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Posted in: Mother, 2 children found dead in apparent murder-suicide leap from cliff See in context

I'm so sorry to hear this sad news. I wish the Mother didn't have to take her kids, must have been revenge on the Father? What a terrible and sad story. I pray for the children. They should of had their whole lives ahead of them. Rest in Peace lil ones

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Posted in: Hague Convention loophole See in context

I pay money every month and my ex- cancels our meetings, most of the times or says she is too busy. With no concern of what our son might think. She just goes her own way knowing or thinking that she knows what her rights are? She is a Basket case who needs intervention.

I'm fed up and ready to take the Law into my own hands. The Mediation courts, politicians and basic way of thinking about children and true Love in Japan is an utter Joke. Time to grab the Bull by the horns, Tim Johnston Japan Kai endo Japan

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Posted in: Hague Treaty on child abductions goes into effect in Japan See in context

**While this is good news indeed! I have so many doubts about the loopholes here. It's very hypocritical in the sense, Under the Japanese way of dealing with this issue.

The Japanese Government will hire Lawyers to investigate why does the Japanese Ministry need lawyers? Who are they for? Hello!!

Sounds like the same way, many of the people I know in this situation have been victimized thus far. In my case, She just denied access, knowing her Country protects the Mother in all cases. Sounds to me like this will be the same old same old. Tim Johnston Japan**

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Posted in: Foreign men share their reasons for divorcing Japanese wives See in context

Never marry a Japanese woman unless you take your children to your country. In Japan after divorce the women can steal your children and if your a foreigner you have no rights. japan is a black hole for child abduction. When they sign the Hague convention in April 2014, don't expect any changes.

If you marry, do it in your country and get your kids passports in your respective country. Japan steals children and the lawyers, courts, politicians enjoy the flow of money knowing you are up against a brick wall. Tim Johnston Japan

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Posted in: Why Kennedy was appointed U.S. ambassador to Japan See in context


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Posted in: Foreign trainees in Japan face exploitation See in context

It's sad that in Japan people are still being exploited. Japan has had numerous Human rights violations, yet things change slowly in Japan. This indeed has been going on since world war two

yet the history books are tailored to be one sided and the exploitation is alive and well in the land of the overworked and overexploited.

Mina San Gambatte Kudasai!

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Posted in: Is Japan really racist? See in context

xenophobic, racist? Yes

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Posted in: Is Japan really racist? See in context

Xenophobia is alive and well here in Japan.

The Laws are vague and easy to be altered depending on how the Lawyers choose to alter them with words. Some places refuse non Japanese from entering (with a sign posted on the door, No Foreigners allowed). Could it get more Racist than that?

I like Japan and the Japanese People. They are fair and honest in most situations. But, I think the problem lies within the Japanese Government, Courts, lawyers and Laws, not to mention the Mafia sometimes runs the town.

With the Olympics due to take place in 2020. I hope Japan begins to expand the way of thinking, Laws and put an end to racism.

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Posted in: Osaka man turns himself in over death of baby daughter See in context

Japan needs a lot more love. People here seem so stressed out and worry to much what the others think. It's the lack of expression mixed with true emotion that leads some of these people to have such extreme mind sickness.

reckon they need some true love and passion to cope with the inter hidden and often mixed feelings?? Pray for a change in the mentality within Japan and pray for the poor innocent child whose life never begin and was taken by this monster.

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Posted in: Japan says it will join child abduction treaty See in context

Disillusioned is right.

Japan and it's yes means no and no means yes loopholes system doesn't have our best interests in mind.

Doesn't care and will not protect the children and parents. The wife can say what ever she wants and they will protect her. Don't even think for one minute, they plan to help the foreigners with sincerity, it will be the same old Japanese smile and act like your doing the right thing. Then comes all the loopholes and delays in the system for all the fellow parents who have been denied rights and are in the waiting. It's mind boggling and completely absurd.

Tim Johnston japan

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Posted in: Japan expected to ratify Hague Convention on child abduction See in context

We are still waiting for some sort of closure. The empty promises form the state department, congress and all the politicians is getting old. Japan had better implement the proper laws, so parents in the future don't have to go through all the B.S. we have endured thus far.

Today marks 2 years and 7 months since the Japanese earthquake that struck Japan. I have been denied equal rights, human rights and the rights of the U.S./Japanese Govt. to see and have access to my only Son Kai Endo.

Tim Johnston Japan Kai Endo Japan

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Posted in: U.S. lawmakers seek accords on abducted children See in context

The U.S. needs to put pressure on Japan. This has been way to long in the coming. especially since The U.S. and Japan are Allys? Paul Toland has served his country and the U.S.should have made sure he was in contact with his daughter Erica by now.

The fact his wife packed up one day and moved out taking his infant daughter and later commiting suicide. The Grandmother has denied, lied and hidden his daughter from him. Is this acceptable? Erica should indeed know She is loved and her Father and other parents are fighting for Justice. He and all the parents think of their children everyday. This takes a toll on the parent and the childs mental health.

I need to get access to my Son Kai Endo Japan. The Mediation courts haven't helped and the whole system isn't working. I demand the Japanese Govt. implement the proper laws for past abducted and alienated children and make sure these type of atrocities don't happen to any others in the future.

We Love our children. We need help!

Tim Johnston Japan Kai Endo Japan

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