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Posted in: In high-tech Japan, cash is still king See in context

Japanese people can use as much cash as they would like. It doesn’t bother me. But when you are doing more and more to attract tourists but offer limited payment styles, that annoys me. Stores and restaurants need to give more options than cash. I’ve gone to many third world countries on vacation in the Caribbean and South East Asia. During my travels I used only credit card in those countries except for small boutiques owned by a local in a way off village.

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Posted in: Squabbles erupt as G7 leaders open summit in French resort See in context


Did you notice the article is in the “opinion” section?

Also, I think Trump is the most entertaining leader amongst the world leaders. Second will probably end up being the new UK PM. Abe is the only world leader I can recall to dress up. The Mario costume touched the world.

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There are three sides to every argument. One side each that both sides of the argument sees and then the point where both sides converge.

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Posted in: Man arrested for abducting junior high school girl with intent to commit sexual assault See in context


Safe is a matter of perspective. But even if you go by crime statistics that are made public, Japan is not number one.

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Outside of third world countries, the US and Canada are the only “developed” nations that use birthright citizenship. So Japan the fact that Japan doesn’t recognize it does not make Japan an outlier. In this case, the US and Canada are considered outliers. In all, there are about 20 countries that recognize birthright Citizenship and all but two are located in either North or South America.

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I don’t know what Pompeo can accomplish. Both Kono and Kang canceled their individual meeting and group meeting with Kono after the photo session.

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I just preordered my 512GB note 10+ and it’s still $400 cheaper than the iPhone XS Max 512 GB. Apple is too expensive for no reason

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Posted in: Man arrested over illegal 'One Piece' manga-viewing website See in context

@Lorem Ipsum

Yes. Retroactive laws are common. However, they are usually reserved for serious offenses. Those such as sexual assault, murder, and things that would normally result in harm and huge losses.

What makes this retroactive law so dangerous is that it would also target people who may have mistakenly took a screen shot on their phone years ago or people that posted lyrics or partial lyrics to their favorite song on their social media.

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Climate change, global warming. Semantics.

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Posted in: Stalker mixed urine into face lotion of object of his affection See in context


Each country has their own types of dangers. As a woman, I do feel as if I am in more danger of everyday crimes and perverts in Japan. In other countries, there was the fear of one day that “big” incident would occur. My first instances up until my 100th plus of experiencing inappropriate touching and physical sexual harassment have all been in Japan. It never happened to me in America or Europe. In America I’ve dealt with cat calling but no one tries to grope me on a moving train or stalks me. There was a time I had to change my entire route home because some guy kept showing up at my work train station and stalked me home.

Even though I reported him to the local police, they told me he was just probably surprised to see a foreigner and that the man was more nervous about me than I was of him. So I had to start waiting for my husband.

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Posted in: Outrage as Trump brands mostly-black Baltimore 'infested mess' See in context

Mr. Noidall

Are you saying that a few short years can completely turn around hundreds of years of what has taken place?

Its not always about the current or most recent figureheads. It takes more than one leader or politician to change a system.

Detroit is a byproduct of poor urban planning, the fall of the American auto industry, and the development of technology.

When the great migration took place in a Detroit, white workers were paid three times more than black workers for the same job and charged a fraction of the rent costs of black workers. So when you go through generations of segregation, making less money but paying higher costs, it is one of the primary reasons that when the auto industry failed, many African Americans couldn’t afford to move while many whites could afford the move.

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Posted in: Outrage as Trump brands mostly-black Baltimore 'infested mess' See in context

What history of the US doesn’t tell you is the story of eminent domain and how it affects middle class African American communities than other places. It also affects low income African American communities. That is how you end up with gentrifications.

Not all the people in an area fully sell their homes or properties to businesses. However, when people resist these big developers, they run to the city governments and propose plans how their newly built condos or malls can provide more tax incomes than the homes that are currently situated in the area. The governments tend to approve these plans and force homeowners and renters out through eminent domain.

There are many programs in the US designed to keep African Americans down. My entire thesis has been on these programs that keep certain Americans down. While racism exists everywhere, American racism is different in that it is heavily institutionalized.

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Since many people are wrong about what an American is and you are the recognized expert, please tell me what an American is?

let America be made great

Do you mean back to where groups of European colonizers stole the country and could only truly produce during times of war or during the .com era? Where the country was heavily divided and civil rights civil war was rampant or where women were fighting for equality? Is that the “Great again” American you were referring to?

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Posted in: Police instructor stabs officer with knife during role-playing exercise See in context

Even a blunt object can penetrate if you use a lot of force.

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@alwaysspeaking wisdom

Child abuse is a global problem. You seem to be saying it’s okay for one place as long as another place has more.

Also, since you love Japan so much, you also know there is a huge difference between facts and “reported.”

As for the 700,000 annually in the US. That was an estimate based on the amount of cases that were reported which was 634,000.

People are commenting about a Japanese news article on a Japanese news site. If you want to bash America or the west, they have plenty news sites with like minded people you can go harass.

Working in schools. I have seen students abused by teachers many times. Sometimes it’s the same student almost daily. Yet, never once have I seen an investigator and it is never reported. The higher number is cases simply mean that people in other countries are more willing to get involved.

I don’t want to compare either countries. At the end of the day, children need to be protected no matter where they are.

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> It's interesting that you never see 'Important people" with tatts so either they hide them to protect their reputations or they don't have any.

Teddy Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Justin Trudeau, George Shultz, Caroline Kennedy, millions of celebrities, and more. These individuals proudly showed and spoke about their tattoos and what they mean to them.

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Posted in: Man arrested for second time for secretly filming women in toilets See in context

Because I am a woman, I really want to know are men really attracted to that type of thing? Is it sexy to watch us using the toilet? Watching #1 and #2 coming out, is it really sexy?

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Posted in: S Korea says Japan's high-tech export curbs threat to global economy See in context


Most large companies import smaller parts from either local or foreign companies. Japan is simply hitting Korea’s cash cow but affecting their supplier.

However, this move will also hurt those suppliers in Japan. Samsung will most likely find new suppliers.

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Posted in: Osaka rolls out red carpet, not red-light district for G20 See in context

The special takoyaki is probably AkashiYaki. Just regular takoyaki in dashi.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stabbing girlfriend See in context

@Do the hustle

I can agree with you that there are many men that take advantage of older women for money reasons. The same can be said about many women as well.

What I can’t agree with you on is the Japan part. This is a common situation that happens all over the world.

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Posted in: Feminist scholar calls Japan's gender problem 'human disaster' See in context

I don’t agree with all the Japan bashing. But this is a Japan centered news site. This means that most of the things here are about Japan so the good and bad comments will be about Japan.

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Posted in: Japan hails Hachimura's NBA selection as new era for sport See in context

The system here isn’t horrible. It’s simply a different system. It doesn’t fit well with the NBA style of play.

With Sports in general there are great athletes from Japan but I truly believe, just like it is with every country, greatness comes from the individual and not the system.

When going abroad to other clubs and teams, I think Japanese prefer to stay home.

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Posted in: Feminist scholar calls Japan's gender problem 'human disaster' See in context


Please get your information straight. They are not that monstrous.

So I'm guessing you haven't followed the reason scandals about universities doctoring results to let fewer women in?

They are trying to let more men in. Not keep women out.

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Posted in: Toyota Verblitz rugby player Kabashima arrested on cocaine charge See in context

Didn’t the government just take a huge hit for only giving Pierre Taki a slap on the wrist for cocaine use? What happens when they do it again for another star?

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Posted in: Man arrested on suspicion of molesting 11-year-old girl in park toilet See in context


Are you blaming an 11 year old girl for the actions of a 30 year old man?

She is a girl. Not a teenager. Not an adult.

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While I have experienced a lot of discrimination here. I do also know it is my choice to be here. Also, most discrimination tends to be from a genuine lack of knowledge. I’ve learned that most Japanese simply accept what they are told or see. Very few actual take it upon themselves to learn knowledge outside of what they are told.

Also, most of the bad discrimination seems to be more from the higher ups than the general people.

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So when journalist at the New York Times or other reputable agencies release full unedited documents with their commentary and their side of the story, they are no longer journalist or new agencies? Because they have done that on several occasions.

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Posted in: U.S. military serviceman, girlfriend found dead in apparent murder suicide See in context

This is not creating an excuse for anyone.

However, military service has the potential to create mental health issues for many people that have served. Especially those that have fought in wars. The military changes people. Basic training changes people. The environment changes people.

i am sad to hear about what that must go through and had to witness.

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incorrect. Only 88% is owned by the Japanese. 12% of Japan’s national debt is foreign owned.

Also, only 28% of US debt is foreign owned. With China and Japan owning in the trillions. Brazil and Ireland are the next largest holders of US debt.

Japan and China own 73% of the 28% of US debt that is foreign owned.

Also, the real reason the aging population is an issue is because many government programs are about to get hit hard as the baby boom generation retires. That is an incredible amount of people taking out and not putting in. Also, Japan spending is currently at 250% of its GDP. Meaning it isn’t producing enough to make a dent in the debt or even slow its rise.

America’s debt levels are enormous but the rate at which it is rising is far less than the rate of the Japanese debt. Japan and the US are not the only ones in trouble. The world debt is sitting at over $247 trillion.

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Being productive is not working hard. Japan doesn’t want productive and skilled workers. If they did, companies would have invested more in employees.

They want long/hard working non skilled worker bees.

Farmers in many countries work for many years past retirement. Even if they have money. They still go out and work the fields. It’s more of a way of life for some of them.

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