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Posted in: Japanese billionaire Maezawa seeks girlfriend for SpaceX voyage See in context

This guy dropped all that money to get laid? This must be a world record.

When you have money to burn and you are bored

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Posted in: Queen agrees to let Harry, Meghan move part time to Canada See in context


Suits wasn't all that popular. I'd never heard of Meghan before the wedding announcement. I'm guessing that she doesn't understand the meaning of "duty

Are you saying the second highest rating show its first 2 seasons only behind Game of Thrones wasn't that popular?

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Posted in: Ghosn's wife says she wasn't in the loop about his escape See in context

@Herve LEisa


Please research the definition of the word.

You can't seek asylum in your own country. Also, you can't seek asylum running from a foreign country. Lastly, Ghson persecution doesn't fall under any of the grounds for asylum. These are race, caste, nationality, religion, political opinions and participation in any particular social group or social activities.

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Posted in: Japanese lawyer comments on legality of tattoo ban at hot springs See in context

 think tattoos are unappealing and lament the rise in popularity of this 'art' on people's skin. Seems like the herd mentality is alive and well in my neck of the woods where something like 75% of people have visible tattoos.


Tattoos are not a new thing. Also, its not a recent trend when people have been getting tattoos as a popular sentiment for over 70 years. Also, in many cultures, even today, tattoos serve great significance to one's culture and religion.

Ancient Egyptians, Samoans, Native Americans, Inca, Mayans, and even the Ainu of Japan, long before it became a negative stigma used tattoos.

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Posted in: Japan enacts law to introduce flexible working hours for teachers See in context


You are missing the big picture. You're working that hard and going through all of that so you can work your way up to the BOE where you get to relax and do nothing but listen to the complaints.

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Posted in: Bar association says long-term detainments of foreigners on the rise See in context


Why do you think Alcatraz failed or why Rikers is closing? Remote island prisons are even more costly. You now have to pay additional travel costs in salaries. It's not a desired working location so you have to pay people higher salaries to want to work there. Getting food and supplies sent there is another cost. Building and maintaining a distant infrastructure is another large cost.

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Posted in: Japan looking for big ‘medal bounce’ as Olympic host nation See in context

Sports is an interesting thing. Home field advantage tends to help bring out the best in athletes. Something about having the crowd on your side allows you to go out and show out. You want the cheers. You want the energy and recognition that comes along with it. Athletes don't compete to represent their country. They compete to be the best and the high they get from winning.

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Posted in: Famed Tokyo sushi restaurant Jiro dropped from Michelin gourmet guide See in context


Silver is considered valuable and it's a rare earth metal. Also, the age is part of the reason its value is that high. The same way a piece of armor is highly valuable.

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Posted in: Japan looking for big ‘medal bounce’ as Olympic host nation See in context

30 gold medals? That's a lot. Japan will only compete in 33 events. So the government wants them to win 91% of their events?

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Posted in: Court rules against divorced parents seeking access to children See in context

This ruling doesn't just affect foreigners. It also affects the many Japanese fathers that want to have a relationship with their children but are denied that right by the mothers and the government. Finally, this just makes things harder for children.

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Posted in: Seoul faces major decision over military pact with Tokyo See in context

with a nation seems to have the hobby of terminating them on a whim

@Baxter I think you have your countries confused. The Japanese terminated Korea from its list on a whim. The Koreans said they wouldn't renew a deal once it expires. That isn't terminating anything on a whim. The deal is still in place. It simply won't be renewed.

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Posted in: New acts rule Grammys as Lizzo, Lil Nas, Eilish lead in nominationss See in context


being that overweight is unhealthy and unattractive. Sorry.

Please don't speak for the world. There are many men that look at models and skinny women and think its unattractive and unhealthy to be that thin. But at the same time look at Lizzo and think she is sexy.

It is interesting how Adele came out at a bigger weight than Lizzo but she was often called beautiful and sexy. But Lizzo isn't.

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Posted in: Japan may slide toward recession as Abenomics impact fades See in context


"The Olympics is just around the corner, and will provide a huge boost in construction, tourism, retail and so on."

The olympics saddles a country with a huge amount of debt. Also, the jobs created for the Olympics don't stay around after the olympics. Brazil still hasn't recovered from the Olympics.


You are correct that the entire world is suffering from the rise of nationalism and trade wars. However, one specific problem that has happened due to Abenomics that hasn't befallen other countries is the wage issue. While the world was making record profits wages were also going up. While Japan was making record profits, wages were falling. A recession doesn't necessarily mean a country will be in bad shape. Recession is a natural part of the cycle.

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Posted in: Trump asked Tokyo for $8 bil to keep U.S. troops in Japan: Foreign Policy See in context

Its interesting that when the similar article about Korea came out yesterday everyone's tone was Korea needs the military. They need to pay more. The military is only in Korea because Korea needs the military.

Switch to Japan. Japan shouldn't pay more. Japan doesn't need the military. The military isn't in Japan for Japan's sake. They are here for their own interests.

This is what is really happening behind the scenes. Japan wants a military. Abe can't get his bill passed. However, if the US requests an obscene amount of money, which sounds realistic because the US president is Trump, then the others would see a need for Japan to properly develop their military instead of US reliance.

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Posted in: University entrance exam to test reading, listening for English See in context

English education in Japan. An interesting thing to know is that most doctors in Japan know a fair amount of English. However, they won't use it at all even if their patient speaks no Japanese because they are of the way they might sound.

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Posted in: FamilyMart to allow shorter operating hours policy across Japan See in context

We can all agree that not all convenience stores being 24 hours are necessary. I live in a residential areas. Families are normally in by 10. The streets are empty at those times. I've had a few nights that I have gone to the convenience store late at night but simply because it was open. The store was a ghost town. Many of these stores don't need to be 24 hours. Maybe when some of them close for the night, they can find ways that people can work shifts at other stores to help with the labor issues.

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Posted in: Snow crab fetches record ¥5 mil at auction in Tottori See in context


Its "made in Japan" so it naturally fetches a well above market value in Japan.

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Posted in: Japan wants to go cashless, but elderly aren't so keen See in context


That isn't true. The infrastructure cost would actually reduce the current costs. Maintaining cash systems and infrastructure require more time and cost due to manual movements. The time savings also is actually the biggest draw. When you are counting seconds off of millions of people, it becomes hours. Studies show that cashless payment isles I'm supermarkets handle two to three times as many people as a cash isle over the same amount of time.

Also, one of the biggest costs in an economy is printing money. In particular coins. Printing coins and refurbishing the coins costs an economy the size of Japan $488 million per year.

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Posted in: Olympic golf must be moved because of heat, politician tells IOC See in context

How on earth is golf even an Olympic sport?!

@No Business

I ask that question all the time about many Olympic sports. You have archery and real rifles. Why is shooting an air pistol an Olympic sport?

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Posted in: Q&A: The feud over Tokyo's Olympic marathon See in context

I think the reason they try to hold the Olympics in the summer is because most of the world has long summer vacations for children in the summer. Most of the world is off July and August so you won't have to disrupt the commute of students to school.

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Posted in: Japan comedy duo apologize after reportedly saying Naomi Osaka 'needs bleach' See in context


With Yang, that’s a positive stereotype. Hearing Asians are doctors is a positive stereotype. Hearing, dark is bad. Dark isn’t beautiful so beauty products usually market whitening substances and that white skin is beautiful. Only to hear, you are too dark and you need bleach. It is a completely different thing. Also, Osaka isn’t even that dark. She is an average hue for those that are from the Middle East, Italian, and other places. She is the same color as many people living in Okinawa.

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Posted in: Japan comedy duo apologize after reportedly saying Naomi Osaka 'needs bleach' See in context


Comedians are supposed to shock. But there is a huge difference between comedy and bullying.

Black comedians have said bad things. But in a land where The Miss Universe contestant that was half black as well as the half Indian contestant were constantly told they are not Japanese. They are too dark to be Japanese. Japanese have white skin. This doesn’t come off as comedy. When there have been many half Japanese who are told, “you can’t be Japanese you are too dark.” This comedy plays into that. If there was more acceptance for them in this culture, then it would be much different. When dark consistently has a negative connotation then maybe you might understand why such a statement can be extremely damaging.

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Posted in: Woman awarded damages over infidelity of same-sex partner See in context


Same-sex has no legal recognition in Japan whether it’s common-law or regular marriage.

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Posted in: 2 court cases highlight paternity leave issue in Japan See in context


They are not naming the guy. The article talks about 2 cases. The guy from the first case was not named but they gave a lot of identifying information where coworkers or the company would instantly know who the person is by reading this article.

The person in the photo is from the second case.

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Posted in: iPhone to share the spotlight with services at Apple's big event See in context


you do know you can’t just make up prices right? The 1TB note 10+ is still just a rumor. It hasn’t been announced and no price has been announced. If you have secret insider information from Samsung, please share.

The foldable is a different phone in and of itself. When you compare like models, Apple is more expensive. If you want to throw prices at unreleased phones, the new bigger iPhone 11 Max plus is going to be $2000 for 512GB.

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Posted in: iPhone to share the spotlight with services at Apple's big event See in context

The XR is supposed to be Apple’s cost effective phone. ¥98,000 is very high for a cost effective model. The Google and Samsung cost effective models are around ¥60,000.

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Posted in: Nissan CEO Saikawa admits being paid too much by equity scheme See in context

I’m trying to figure out why Kelly is even involved in all of this. He seems to be the only person that hasn’t taken money. It’s as if he is guilty just for being a high ranking foreign national.

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Posted in: Tokyo ranked world's safest city for 3rd consecutive year by EIU See in context

infrastructure designed to withstand natural shocks

When was the last time the infrastructure was really tested by an earthquake? I see so many buildings and train station pillars with cracks in them from previous shakes.

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Posted in: Abe pledges to boost investment in Africa See in context

Other people that were labeled as villains and corrupt who the US and Europe openly supported and helped gain power are Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden. These were leaders that they placed in power in order to gain what they wanted. When those people would no longer comply with their demands, they were labeled corrupt and terrorists.


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Posted in: Abe pledges to boost investment in Africa See in context

Other people that were labeled as villains and corrupt who the US and Europe openly supported and helped gain power are Sadam

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