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Posted in: Multiracial Miss Japan hopes to change homeland's thinking on identity See in context

tinawatanabe, I think you are generslizing. seconfly japanese are not so accepting that isxehy the culture here suppresses individuality snd ehy you g jspanese are more rebellious than ever before, they are tired of the inflexible system. As for foreigners being iverly criticsl of Japan? nope most foreign nations accept and welcome japanese with open as and are very receptive to hearing about Jspanese culture, however Jspanese are overly sensitive snd often cannot take constructive criticism, instead of understanding tgese types of jspanese attack foreigners as bad unwanted people bothering Japan. the first step i would like to see is the laws being endorced in regards to penslties against discrimination, especially in emoyment. There is an equality law which however is unenforced, meaning no penalties are handed out. Until these areas improve Japan has to realise that as part of the world yes they too will be judged. I congratulate Ariana btw, incidentally whilst on the train when her victory was Published in the psper, most japanese were commenting negatively about her. This summed up Japan for me.

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Posted in: Singer Gackt claims he was victim of discrimination in Paris hotel See in context

Does Gackt look Japanese? I asked this question today to 39 of my Japanese friends, they all said no he does not, he looks like a foreigner. I doubt the reataurant staff discriminated against him in any other way than dress code or seating policy, even here in kapan you just cant choose your seat, the staff direct you and there are always tables and areas half empty where they place consistent customers only. Does he speak fluent French? my sources tell me apart from English in fact he does not.

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Posted in: Sulfuric acid thrown at two women in Gunma See in context

This is a severe crime, very very disturbing to see this happen.

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Posted in: Singer Gackt claims he was victim of discrimination in Paris hotel See in context

yep if this establishment was indeed rascist, name it and shame it...

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Posted in: Singer Gackt claims he was victim of discrimination in Paris hotel See in context

Logical fallacy killer you hit the nail right on the head. we have no restaurant name, no witnesses, no verifiable means to evaluate claim accuracy. Especially in Europe and even here in Japan restaurants keep areas for regular VIPs and daily customers. Perhaps strangerland lives in a box. Produce resraurant name and lets hear from the restaurant what really happened, this story is dubious.

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Posted in: Singer Gackt claims he was victim of discrimination in Paris hotel See in context

strangerland you are displaying diuble standards, gackt is grandstanding making an unsupported claim about a doubtful event, no restaurant name, no ability to hear the restaurants side of tge story, nor can we cerify if it acrually took place. However he gets to make all tgese unsustabtiated cliams via media? you on the otger hand feel this is ok, but that it is not ok to point out that discrimination by japanese and many dicumented cases, is not a valid concern and should not be brought up. This is in itselt ridiculous!

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Posted in: Singer Gackt claims he was victim of discrimination in Paris hotel See in context

Gackt is not exactly a reliable source of info. And yes he is crying about something that most likely was a VIP area for regular customers.

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Posted in: Singer Gackt claims he was victim of discrimination in Paris hotel See in context

Sounds like exactly the same thing that happens to foreigners in Japan all rhe time, no foreigners allowed in this club, these apartments, these banks, these companies etc... perhaps Gackt should look at the way Japan discriminates foreigners right here before crying too much about places like France. Having said that... who knows what the real story was.

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Posted in: Blooming row over cherry blossoms splits China, S Korea, Japan See in context

pin pointing the birthplace of cherry trees is kike claiming which natuon was the first to have grass. Cherry tress flourished in europe more so than the orient, however the japanese did embrace the trees, plant them vigorously and beautifully along most of their river banks, and they promoted the plant like no one else. therefore it is a japanese tradition and more akin to their culture as an integral part of who they are. It is definity a steong historical part of Japan.

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Posted in: Sendai official sacked over fake bereavement days off See in context

one thing you ought to know, public officials at management level receive many perks. retirements payouts are much much larger than the ordinary citizen. He used all his annual leave which means on top of natinal holidays, sickdays etc that would have amounted to about 39 days or more. Much more than most. yet he needed another 16? paid days? he coukd have received 16 unpaid days off but instead made sure he received 16 extra paid days and made a habit of it. he knew the penalties would have been hard. He is lucky he wasnt processed through the criminal courts for falsifying documentation. sure I feel a little sorry about a guy that was a government worker and got away with lting and cheating whilst the rest if his staff were slaving away. He still receives his full pension though. so maybe Im bot that sorry for him.

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Posted in: Japan launches replacement spy satellite See in context

I would bet the new satellite is equipped with radar jamming or ems emitting devices to jam up intruding planes, missiles and or signals...or even a laser to take out enemy satellites... who knows.

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Posted in: Okinawa governor orders halt to work related to U.S. base relocation See in context

You cannot relicate a military base in the middle of a city, if that was the case then one would be in New York. Buildings, airspace availability lack of congested roadways and strategic location are the considerations taken into account not to mention costs. The closer to a city the more operation costs skyrocket, and simply speaking noise polution, logistical considerations etc make it a ridiculous option.

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Posted in: Japan's shinkansen best in world at safety, punctuality, tech, but not marketing See in context

The main problem with Japanese media is tgeir lack of actual research and objectivity, they praise themselves constantly without lookingvinto the real reasons they are losing in the technology markets and that is, they are inflexible. Cina, France, Italy and Germany cater to the local needs and customize quickly and efficiently. Japan builds standardized trains etc dfor its market and pushes that onto the market. No real flexibility and lack of understanding about what the international clients needs are is the real cause of failure. Also lack of modesty doesnt help matters.

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Posted in: Police called after Okayama teens dress differently for graduation See in context

one of the major problems okayama has been having in the past several years is the afforementioned recruiting of youngsters into the bosuzoku ranks, wearing gang colours and slogans is what prompted local residents to call the police. Not long coats but gang colors and uniforms.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for stabbing 17-year-old son See in context

So many japanese woman attacking their children violently. this is insane but a sure sign that yhe Japanese system lacks psychological support for people under severe stress.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attempting to drown one-week-old daughter See in context

post partum depression does not lead to one careying out an act of nurder against a child. That is lack of morality, ethics... let's stop making the unacceptable acceptable via a mere excuse.

The woman needs help but attempted murder against an infant is just heinous.

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Posted in: Nut rage flight attendant sues Korean Air, former exec See in context

Putting her in prison helps because it teaches her a vital lesson not to abuse subordinates and keeps her away from beating on someone else for at least a year.

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Posted in: 8-year-old girl killed by truck while crossing street with mother, sister See in context

The Police are at fault, they never post themselves near pedestrian crossings to catch law breakwrs not stopping and speed through crossings. I myself was almost hit twice by cars refusing to slowdown and or stop rven though Inwas already halfway tgrough the crossing, the drivers look at you as if they are in the right.

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Posted in: Agriculture vice minister in trouble for kissing married colleague See in context

Toshiko public kissing was re legalised in Japan in 1945 after the American occupation it is not illegal.

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Posted in: New Zealand police probe threat to poison baby formula See in context

Breastfeeding is recomended but you have to take into consideration that not all mothers are able to.

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Posted in: 2 school girls hyperventilate while being shown IS documentary See in context

Japanese education boards and schools have a policy that if a parent complains then the teacher is reprimanded. This goes even if the teacher received permission from the headmaster. Its nonsensical but thats how they do things.

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Posted in: Coast Guard searching Hawaiian waters for Japanese student See in context

If the boy wasn't issued and wasn't checked to make sure he was wearing a life jacket then the Captain of the boat should be held for trial in the event the boy met with a tragedy. It is unbelievable to think a minor was posted early in the morning unsupervised on deck.

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Posted in: Japan sees 25 bil cyberattacks in 2014; 40% from China See in context

The US is still at the forefront in terms of anti hacking and software development, far and beyond anyone else to date.

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Posted in: Japan sees 25 bil cyberattacks in 2014; 40% from China See in context

japan is bolstering their defence against cyber terrorism, this is why they are able to detect so many in the first place. secondly they have allocated a large budget specifically for this, Im more concerned about some of the privatised banks though.

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Posted in: Photographer says barring him from Syria sets a bad precedent See in context

alphaape you really do not understand Japan then nor yheir present constitution, the majority of Japanese have strongly agreed with their Ministrys actions. Theregore the people have indeed spoken.

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Posted in: Photographer says barring him from Syria sets a bad precedent See in context

Most Japanese people I spoke with this about agree with the ministry in this case, they consider these reporters thrill seekers or wanna ne heroes that end up causing problems for the citizens and taxpayers back home.

therefore the perception oversll here in Japan is in favour of the Ministry's actions.

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Posted in: Book containing Charlie Hebdo cartoons of Muhammad goes on sale See in context

They have every right to publish what is considered a legal freedom of speech and not bow down to intomidation or violence threats.

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Posted in: 32-year-old man assaults boy for 'laughing at him' See in context

Im surprised its an assault as under Japanese law an open handed slap is a midemeanor and not classed as assault. Hes probably released without further prosecution.

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Posted in: The No. 1 thing that foreign men find 'not so kawaii' about Japanese women See in context

Firstly basing a study on a mere sampling of 50 people is ludicrous and invalidates any research. secondly the average japanese woman is not cute at all. Thirdly yes many buy wrong sized or heel that are way too high and tgere walk suffers because of it. Ive been here for 21 years, some japanese women are cute but most are over made up and simply are not cute at all.

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Posted in: USB drive for iPhone and iPad See in context

overpriced nonsense

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