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amida comments

Posted in: Killing the ums and ahs See in context

"Decide the first word of each sentence and hit that word hard. Allow no other noise to escape your mouth before continuing with the sentence. Once you get to the end of that sentence, SHUT UP!"

But what if the first word you think about tends to be "well..." or something similar to that? Those words fulfil the same purpose as "Um": buy some time before getting to the point.

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Posted in: Record-breaking rainfall drenches Shimane See in context

Hopefully this stays away from Fukushima...

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Posted in: Japan economy may have bottomed out in late 2012: government panel See in context

"GDP data released earlier this month showed the economy expanded 2.6% on an annualized basis in the second quarter of this year, slowing from 3.8% growth in the first quarter."

Don't let this BS fool you. Japan's GDP has actually crashed if measured in other currency than the yen!

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Posted in: IT offshoring: Another look See in context

Truly highly skilled IT workers don't have to be unemployed in the West, even during these times of Bangalorization.

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Posted in: Retooling capitalism for the social good See in context

"the best prosperity-creating system humanity has come up with so far"

And at what cost? There's absolutely nothing great about a system that leaves behind a dead planet and immeasurable pile of debt for our children.

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Posted in: Farmers resume planting rice near crippled Fukushima site See in context

Any riCe which exceEds thresholds Will noT make it to marKet.

Do you seriously believe that?

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Posted in: French president signs gay marriage into law See in context

"Gay marriage"? What is that?

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Posted in: Nikkei closes at highest mark in nearly 5 years See in context

Umbrella, Abe can not do whatever he likes. His destiny is tied to Abenomics. If Abenomics fails, then Abe fails as well.

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Posted in: Nikkei closes at highest mark in nearly 5 years See in context

I hope Nikkei crashes before Abe's right wing agenda is passed into law.

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Posted in: Stocks close 0.60% higher See in context

With lower yen increasing import prices, Abe's 2% inflation target is reached sooner rather than later. Abe has promised to stop QE then. But can he do that since it would bring forth an epic stock market crash? No!

Japan is probably facing massive inflation. Be careful what you wish for, for it may come true.

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Posted in: Aso defends monetary policy, weak yen See in context

Because Japan is the world's 3rd largest country it is materially large enough to impact, not because it is unique and irreplaceable.

Yes. The world economy is so fragile that even a small country like Greece collapsing would be a major shock worldwide. If/when Japan collapses, the impact will be huge.

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Posted in: Man steals 70,000 yen from Ibaraki convenience store See in context

Wow, crime must be low in Japan if this makes it to the national news!

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Posted in: Japan machinery orders surge on weak yen See in context

Those who say that the middle class will suffer from weak yen via increasing prices should understand that it is better to be little bit poorer than it is to be unemployed and penniless.

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Posted in: 'Dallas,' 'I Dream of Jeannie' star Larry Hagman dead at 81 See in context

Hagman wrote that for the past 15 years he had been drinking about four bottles of champagne a day, including while on the “Dallas” set.

And he still made it to 81?! Unbelievable.

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Posted in: Norwegian PM turns sushi chef See in context

Norwegian salmon is so good... going eat it today!

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Posted in: Second stealth jet puts China on path to top regional power See in context

Against whom?

Isn't it obvious? The US!

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Posted in: iPhone 5 launch draws crowds at Apple stores in Asia, Australia See in context

I wonder how much longer this mania is going to last...

As far as I know, there's nothing special about this new phone. It's all just hype.

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Posted in: What Japanese women discreetly check out when on a hunt for a husband See in context

Oh, yasukuni. If it were a woman's world, women would HAVE the money. Not have to leech it off men. :P

No. If women had the money in the first place they would then have to work hardly to earn that money. It's a much better deal to do some easy job and leech money off men.

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Posted in: Japanese man shows off Guinness' tallest mohawk in New York park See in context

He says he wanted to grow the mohawk to rebel against the conformity of Japanese society.


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Posted in: Takeshi defends grisly gangster flick See in context

Wow, why so much resentment towards Kitano here?

I like his movies and can't wait to see this new one.

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Posted in: Pocari Sweat to go on sale in Vietnam See in context

I, for one, want to drink Pocari Sweat. A very refreshing drink and taste is better than Aquarius.

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Posted in: ANA posts Y668 mil 1st-quarter net profit See in context

A Japanese company made profit? Wow! Such news have been rare recently.

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Posted in: Americans re-embrace Japanese cars, lifting sales See in context

They'll arrive soon.

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Posted in: Fujitsu's 1st-quarter loss widens See in context

Is there any major Japanese company NOT bleeding money? What's going on? And how long can this last until some ugly consequences kick in?

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Posted in: Hashimoto admits cosplay affair with night club hostess in 2006 See in context

At least he admitted it. Most politicians in my home country wouldn't. They'd evade and lie until media gets bored and people forget.

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Posted in: 'Fat pride' challenges supersize stereotypes See in context

An unhealthy lifestyle is not something to be proud of.

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Posted in: Libor scandal spotlight on Citi, JPMorgan See in context

$452 million? What a joke. These guys most likely made billions by manipulating the index.

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Posted in: Tabloid blasts growing numbers of foreign welfare chiselers See in context

In this sense, Europe is much worse.

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Posted in: Beat Takeshi compares same-sex marriage with bestiality See in context

Let people marry who they want - for whatever reason.

No, no, NO! Marriage would become meaningless if society followed your logic.

Dogs can't become cats and gays can not get married.

And this is not discrimination at all. Just like it isn't discrimination that I can not call myself a doctor since I am not a doctor.

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Posted in: Panasonic loss balloons 10-fold See in context

How long can Sony and Panasonic bleed money like this until they go bankrupt?

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