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When I was twelve years old, right when the Atari 2600 was becoming obsolete, and our new electric garage door opener would open all the garages on the block when used, I came across a strange book at a yard sale called " Future Shock", by Alvin Toffler. The tittle is self explanatory ( like culture shock ) and it was written in 1977 I think. I have never met anyone else who has read this book and it never occurred to me until reading this today to ask if any one has. Using the Internet, responding to an essay about the limits of technology was just to much to pass up. Has anyone read it?

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Security is expensive, yet the publicity and shock value is priceless...

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The first comment posted here was the best. In all fairness though, if you are "Rock or Metal" fan and your neighbor refuses to turn down his " Wham's Greatest Hits" ...

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You know, if I got reprimanded every time I felt "sleepy" doing something, I would have been fired from every job. I think the article, ( like the probe) needed a little more depth and clarity. if you are so concerned about his reading while conducting, fear not: given the odds he will soon have a memorable mental bookmark when some otaku splats on the windshield.

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