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as a muslim american, I'm proud to live in a country that respects my beliefs and allows me the freedom to practice my religion. it's unfortunate that as of late, because of a small, extremist minority, that freedom exists more on paper than in practice.

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honestly, technology would do the game good. have a 5th ref watching replays while the game keeps going to determine if goals are good, offsides actually occurred, or if fouls have taken place. it'd certainly make the game less frustrating, and definitely reduce the need for players to act like their leg is broken every time they've been touched just to get the ref to pay attention to them and make the call.

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while it was nice at first to see the president do things like this to show he's a person just like the rest of us, at this point he is simply not doing his job. there are a million other issues he could be focusing on.

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I think this piece is wonderful, it really exemplifies the spirit of the World Cup. the part about Iraq was especially inspiring.

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so in Japan, corporations distribute clothes to the needy? man, all big business does here in america is blow up oil rigs and destroy our ecosystem. I'm jealous.

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I sincerely hope that the people who read this article aren't as ignorant as their comments make them seem. As a Muslim, I can assure you that these Somali extremists are just that- extremists. Just like in other religions, extremism is completely unacceptable and often its only connection to the religion is in name only. You only insult yourself by suggesting every Muslim, or even a majority, are ignorant and prone to such blind violence.

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