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Posted in: Obama becomes first U.S. president to back same-sex marriage See in context

To me marriage means union between a man and a woman. And this won't change.

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Posted in: Can Hollande save Europe? See in context

No. He will spend France into bankruptcy.

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Posted in: Scientists call for rethink on consumption, population See in context

I think it's already too late to try to fix the problem. The world is basically dead. There's no future.

So why not consume the crap out of this planet while you still can?

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Posted in: N Korean military warns of 'special actions' against South See in context

"North Korea needs atomic weapons to defend itself against the threat of attack from the U.S."

This is actually true.

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Posted in: Shimokobe to become TEPCO chairman See in context

Is TEPCO already nationalized? Why did Noda appoint this guy to be the TEPCO chairman?

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Posted in: Japan 'no longer a rich country' by 2050: think tank See in context

I think that in the near future, one's living standard depends less on the country he/she lives in and more on his/her skills.

Currently, toilet cleaners here in Finland earn as much as a good engineer in China. That is not sustainable!

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Posted in: Japan 'no longer a rich country' by 2050: think tank See in context

The rise of China is not only the demise of Japan, it is the demise of middle class people worldwide. It is clear that the whole world can not live by Western living standards.

I think that by 2050 only few small countries (like Luxembourg, Singapore, etc) are considered "rich".

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Posted in: Japan 'no longer a rich country' by 2050: think tank See in context

I hope that by 2050 nobody is calculating GDP anymore. The world is doomed if we don't give up the ridiculous "growth is good forever" mentality.

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Posted in: Japan to be without nuclear power after May 5 See in context

I'm afraid the ruling elite in Japan is going to restart the reactors no matter what. There's too much money invested in them. Will the Japanese stand up against that or not?

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Posted in: Japan to cut Iran oil imports after exemption from U.S. sanctions See in context

Nuclear armed Iran is just as acceptable as nuclear armed US and Israel.

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Posted in: AKB48 New Year greeting cards go on sale See in context

KisarazuBoy76, any 57 year old who wouldn't like to have a Valentine's day dinner with one of these girls is a hypocrite.

Older men having lusting for young ladies is not perverted - it's natural. But hypocrite Westerners love to pretend otherwise.

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Posted in: Stocking up See in context

At last this site is giving some respect to the Japanese people. They are great people!

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Posted in: Job seekers flop at impressing potential employers See in context

Same problem here in Finland. This problem is not limited to Japan.

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Posted in: In malt we trust See in context

Don't like fake beer?

Then don't buy it.

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