pay for everything, I guess those guys that have women like that got a raw deal, on the whole japanese ladies aren't out to make the guy they are seeing be the sugar daddy, unless of course youve found a gold digger in which case better look for someone better.

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Posted in: Disney Pixar’s new movie attracts criticism again in Japan See in context

well just look at japanese TV dramas etc, they sometimes borrow entire storylines from their US or British counterparts, Japanese tend to point the finger at other nations a lot but never question when their movie/TV industry copy an idea... They simply have an us vs them mentality instead of a world view or introspective objectivity, thats just they way it is... It it was me I would see it as a compliment that someone was basing a storyline on my old idea. If that was indeed the case.

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Posted in: China complains Japan's air, sea surveillance raises safety risks See in context

The only reason japanese jets are scrambled is when chinese military planes fly directly toward japanese air space or even incur into it. And therefore they are gorced to in the intetest of its own national safety, what does China pretend?

That Japan should allow the incursions?

China is frustrated because Japan has demonstrated surprisingly speedyreaction ability and Chinese military have not been able to pull a covert mission over Japan at all even tbough it continually tries to,

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Posted in: Modern Japan - land of small government See in context

Ghe Author uses stereotypes rather than fact... total crimes Jspan is in the top 10 of nations with the highest total crimes.

Child Mortality? considering the serious low rate and dcrease in child birth in Japan the child mortality level is still high.

Life expectancy is on par with switzerland, Italy and Australia to name a few.

The above ate not criticisms of Japan but the typical lack of research by many reporters who choose to write based on heresay rather than dig into the facts.

Also Japan does not need the same numbers in government because it uses a hierarchical approach where its top down, from government to corporation to employee in terms of enforcing rules and revulstions, then you also have an extensive system of cameras and video surveillance at everu shop, street corner, train station, inside terminals and an ic train pass connected with full id thst tracks every station you use and the time.

You pretty much have the bulk automated. And a population that is fairly much controlled and trackable, reducing manpower needs at government level.

Still you have contracted workers and agencies also filling extra roles for the government that the article does not touch upon.

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Posted in: Large firms to raise monthly wages at fastest pace in 17 years See in context

Japanese corporations are notoriious for not keeping wage increases up with inflation or profits.

Japan still needs to do more to improve workers rights and fair wages to employees vs the long often unpaid hours they ate forced to work.

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Posted in: Asiana plane hit antenna on runway, footage shows See in context

The pilots Asiana airlines are either are too inexperienced or rely too heavily on guided instrument approach without knowing how to check for visual accuracy and altitude estimates in case their system is in error. In either case this type of incident should not be happening as the ILS was functioning properly and the airtower was no doubt asking them for final approach altitude confirmation. Yet the pilot and co pilot still proceeded at lower than the appropriate approach altitude.

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Posted in: Group of teenage Thai actors punished for dancing on Japanese train See in context

Strangerland goesnt understand japanese train ettiquette, plus they werent dancing but being fools on the train, passengers felt uncomfortable for good reason. Was that dancing? nope.

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Posted in: Woman slashes husband for not washing his hands after using toilet See in context

You don't tske up a knofe and slash a family member eith it over a sotuation like this... this is unacceptable, so if later on the child also gorgets to do as tge morher wants, what will hsppen? she fets fed ipnand tskes a blade to her child? seems like she needs a psych eval real quick.

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Posted in: U.S. warns Beijing against destabilizing South China Sea See in context

these warnings are meaningless, meanwhile Cina continues doing as it pleases on the islands.

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Posted in: 19 vehicles vandalized in Kuki See in context

I live in Kuki, usually all is quiet here.

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Posted in: Multiracial Miss Japan hopes to change homeland's thinking on identity See in context

Yoshiki you have to be kidding me.

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Posted in: Multiracial Miss Japan hopes to change homeland's thinking on identity See in context

As someone tgats been in Japan for 23 years and gave multiracial children, my opinion about Tinas comments are valid. Germany, US, britain etc went far in resolving racial issues by at least placing laws penalising discrimination. I think Jamaica like Japan needs to improve in this area. And I have qualms about saying so.

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